Let’s not do that again

My weekend was supposed to be filled with homework, visiting with , and watching the Vikings win (OK, so I don’t really care about that last bit, but I had to throw it in). Oh, and a lovely massage on Friday night. Boy, am I glad I got that massage. Saturday just as and I were finishing up recovering her chairs (she just needed to cut off the extra fabric and re-attach the seats), called to give me an update on the Big Thing That Changed The Weekend, and I had to rush off. See, Friday night started having stomach pains, and by Saturday morning they were so bad that she went to the emergency room. called at that point to let me know I might be needed later in the day. She took the boys, but had a wedding to officiate (can’t really get out of that) later in the day, and it looked like she might need surgery. As it turned out, she had appendicitis and they scheduled a laparoscopic surgery in the afternoon to remove it.

I remained very level headed about the whole thing (you can ask or if you doubt me), but there was a point while driving up to the hospital where I freaked out just a little bit, until I remembered that God is BIG and I didn’t need to worry. That calmed me down quite a bit. In the end, I did a lot of sitting in various waiting rooms. One of the nurses took great care of me though (gave me her number and told me to call her at certain times), and the doctor came out and explained everything to me (along with giving me a nice glossy photograph of the appendix). For all but 5 minutes of my 2 1/2 hours of waiting, I was the only person in the waiting room. Apparently weekends are slow days for surgery.

didn’t wake up until got back, which was fine – I sat and read my book for a half hour, looking up every few minutes to watch her breathe peacefully. She looked a little pale, but nothing more than you’d expect after surgery. When she did wake up, she was hilarious (“Am I spending the night here?”), and doesn’t remember any of the conversation we had. Yesterday she was feeling pretty good (except for the 3 incisions), and we talked on the phone for quite a while. She gets to go home sometime later today. Unfortunately, no lifting for 2-4 weeks, which is a bit of a problem with two active boys, including one that can’t walk yet. But, between and all of their friends (church and otherwise), I’m sure they’ll be fine. She’ll take a week or two off of work, since corralling kindergarteners isn’t exactly relaxing and stress-free.

In the end, my presence was barely needed, but had anything gone differently, I’m glad I went. I did a quick mental inventory during the moment of almost panic, and knew that she knew how much I love her and there were no regrets. If there’s anything I learned in the past two years, it’s that you should make the time to be with the ones you love and make sure they know what’s in your heart, because life is always shorter than we wish it was.

Sunday I did more homework and then watched the Vikings almost win the game. At least we didn’t embarrass ourselves like we did in Arizona. Ahem.

This week is a bit stressful at work, since the feds are in town. I’m trying to figure out how to discuss the laptop issue with my Tuesday night professor in a non-offensive way. So far, all I’ve come up with is, “help me understand why you don’t want students to use laptops,” followed by “because it seems so contrary to the goals of this program and such an antiquated point of view.” I don’t think the antiquated part would go over well. And really, I’m trying to be respectful, but it’s hard when she doesn’t respect me enough to allow me this one small freedom. I certainly don’t want to call her out on that, but it’s on the tip of my tongue. I really don’t do confrontation well, but this is kind of a big deal, and we’re only three weeks into the semester. I’d rather clear it up sooner than later. Any advice?

Thursday? Really?

Things have gotten busy at work, and at some points are quite harried, leaving us support staff confused, running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Several “heart attacks” were only avoided by the slightest of margins.

But, you don’t really want to hear me talk about work.

I did manage to upload some photos to Flickr this week, so I can tell you a few crafty things.

Last week, in an effort to feel prepared for school, I organized my ribbon. I know, it doesn’t sound like those two things are related, but trust me, they are. In the pre-school rush of energy, I decided some things needed to be cleaned. There was some significant vacuuming, some organizing, that sort of thing. Sometimes, nothing makes me feel so at peace as some quality time spent organizing very tiny things. Laugh, if you must, I don’t care.

Organized Ribbon

I have made some progress on the curtains for my office.



Yes, that’s right, I have one whole panel completed (of 4 – two per window). In truth, I have the fronts and backs of the panels (they’re reversible) all ready and the bottom hem has been sewn on the other three. It’s just the side seams and the top part that is stalling me, mostly because of the way I decided to design them that is turning out to be the most awkward way ever, and involves math. Ugh. But just the one, doesn’t it look pretty?

