I have run out of creative titles

Today I had lunch with Amanda. It was lovely to get caught up (for real, since we didn’t talk much at her birthday party last weekend). We also stood outside for a while (it’s actually nice enough to do that) and watched her bus go by. Twice. My hands got cold, but other than that it was good.

The sun was shining earlier, and I walked back from getting coffee. I was torn between taking deep breaths of fresh air and choking on the knowledge that there is an air pollution advisory right now. Yesterday through tomorrow, actually. And you can tell. Downtown the air is thick and visible. Blech. About halfway back I was starting to regret the walk, because it’s barely warm enough to be outside without a coat, but then I got out of the shadow of a tall building and enjoyed the sunlight, and all was good.

I’ve missed the outdoors and the sun. Most of my outdoor experience has been while it’s dark, and it’s been pretty cold lately. Monday, my day home “sick,” I ran a few errands and so I was outside in the middle of the day and the sun was shining. It sure helps a girl’s mood to get some sunlight. Speaking of which, Saturday is the winter solstice, so the days will finally start getting longer then.

Not much of an update, I know, but I have to get back to work…. If you’re bored, go browse around my Flickr account. There’s over 2,000 photos there to keep you busy.

Just for Liz

It’s amazing the things you can find on the internet. This group [link removed] I found in Flickr (wedding pictures almost ready to share!) and thought of you, Liz.

Just for Liz

I found a chocolate bar for you [link removed]. No joke. Who comes up with these things? Also, if anyone needs gift ideas for Amanda, I seem to have a stash of them. Don’t know why, but I was going through my bookmarks trying to clean things up and found half a dozen good gift ideas for her.

A Photo Update

First off…

Here’s the pumpkin I carved last week for Halloween.

I was aiming for a cute wink and a grin, but I think I just got grumpy. Oh well.

But, on to more exciting things – pictures of my weekend in Illinois!

Friday night we drove into Illinois and met up with some of my friends from college for dinner. We had a wide range of people, from two newlywed couples, to a couple who’s been married for four years, to a couple who’s been married for eight and has two kids and another on the way! We had a great time and some great food too.

College Friends
With their families
Me being a dork
At Portillos
So good to see everyone so happy
Me, Amy, Kate, and Danyel
Us (again)

Saturday we went to a family wedding. I won’t actually bore you with all the pictures, but here are a few (so you can see how very different it was from our wedding).

Flower girls
Bride and Groom
Unity Candle
Me, cousin Kristen, and Mom
Sleepy Grant
First dance
Prince Charming and me

And Sunday, we met a friend of mine from high school (as far back as 7th grade, actually) for coffee, and then had brunch at my aunt and uncle’s house. On the way out of Illinois, we stopped at 7-Eleven for Slurpees.

Wish they had Slurpees here.

We actually did grocery shopping on the way home and had the car unpacked by 6pm, which was nice. It felt much later, though. It was a busy weekend, but overall I was very happy with our plans and how things worked out. I was quite surprised that everyone was actually free to get together, and it was good to see them. Most of my friends that we saw I hadn’t seen in at least three or four years, and none of them had met Prince Charming.

I also got a lot of work done on the baby blanket that I’m knitting for Sarah’s baby (who was born on our wedding day). There’s still a lot to be done though, and I’m not sure if it’s going to be finished by Christmas, which would be a vaguely reasonable time to get it to her. Oh well. I remembered the other day that the reason I stopped working on it was because my tendinitis flared up right before the wedding which stopped my knitting altogether. I’m back and trying to work speedily to make progress though.

Not much planned for this week – homework and house cleaning and so forth.

Long weekend

Yes, I’m back from Chicago. I really appreciate everyone’s support over the last week. It wasn’t always easy, and sometimes it was downright rough, but we’re getting through it. It was really good to be at home, surrounded by family (that I knew and that I didn’t, from near and far), watching other people get through this in their own way.

I’ve been to very few funerals in my life, and even fewer visitations (well, for people I knew and cared about, that is). They were both very different than what I expected. I mean, they were exactly what one would expect, but my experience of them was different, if that makes sense. The visitation was interesting because so very many people showed up, and in many ways it was a very happy thing. When we got there (just after 4:30 on Thursday), things were a little somber, but the visitation had just started at 4. By 6, it was really much more chatty than anything else, and by 8 we were all tired but generally happy. Friday, the funeral, was exhausting, and I don’t think any of us (myself, Alison, and Josh specifically) were expecting that. For only an hour long service, we were just pooped afterwards. There was lunch at my cousin’s house (catered by the family’s favorite Chinese restaurant in town), and when we got back to Dad’s, we all immediately laid down for naps. It was amazing how tired we were.

