This is a blog. Inherently, personal blogs are full of gross factual misrepresentations, exaggerations, and passionate emotions. Therefore, if you know the author, be prepared to find yourself offended, slandered, or otherwise mistreated (though I try hard not to speak poorly about people that I think might find/read wonderment, but sometimes I slip-up). If you are not OK with these terms, please do not continue, and entertain yourself with someone else’s blog.

If you know the author, it would be nice if you make yourself known, but it’s OK if you don’t. I wouldn’t have put the link on Facebook if I wasn’t cool with everyone I know visiting. (A lot of weeding may or may not have occurred before deciding to do this.)

Generally, this is a place where the I put down whatever I want to, and you really don’t have any say in it. Blogs are a way to see the world through the author’s eyes, which may be distorted or otherwise fictional. It’s supposed to be fun, so if your undies get in a bunch, go get a cookie and chill before reading some more, or just stop reading. It’s all good.

I encourage conversation, questions, “your mom” jokes and other wonderers. Political debates are strongly discouraged, though open and honest discussions are welcome. All comments are moderated and are subject to rejection at my discretion. Insulting and disparaging remarks will result in the mocking of the commenter however the I see fit. If you’re not cool with these restrictions, there’s a whole big internet out there full of other people’s blogs, and you might have more fun there.

Someone else said this all much better on her blog, Kazoofus. Read the disclaimer on the right-hand side. That’s what I meant. She just said it first, and she said it better. There’s no need to plagiarize when I can just link to her site (which is a fun blog anyway).

February 2010

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