Acorn season has mostly come to an end, for which we are very thankful. There are only so many times you can shovel up inches of acorns before you start to question the value of the very old, very beautiful oak trees in your yard. Hopefully, the squirrels and these guys won’t spend much more time digging up our yard, planting their winter bounties:

One of many chipmunks that loooove our Oak trees

I’ve also made two pillows for the living room (no pictures yet), and am part-way through another three (had to order a bit more fabric, sadly). I’ve been throwing ideas around in my head trying to figure out what to make for my partner for Doll Quilt Swap 7 (the deadline is coming up mid-September). Oh, and I’ve done some embroidery, and started making some work clothes. And thrown around color schemes for the master bedroom. Nothing terribly exciting.

Now, if you don’t mind, I must get back to proofreading a 12 page list of names and phone numbers. Or maybe the 30 page contract. Or maybe uploading stuff to the new website. There are so many exciting options, it’s hard to choose.


You know, I wouldn’t mind providing technical support for co-workers nearly as much if they didn’t steal my office supplies while doing so.

I didn’t intend to be quiet on the blog front for so long. I woke up early Monday morning unable to move my head due to a really bad neck pain. I mean, seriously bad. I had a hard time getting out of bed to get Advil. It took me a while to shower (bending over to turn on the water wasn’t happening), but I was hoping that the hot water would help. Alas, it did not. I stayed home, lounging on the couch most of the morning.

It’s gotten better, but it’s still not good.Ā  A heating pad and copious amounts of Advil are getting me through work today.

Consequently, I’m a tiny bit backed up at work (note to self: what is the first thing you should do when returning to work after being away? the correct answer is not: check your email. it will only upset you), the tasks I have are taking longer than usual, and I’m super tired too (it is quite exhausting to lay awake in bed unable to move – trust me). Oh well. This too shall pass.

We have house guests this week, and I have family in town this weekend. Busy, busy. Fortunately, it’s now a 3-day work week for me (with yesterday being a sick day, and my already-planned-for vacation day on Friday). So, yay!

The Farmer’s Market rewarded me today with good looking cauliflower, green beans, and Brussels sprouts (I went to buy carrots for ). No baby red potatoes or lettuce though.

Isn’t it time to name a plant after me or something?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: While compared to the general public I may appear to know a lot about computer-related stuff, I really don’t. I mean, I know some stuff, and you could probably classify me as a Word “Power User,” and I can make my way around Access. But really? What appears to be computer prowess is actually… bravery and guessing. I do a lot of “what happens when I hit this button?” “What happens when I click here?” “What happens…?” You get the idea. Also, the internet is a great source of information. Did you know that? [Sidenote: there are occasions when I find myself unable to solve a problem that I have, and there is no one to turn to for help. It is at this point that I am quite frustrated with 1) all the knowledge I do have, 2) my inability to fix said problem, and 3) no one around me having any idea what I’m talking about.]

Now, lest you think I walk around telling people how awesome I am at all things computer-related, let me be clear. I frequently attempt to tell others that I know absolutely nothing about [insert problem here]. Examples: networks, Groupwise, Internet Explorer. Alas, while this usually makes someone who was seeking my help go away, it’s only temporary. It is rare that someone remembers that I said, “I have no idea; go ask —-.” They just keep asking me.

And that’s fine, really, because every once in a while I’m rewarded with someone actually remembering the thing I taught them last time (and so they’ve consequently come up with a harder problem to solve), and people are always grateful when you fix their computer problems (unless, of course, you’re actually in IT – if you’re expected to do that stuff as part of your job, people tend to get snippy).

All that to say, I generally don’t think too highly of my computer abilities. I consider myself “above average,” but “average” is not very computer literate (in the general workforce, in my experience).

So, when someone comes to me and says, “can we do this on our website?” and I tell them, “I have absolutely no idea why it works the way it does, and I’m pretty sure I can’t make it do something different,” I’m fairly confident that I’m right. If that’s confusing, let me say it another way. If you ask me to change the way a list looks on a web page, and I tell you that it’s just borrowed javascript code that I don’t understand so I probably can’t do anything for you, you’re pretty much sunk, unless you want to find someone else who can do it (good luck with that).