I slept better on Friday night though, not waking up for the water softener or whatever it was that was making all the crazy noise the night before, and I didn’t pull the sofa out into a bed like I had the night before, so I was a bit more comfortable. Saturday we went out for coffee with one of our cousins. The girls had gone through their mom’s jewelry and taken what they wanted, what was valuable, and then asked us to look at what was left and take what we wanted. Alison and I thought that was very nice, and we both came away with a handful of things that, while perhaps not technically valuable, are still very nice and will be very special for years to come.

And then we drove back to the Twin Cities. Or attempted to, at least. Just south of Rockford, there was a major car accident and we ended up sitting on I-90 for 2 hours before finally deciding to turn around and take the long way (through Iowa) home. So while we left at 1:15, they dropped me off at my house at midnight, and didn’t get home to their place until nearly 1. That made for a very long day.

But, it’s all done and over with now. As… horrible (for lack of a better word) the funeral was, there was at least closure at the end, if for no other reason than we were just too tired to keep on as we were. Maybe those of you who have gone to a few more funerals than I have are familiar with what I’m talking about and are just sitting there saying “duh,” but it’s really quite new for me. I had two co-workers die in the last two years but didn’t go to the funerals or visitation. I’ve been to a funeral as support for someone else, but not for myself. The last visitation I went to was during college, and was just because I was out with Mom and she wanted to stop in (it was one of her co-workers spouses). There was a funeral for a great-uncle when I was in high school. And before that, my Grandpa’s funeral when I was 7. So, you see… not so much on the grieving and funeraling in my family. That’s not to say that the future doesn’t hold plenty of potential for that (potential isn’t always a happy thing, you know), but our history has been full of life without much of its [necessary] counterpart.

Anyways, I really appreciate the support I’ve gotten. I may not have acted like I needed it, but I was grateful [ir]regardless. I’m doing pretty good right now, though I’m guessing there will be times in the next several months where that will not be the case (like Christmas this year – we’re going home to celebrate with Dad’s family), and we’ll just deal with those as they come. As for now, life is back to normal. There is a new cat at the house, my homework is done for the moment, and tonight we’re grocery shopping and writing [hopefully] the rest of our wedding thank-yous (today is one month!!!!!).

Holy Canoli!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but that little count-down on the side of my blog says 7 days. 7! 7 days until very publicly and very permanently making a big commitment. Which I’m totally cool with, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, I have to pause a moment and reflect on the magnitude of this. It’s not as life-changing as, say, giving birth. But getting married has to be up there on the list of life-altering experiences.

Last night went much smoother than I thought it would. It took almost no time at all to take stuff to Goodwill and drop stuff off at Amanda’s. I even stopped at the gas station on my way back (first time in over two years that I’ve been the one at the pump instead of just waiting in the car), which was made slightly confusing by the fact that I had cash and was on the phone the entire time, first with Prince Charming and then with the girl who was coming to get the couch. Trying to give directions while going inside to pay in cash in a gas station I hadn’t been to in a long time when there’s a long line… I don’t advise it. But it all turned out fine. And the girl picked up the couch at a decent time, just after I was finished eating dinner but before I started packing my car.

I filled up my car and was on the road by 7, which seemed like a miracle. I went tanning, which didn’t go as well as usual, but whatever. Prince Charming and I unloaded my car, and then amazingly enough I got to relax on the couch and watch TV for a while. Definitely that was the idealistic way for things to go.

I’m going to grab a few more boxes before leaving work tonight so I can pack up the random stuff that’s hanging around my house. I think I can get the kitchen done and probably the bedroom too before Prince Charming comes over. The fifth person who contacted me about my chairs is actually supposed to come over tonight, unlike the other 4 who have ignored me since their first “I’m interested” email. 7:30 she says. I might need to put her in the trusty hands of Nikki, because I would like to be done by then. We’ll see.