Today I was presented with such an occurrence (quite everyday, really). One one of our web pages, I have a list that expands and collapses depending on where you click. I totally took some javascript from the internet and used it, and I have no idea how/why it works. It just does. I can make it do… exactly what it does. Nothing more. But someone wanted… spacing. And primary list items that were links (not expanding). And I was all, “yeah, I’ll look into that, but I don’t think I can make that happen for you.”

And then (here’s where it gets interesting, if you can call this story interesting, which you can’t; it’s just long and rambly and probably no one has made it this far), something amazing happened. I opened up my web page editing program, and I copy-pasted some stuff and moved some other stuff around and made up some CSS, and… miracle of miracles, I made it do exactly what I was requested to.

The moral of the story: click on that button and see what happens. Or just try something to see if it works. Experiment with your computer. It’s unlikely that you’ll actually break it (unless, of course, you go surfing the internet and get some viruses, in which case you’re totally on your own). You will be amazed at what you discover you can do. Really.

[My apologies for the super boring story. It really was quite exciting to add some spacing into a list. There may or may not have been a short victory dance in my cube.]


Today, I’m thankful for many things.

  • That training I was at yesterday and today? I didn’t have to go to this afternoon’s portion. I cannot appropriately express how happy this makes me (while still trying to keep my blog safe in case someone from work finds it).
  • After staying late at work yesterday for afore-mentioned training, I came home to this:
Family Heirloom

Words cannot express how happy I am about this. arranged for my piano to be moved to our house (from ‘s, where it has lived… forever) while I was at work. How sweet is that? And totally awesome.

Much of the evening was spent this way.

  • Though my 9-5 yesterday was less than pleasant, the rest of the day was lovely. called early and left me a message, singing Happy Birthday. I received lots of thoughtful gifts. We went out to Olive Garden for dinner, and then for a walk in our neighborhood.
  • I’m quite thankful for 30, actually. It was a great age, and a good year. (I am not quite coping with being 31 yet, though. I’ll try to work on that. As a plus, I got carded last night at OG, that’s cool.)
  • and will be here this weekend, and I don’t get to see them very often. seems quite excited for the visit. They are coming up in their RV, bringing their 4 dogs. Lots of details to be worked out, like getting the right kind of power so they can run the A/C, and is our driveway long enough…. Still, totally excited (and thankful) for their visit.
  • We also cleaned house last night, and most of the boxes in the main living areas of the main floor are gone or hidden! It looks much more moved-in than it did before, and not just because of the piano. Did I mention I have a piano?
  • I don’t have to stay late today at work. Quite thankful for that.
  • I’m leaving work early tomorrow. I have half an hour from yesterday that I worked, and I think I’m just going to take an extra hour or two of paid leave, to make sure that all the details for the weekend are taken care of (house cleaned again…) and to relax before the circus arrives (3 large dogs plus 1 small yippy dog = circus, even if they are well-bred, well-trained, prize-winning dogs). Leaving work early on a Friday? Thankful.


I’m at an all-day training today and tomorrow for work, so I’ll be away from the internet. So sad.

Friday I’ll update y’all on my birthday stuff (31 today – oh my).


You know, if I didn’t think it was too dorky (which is not a long walk from where I am), I’d totally get a “meh” shirt, especially since that is how I’ve been feeling lately. That word floated around the internet for years and I ignored it. Somehow it wormed its way into my life recently and I’ve even said it outloud a few times. Late to the party, as usual.

Yesterday, I woke up late (6:00) and thought about the prospect of going to work, and my answer was: meh. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I lay in bed trying to think of a reason to go, some project that needed me, or work that needed to be completed, and I came up blank. Didn’t even have to answer phones. So, I dragged (drug?) myself out of bed and emailed a few co-workers and my boss, saying I wasn’t feeling well. It was the truth.

It actually turned out good because the city inspector was coming to the house to check the new circuit we had installed for the washer/dryer in the basement. The time frame we were given? 12-5. Lovely. So, I stayed home, and didn’t have to take the afternoon off work. In all, the inspector arrived at about 2:30 and stayed less than 5 minutes. Everything checked out great, as expected.