Once this moving part is done, life will be a breeze. It probably would have been better to be moved out at the end of July instead of August, but then I would have been homeless for quite a long time. And I didn’t have a car until last week, so that would have been terribly problematic. I don’t advise moving and getting married all at once, but I’m pretty sure that most people don’t do it that way these days anymore, so I guess that’s pretty worthless advice. Plus, I’m still not believing in the whole living-together-before-marriage thing, so I guess it’s the only way to do that. And, much to the delight of Amanda and Liz, I’m sure, none of my friends have been solicited to help in this move, though I’m sure they would have been more than willing. However, there’s a bit of a trick in that, because we will definitely need their help to move out of Prince Charming’s into a different house, when the time comes. And that will be a bigger deal. And will happen over a weekend instead of a three-month period. So… they won out temporarily.

Work is mostly set to be without me for two weeks. I just have a fax to send (I’m waiting on a form to be filled out) and the vacation-response to set for my email. I’m sure some other piddly little things will come up in the next four hours.

Really, I can’t tell you how thrilled I will be to have the moving done, and how thrilled I am at the smoothness of last night. I realize that there’s an entire bedroom chock-full of boxes at Prince Charming’s house that will have to be dealt with, and so in that sense moving isn’t done. But… it is. All my stuff will once again be united, and in two weeks I will be re-united with it. And we’ll figure out what to do with all of it and… life will be good. Life is good now, barring the fact that I have been getting crappy sleep and have had a terrible crick in my neck since last night. The heat pad I put on it is helping dramatically – just poor timing to have neck/shoulder/back pains. And I can get caught up on sleep next week, right? In-between all the homework and last-minute wedding stuff. Right. I’ll at least get caught up the following week, when we’re on our honeymoon, in-between all the sex. Was that too private a comment to make on this blog? Like y’all didn’t know that was what was going to be going on. Like everyone doesn’t know.

And, to leave you with completely different thoughts than that… my Starbucks has been out of white chocolate for the last three days. Consequently, I have had several mediocre experiences. Today, however, I ordered the Cinnamon Dolce Latte (instead of the Caramel Macchiato that has been disappointing), and it’s pretty good. I’m not exactly in the mood for cinnamon, but it’s definitely more satisfying than the macchiato.

This weekend in word pictures

I could have quickly and easily described my entire weekend with a few well-thought-out photographs. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any, so you’ll have to suffer through my wordy description of my weekend instead.

Friday night, while was out getting drunk with his friends (Editor’s sidenote: can someone please explain the idea of bachelor and bachelorette parties to me? I mean… guy proposes, so clearly he wants to get married. Girl accepts, so she probably does too. So why the need to celebrate singleness one last time? Is marriage really such a hideously awful idea that drunkenness is the only way to cope? Do most people foresee marriage as giving up all of their freedoms so that they’ll never be able to go out and have fun with their friends again? I just don’t get it.), I went to ‘s to help her paint. She detailed that experience on her blog, so I’ll just let that be. (Editor’s note to : thinks perchance primer would have prevented peeling. I don’t have any solutions for peeled paint patching, however. Can you sand it down (once dry) and then you wouldn’t have the 3D thing going on?)

Then I went tanning, or rather got some fake tan sprayed on me (it was very cold for some reason, which is quite unpleasant when you’re already buck nekkid in a tiny booth with a woman’s voice talking loudly to you). And bought some chocolate at Target. And… watched some bad TV and crocheted a really ugly purse (that I took apart the next morning) and… probably some other boring things that I can’t remember because… they were boring.

A large portion of Saturday was spent waiting for to recover from his previous night’s activities. I kept busy with crochet/knitting projects, more bad television, and unpacking some boxes. There are now photographs on display in two whole locations. Still no candles, because, well, I don’t actually live there yet, and marriage is a stipulation for candle placement in ‘s house. So I refrained. Oh, I also spent a large amount of time cleaning the fish tank. It was gross. I took a shower shortly afterward to remove said grossness because I didn’t even want to touch myself.

Another large portion of Saturday was spent loading most of the rest of my possessions into ‘s dad’s Bronco and then unloading them into the spare bedroom, which is now very full after the addition of my twin bed. What’s still at my house? My mattress, laying on the floor. My television, also on the floor. Five outfits for work. My computer, on the floor. Two under the bed storage boxes, two other shelf-organizy-type-things, my jewelry, my wedding-day supplies including reception decorations, some files, my bedside table, and some bathroom and kitchen stuff. And .

Sunday we spent a lot of time (some would say too much time) at Ikea, and considerably less time putting two of these together (in black-brown, the wider version). also bought me a step stool for the kitchen so I can reach things on top of the cabinets. And he’s nearly done fixing my dresser. (It’s amazing how much time it can take to fix something that I lived with in its broken state for so long.) It’s quite wonderful, all the work he’s put into it.