I also spent almost three hours in my office, fixing the paint that had bled under the blue painter’s tape. Painstakingly detailed work (and I had to do it with two separate colors, since I now have three colors in the room – but no pictures yet, so you’ll have to take my word for it), but work that I absolutely had to do. There was no way around it, no leaving it as-is. The center stripe (where all the bleeding is) sits at 36″ from the floor, which is eye-level if I’m sitting at my desk sewing or using the computer. I wouldn’t have been able to stand staring at it all the time. Plus, it really did bleed a lot. It’s not like I was being a perfectionist. The touch-up turned out great, and now the lines look crisp and clean. But, man did that hurt my body. Not a comfortable thing to do. Watched several episodes of Monk while doing it, so not entirely unenjoyable.

This means, of course, that the shelving unit can be mounted to the wall tonight (to keep it from tipping over), and I can finally put fabric away (which means getting rid of 6 boxes that are sitting in the room presently). The paint has all cured (except for the touch-ups I did yesterday), so I can also hang stuff on the walls, and all the switch plate and outlet covers have been re-attached. All that’s left (besides the organizing and putting away of stuff) is to paint some art on the walls. I suppose that means I should make up my mind.

I also swept our driveway, which is about as exciting as it sounds. I will be so glad when the maple trees stop dropping those little helicopters, because they are impossible to sweep up. Our trees have quite a few dead branches (that are way high up, so I have yet to attack them with pruning shears), so every time it gets windy, there are little branches all over the ground. The lawn mower, of course, does not like this (but it’s not nearly as bad as the rocks in all of the gardening areas, which are constantly sneaking out of their area into the grass – says, “oh yeah, they’ll do that” – just another reason to get rid of all those rocks).

After dinner, came over, and we drove up to ‘s. We were supposed to be returning some stuff she left at our house, and picking up some extra tomato plants. Totally forgot the bag of stuff, though. Got the tomatoes. The three of us drove over to SR Harris and got lost in the warehouse of fabric for an hour or so. was the only one to find what she was looking for, unfortunately for the rest of us.

Today, my neck is still sore from the painting yesterday (I know it’s that because it’s in a different place from where my neck/shoulders are usually store/stiff). But, on a happy note, the nail polish I applied on Tuesday is still on my fingernails and has hardly chipped, which is unheard of for me. FYI, there’s a lovely turquoise-y shade that’s quite popular this year (I know because almost every brand had a version of it), and it actually looks good and flattering, and not at all juvenile. You might want to give it a shot, if you’re a nail polish-wearing sort of girl (or guy – I don’t judge).

I am feeling “meh” about the rest of the afternoon. There is a very good reason that some companies give their employees Friday afternoons off in the summer (or “beer Fridays” – it really does happen). Very good indeed. (Not that the government could ever partake in such a thing. Taxpayers and the media would be all over that in a heartbeat. However, if we were forced to take furlough, I’d have no problem using it on Friday afternoons in the summer. No news about that until the “new year,” which is July 1.)


(Trying not to think about the afore-mentioned grade….)

My knees are visible at work today. I’m wearing the floral capris that hates. You can too, it’s OK. They make me happy. I’m wearing them with a coral polo, elbow brace (my tendinitis is bad this week), and, unfortunately, my Birks. I only say this because they’re a little more casual than I would have liked to wear (even though it’s Casual Friday), but I could not, for the life of me, find my brown sandals this morning. So it was either pink Birks, brown flip-flops (that are expressly forbidden in the dress code), or brown tennis shoes. And I’m not one to wear tennis shoes, or any shoes requiring socks, with capris. (Also – tennis shoes without socks? Gross! That is a terrible, awful, horrible feeling. Ish.)

That is all….

I think it’s cruel to make people come into work when it’s so beautiful outside.

But, nonetheless, I’m here. Early, in fact, because I drove to work so that I could leave a bit early for a doctor’s appointment. The previously-mentioned sinus and ear condition got worse yesterday, to the point that I was going a bit crazy, swallowing all the time to try to get my ears unplugged, to no avail. Thank goodness for online appointment scheduling! At some point in the middle of the night, I woke up swallowing hard enough to clear my ears finally, but it settled in my throat then, where it still resides. Plus, my ears have plugged back up somewhat. Clearly there’s an alien living in my head, and there’s just not room for him/her in there, what with all the crazy taking up space too.

Last night in class I sat through two and a half hours of what were pretty bad presentations. Only a precursor to what I can expect as a middle school teacher, right? (I mean, if this is what 20-40 year olds do in college, what kind of standards can I possibly expect out of 12 year olds?)

When I got home from class, I saw that had taken all the boxes we packed Wednesday night over to storage, which was awesome. I have plans for more packing this weekend (not that there’s much to do, but some furniture can now be taken apart). Part of Saturday will be spent with ‘s family at the visitation and memorial service (perhaps it’s a funeral – what exactly do those words mean? is it a funeral because there’ll be a casket? is it just semantics?) for his great grandma. He gets to dress up in a suit, because all the great grandsons were asked to be pallbearers, though we don’t know if that’s literal or figurative. Guess we’ll see.

I also talked to last night and heard a cute story (perhaps only cute to aunts and moms, but maybe you’ll find it cute too). Today is going on a weekend trip with the youth group, and they’re taking a school bus. Well, just loves school buses. Every time they drive by one, he says “ool bus, ool bus!” So, today they’re going to see off, and is going to get to go on the school bus. Can’t you just picture his 2 year old face at the awesomeness of that? I also learned that has acid reflux – sad state of affairs, for being only 5 weeks old. šŸ™ Apparently, though, there’s liquid Prilosec, so he should be feeling better in a few days.

Not sure what work holds today… I’ve got more coding to work on for the name change, but part of my hand has been cramping up from all the repetitive typing, so I’m trying to avoid doing too much of it at a time. (If you must know, it’s my right hand pinky finger and the attached muscle that runs down my palm, from using the arrow keys so much.) There are other projects to work on, so I should stay busy with something.

Deep Sighs

Only figuratively, of course. I’ve had a stuffed nose (minor) for… weeks? months? I’ve lost track. A new symptom showed up a few days ago, though – my left ear is kinda stopped. And yes, I have tried swallowing. Doesn’t work. WebMD seems to think I might have sinusitis, but you know what, I don’t really feel like dealing with a doctor right now, so I’m going to chalk it all up to allergies.

But, on the figurative side, things are going swimmingly. I wrote my second paper last night, so and I went for a walk. Tonight I’ll get that last one done, and then next Tuesday or Wednesday I might take 15 minutes to study for the quiz on Thursday. The paper I turned in for my online class has been graded and returned, and unless I get 5/25 points on the last discussion (which is highly unlikely), I have an A in that class. We’re on track with packing, have reserved a moving van, and have both closings scheduled (though the second one is only tentative).

Last night when we got back from our walk, I decided to sew the zipper into that dress I’d been making. Well, that did not go well, but finally, after a lot of pain, it is in, beautifully. And I’ve decided I just don’t like the dress and will just take it apart, salvage whatever fabric I can, and move on. Best to decide this before hemming, right? Bummer.

It’s Administrative Professional’s Day, so I have a gorgeous gift from sitting here. She got these awesome Thermos Brand coolers that look like purses (but are lunch bags! and huge!) and filled them with a new water bottle, some chocolates, and flowers. I feel very appreciated. I also got a bar of chocolate from another co-worker, and a note of thanks from a third. Tomorrow there’s a party too, so it’s just all sorts of fun over here. (Well, aside from the hours and hours of tedious coding I’ve been fixing as a result of our name change. That is no fun. And my hand hurts.)

9 days to the new house! 8 days to the end of the semester!

Anything Else

Let’s not talk about the ridiculous quantity of chocolate I’ve consumed lately, or how my pants don’t fit the way I want them to, or about AIDS / Africa / foreign policy, or work. Let’s talk about… anything else, instead. Seriously. Yes, I’m procrastinating. I don’t do it often (where homework is concerned, at least). I’m somewhere on page 5 of that paper, which is significant progress, but my brain needs a break. I’d be doing actual work, but the person who was coming in to give me some big project (that needs to be to someone important tomorrow afternoon)… hasn’t arrived yet or communicated with me, though yesterday afternoon it seemed Very Important that I be in the office today. Hrm. So, instead, I work on the paper. I look productive. It means I probably won’t be skipping out of class early tonight (I have no other absences, so I figured that half a class was completely acceptable if I was going home to do more homework), or calling in to miss work tomorrow or Friday. I did have a weird dream this morning about being late for work, cleaning the house for a showing (we have one tonight), and this paper. Gee, stress much?