So, yeah. See, wouldn’t pictures have been better? And much shorter. Oh well.

Classes start tomorrow. And I have a hair appointment, which will be sad because I won’t go back to my stylist after this, and I liked her. But she wasn’t like the world’s best hair stylist or anything. And Kari is now back in my neck of the woods, instead of being up in Rosedale (plus I have a car), so maybe I’ll go back to her. I never had any complaints with her, and trusted her implicitly with my hair. I’m sure I also have many wedding related things to do. That’s what I’m doing next, looking at my checklist.

Slight Swooning Required

I have a co-worker who’s getting married next weekend. He’s done this before, and as is stereotypical of most men, hasn’t been too vocal or stressed about his pending nuptials. Well, he’s leaving for the day, and I overheard this conversation:

Groom: See you Monday! Have a good weekend!
Co-Worker: Yeah. Hey, last weekend of freedom! Haha
Groom: Yeah. After this, life will be much more enjoyable.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming, did ya.

Now, I have no doubt that there are many men out there who think that very thought (or at least did at some point, since they shelled out some cash for a ring and proposed and thought it would be a good idea to be married). But how many times do you hear something so honest, especially at work, instead of the usual jesting about the ole ball-n-chain or a lifetime sentence or whatever.

In other news, yes, I am very glad that it’s Friday. Maybe not so much “glad” as “relieved.” You see, on Wednesday I could have sworn it was Friday. Yesterday too. So by today I feel like it has been a very, very long week. And I am much relieved that today actually is Friday.

For those of you who cared, I did almost no packing this week. And very little wedding planning (except for that whole hair thing). Why? Well, quite frankly, there’s not much to be done. And I was a little tired. I got the things on my list done, but they were kind of minor things. I cleaned off my bedside table and another side table so that they’d be ready to move. I have an ever-growing pile for Goodwill. We’re taking some things to Mom’s this weekend so the stacks of boxes in Prince Charming’s spare bedroom will decrease. I went through the stuff on the last table in my room (that’s three tables, if you’re counting) and got the box of reception decorations all set to go. But that was kinda it.

And I keep having these thoughts like, oh, I’m going to need to go to Goodwill, I should email Amanda and Liz and see who might want to go, or I need to go to a different Macy’s that has a bigger selection to buy this thing, and I should see who would like to take me, and then realizing that, unless things go horribly wrong with someone’s Visa to Korea, I’ll have a car next week and won’t need someone to go with me (not that I wouldn’t want someone to come with if they desired). It’s a whole mindset change I’m not really into yet. I have had some positive thoughts this week regarding my future car, like Wednesday night when I was hungry but it was too late to find food anywhere that was accessible to me, and I knew that if I had a car I could have gone to Cub which is open 24 hours. Or last night when I ran out of yarn for a hat I’m attempting (why, I’m not sure, because I’m guessing it’s going to look laughable on me and I’ll just have to give it away) and thought that it would be silly to spend an hour in transit on the bus to and from WalMart for a $1.50 ball of yarn.

Last night I was good to myself, to make up for Wednesday when I was apparently feeling that I needed to be mean to me. So I went grocery shopping. And then I made (and ate) dinner. And took a book and some crochet out onto my deck and sat in my hammock for about an hour until the sun disappeared. And when I got hungry, I ate again. I supplied myself with the chocolate of which my house had been completely devoid. I went to bed before midnight, and fell asleep quickly. So no more grouchiness today. (I’m sure Prince Charming is thrilled to hear that.)

Crap. I just realized I forgot to feed Matea. Must go email Nikki.


Mom was going to talk to her hairstylist last night about doing my hair for the wedding (since I made the error of not scheduling an appointment and now my stylist is booked, and ignoring my phone calls). Well, she did, and the lady kind of has an opening that day. But, get this, the stylist recommended I just do my own. Um… wtfreak? I know, I know, I’ve said myself that there’s no reason to panic about the situation because I could, in fact, do my own hair. But why would a stylist suggest this? Especially when I’m willing to pay her? Clearly, I’m going to have to look elsewhere. There are two other salons in my neighborhood to call. It’s not about not being able to do my own hair – it’s about letting someone else do it so I don’t have to stress about it, and getting pampered a bit. Like manicures and pedicures – I’m completely capable of painting my own nails, thank you very much, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do it for you.