But. But. When I finish this paper, things will be better. We are hoping to go visit the new baby this weekend, which should be good. is doing so much better with this new one (as with the labor, which was much easier this time around), which has me feeling much better as well. I hadn’t really realized how affected I was by her (very traumatic) first birthing experience. [OK, it’s not like there was a car accident or murderous zombies trying to eat her kids, but there was a lot of pain and a very long time in labor and words like “suction” and “tearing” and other things you just don’t want to associate with something that should be as beautiful as birth. Not that I think birthing is beautiful. The act of becoming a parent should be, though, and I totally admire those who do it. Because I’m so not ready to be that selfless. Or subject myself to giving birth. Clearly I have rambly thoughts on this issue.]

So, I will finish the paper sometime (hopefully today). And I will work on (finish?) the other two that are due in the next two weeks. And I will not, will.not, allow myself to cry when the stupid word processing program doesn’t behave like it should. (However, if you find yourself in this situation, mention to husband that you would like some chocolate. Mine brought me back a bag-full. Which was awesome. Man, I’m going to be fat.)

Here’s the clincher, the ultimate motivation. I did the breakdown for over email today. There are (checking sidebar to be sure) 35 days until the end of the semester (that’s all days, including weekends and holidays). Then, after that, there’s approximately 4 months (something like 117 days) of laying in my hammock, sewing, reading, vacationing, or whatever else I want to do, before school starts up again. I can do 35 more days. Really, I can. Maybe I’ll go play my personal theme song, or something by Pink. That should do it, right? If nothing else, snuggling a new baby this weekend should work. (There’s a very cute video on Facebook of him sneezing! Seriously, it doesn’t get much cuter than that.)

3x Thursday

  1. Do you have health insurance? If so, what’s it thru (job, spouse, etc)? Is it decent? If not, do you have a real need for it? I have pretty decent health insurance. I would say it’s “great,” but it was a lot better when I started working here 6 years ago (lower co-pays, more coverage, etc). It’s through my work, and we’re union (a pretty large one at that). We transferred ERIC over to be on my policy because what he had through work wasn’t good (which is about what you can expect from a very small company.
  2. Do you have a job right now? If you do, lucky you! If not, how long have you been out of work, and what are you looking to do? How do you feel about the economy and finding a job sooner than later? Yes, I do. Thankfully, my job is pretty safe, or at least the idea of remaining employed. I’m pretty low on the totem pole as far as seniority goes, so if the positions of people above me get eliminated (the state does have a pretty big budget deficit right now, which generally means cutting positions as well as other things), someone can “bump” me from my job. Thankfully, I can then “bump” someone in a lower class, which means I’d be making less pay and would probably be working in a different office (you can bump anyone a certain distance from your current position – 30 miles maybe?), but I’d still be employed.
  3. What’s your housing situation in this current ‘crap for an economy’? Have you lost your house, or have you been able to keep a roof over your head and not get into economic trouble? Our housing situation is fabulous, all things considered. True, we want to sell it, and that has been very difficult, but on the bright side we’re totally able to make the payments because our interest rate is low and our payments are too, and we’re able to save on the side (which is something we won’t be able to do as much of when we buy a larger house). I do know of people who’ve lost their homes, which is really sad. Thankfully, I think both of my parents own their homes outright, so there’s no need to worry about their situations (both are employed, but you never know).

A Day Off

I had a lovely day off on Monday in honor of MLK Jr, which I would have told you about yesterday if I hadn’t spend the whole work day sorting through hundreds of forms in what can only be considered slightly organized madness.Ā  Usually, when I have a day off, I feel obligated to still make a meaningful contribution to our household, by way of cleaning or other chores. Over the weekend, AmandaĀ and LizĀ told me they thought this was crazy. So, I tried to not spend the day that way. I avoided feeling the need to clean on Monday by cleaning on Sunday, and I did extra homework all weekend so I wouldn’t have to do any on Monday. I don’t know if that really counts, then, but it all had to be done sometime, right?

I slept in, and spent most of the day working on the Mini Quilt-in-a-Bag for Tom [link removed]. I had already narrowed down my choices and had a rough plan, and so I did all my cutting before taking a trip over to JoAnn (I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t have to make a second trip after I started on the project, which I almost had to do because it took almost an entire spool of thread to make one 20″ square quilt – I have got to start buying the bigger spools!). I am getting close to my $50 budget for fabric for the month, but I won’t go over. I found a remnant I liked (they were very picked over, so it was surprising to find anything at all), a brown check to try chicken scratch embroidery on for Pin Tangle’s January Stitch Explorer, and a brown and cream butterfly print by Alexander Henry that I’d been coveting for nearly 6 months (I bought the rest of the bolt, which was a measly 1 yard, and used my 40% off coupon).

I also went to the co-op because I was nearly out of Teeccino (again!), and it’s just easier to start the day with my fake coffee (excuse me, herbal coffee) than it is with hot cocoa or water. Back at home, I started piecing together the quilt top, and made it about 75% of the way before Prince CharmingĀ came home. After dinner, I finished piecing the top, and then dove into quilting, and got that about 75% of the way done before it was time to go to bed. I can’t show you much now, but after Tom receives it, I’ll tell you all about it, because I’m quite pleased with how it all came together. I used a new book and some new methods, and had fun too. (This picture is from Monday night.)

Mini Quilt in a Bag Sneak Peek

Where you at?

If, at some point during the next 15 weeks, you ask yourself, I wonder what’s happened to Kelly. I wonder how she’s doing, what’s going on. Rest assured, I’m fine. I’m holed up at my house, sitting in my chair reading, or possibly writing a paper. I now have all three syllabi for my classes, and have scheduled out my homework. Because I like to do that. Because it makes me feel like I’m in control and might possibly get it all done.

This just in: 11 credits is a lot, especially while working full-time. There won’t be time for anything else. (For the record, is taking a full course load, and will have even more homework than I will, so I probably shouldn’t complain too much.)

So, if you find yourself thinking you haven’t heard from me in a while, haven’t seen my shining face, just know that I’m trapped in homework land. This too shall pass, however. I’m taking the summer off, so I’ll have almost four glorious months homework-free, when it’s sunny and daylight hours are long and we can go camping and take vacations and do things we enjoy. I can deal with 15 weeks of being super-busy and bogged down with homework as a trade-off.

However, until I get notice that they’re actually ready to do the website overhaul here at work, posting here shouldn’t change much. There’s not much schoolwork that I can do here, other than type up notes from class (which won’t be happening come February when I buy my new netbook), and the occasional reflection paper (which there aren’t any of past this first week of classes). So, no need to worry about not having something trivial to read. Pictures might be slim, as it’s still dark here when I’m not at work, and I won’t have that much time for crafting or fun, but I’ll try to be as entertaining as possible.

This Just In: It’s Cold

For those of you not in Minnesota, we’re in a bit of a cold streak here. Yesterday, the high was three below zero. Right now, it’s -1* with a windchill of -23*. And tonight at 9:30, when my first class of the “spring” semester gets out, it’s expected to be -19*. I hope has his phone nearby (hint, hint), in case my car decides that there is no way it’s going to start in temps like that. I’d refuse to work if I had to sit outside for four hours in negative temperatures. At least it will warm up a bit between work and class, if you count driving around as warming up.

Tonight’s class is Historical Interpretation, the class for which I had to buy six textbooks. Tomorrow is Introduction to American Government and Politics. I’ve just logged on to the website for my online class, which is World Politics. Admit it, you’re jealous of my courseload. It’s OK. Honestly, I just can’t wait for the end of tomorrow night’s class, so I can schedule out my homework for the semester. All of my anxiety for the semester (which isn’t that much at the moment) revolves around not having enough time to get everything done, and so having the syllabi in hand to schedule it all out will alleviate that.

I’ve spent about 10 hours at work yesterday and today renaming [electronic] files and organizing them. It’s about as much fun as it sounds. At least it’s over with, for the most part. There were about ten years of file insanity I just couldn’t deal with anymore.

FYI, celery can go bad flavor-wise long before it looks icky. Today’s lunch is less than yummy on account of this (no amount of peanut butter can cover it up), though the apple-plus-Nutella combo should fix that. I also had baby carrots with freshly homemade ranch dressing, and some light yogurt. I’m saving the hard boiled egg for a bit later (though not too much later, since class starts at 6 and I have to have dinner eaten well before then).