Totally unrelated – this method for hanging pictures  [link removed] (found via Lifehacker) is genius! Why didn’t I think of it? I’ve done how many walls of photos?

Also unrelated – I have finally tried the McDonald’s Iced Coffee. It’s alright. I can see why people might like it. I, however, don’t actually enjoy it. It’s drinkable. It’s coffee. But… it’s lacking something. I’m not sure what it is, but something is wrong with it. But it’s a personal thing, so y’all might want to try it sometime, if’n you like coffee (which is, what, like one of my readers? how is it that I know so many people who don’t like coffee?).

Another unrelated detail – Dad called last night (again) to tell me that my grandparents are coming to the wedding, and that he and Candy are bringing them up here (even got them a hotel room next to theirs). He also said that Candy is having back surgery (herniated disk, nothing related to the cancer) on August 27th. They hope she’ll be able to make the trip up here, but it’s uncertain. If she can travel, they’ll have to stop every hour so she can get out and walk for 15 minutes. She’s not allowed to drive for a while, and can’t go back to work until November (she’s been on disability since June). Dad described Grandpa’s surgery last week as outpatient, and said that his last bout with pneumonia took a toll on him but that he’s doing well. I’m glad to hear it, but hope that Prince Charming and I can go down there for Christmas, especially since my aunt is sick as well (and Prince Charming wants to experience all that is Christmas Eve in the Johnson family, which is sure to disappoint).

Finally unrelated – I got a comment on this very blog yesterday from an old friend from college that I’d lost touch with. So exciting! We exchanged updates last night via email – it’s amazing how much there is to relate when you don’t talk to someone for five years. Susan (who probably didn’t even know she has her own name graphic, because I so rarely talk about her) goes in the category of friends from college who have a very special place in my heart (because there are also those friends from college that are just that, good friends and nothing more). Sarah is another. Kate would be, but we had that falling out and things have never been the same since, even though we did restore our friendship. Betsy is in the same boat, though we didn’t go to college together; we’ve been friends since high school when we attended the same church / youth group. Anyways, I’m thrilled to be back in touch with Susan (if you can’t tell, that’s a chick singing with a microphone).

Busy Bee!

I was a busy little worker bee last night. Amanda and Liz came over (after we had some delicious Vietnamese and some very strong coffee) and helped me move my bookshelves from my bedroom into the front room. Here are the “after” photos. (For “before” photos, see this previous post.)

Pictures have started to come off the walls. Several more came down after I took this shot.
This is where the shelves used to be. Now it’s just a wall that needs to be patched and spot-painted.
This is where my dresser and fish tank were. Now it’s home to a stack of boxes that are going to Mom’s house.
The new shelves…
The couch, nearly cleared. Note that the two boxes on top are empty and waiting to be packed, the two garbage bags are stuff for storage or Goodwill or… something. And the laundry basket has three quilts/blankets in it that need to be taken to the cleaners because they’re covered in cat hair, and then put into storage.
Look at all that floor! I could vacuum it and everything!
Now if I can only figure out how to get rid of that computer and monitor and laptop (the latter of which totally doesn’t work)….
I posted the chandelier on Craigslist today – hopefully someone will want it. I put a diamond necklace on ebay, too. I’m waiting to post the couch and chairs. The couch still needs to get un-buried a little more, and I’m still finding the chair in my bedroom useful. I guess I’ll have to get over that. I only have three weeks left. At least the chairs are being put up for free. The couch… $5. Just because it’s still in decent shape and not hideous, just slightly outdated.

I did some more cleaning and moving things around after they left, and then I occupied myself with beads. I stayed up way too late (I blame the Vietnamese coffee) without even realizing it. But, here’s the results.

This is the bracelet I talked about yesterday, as potentially to be worn at the wedding.
Another shot of the necklace
This one I’m wearing today. I took my inspiration from one I saw on Macy’s website.
Closeup of the beads
Slightly less close-up
This necklace that I made with some beads I’d bought to potentially use in jewelry for A and L, but we eventually decided that pink made a much better accent on a brown dress than brown did.
But I still liked the beads, so I made this necklace for… me? I’m not sure.
This bracelet is a work in progress.
I’m not really sure where to go from here, only that it’s not complete yet.
It may need something that I don’t currently own, but since it doesn’t need to be completed on any sort of time table, I’m just going to let it simmer for a while.

I think it’s time

It’s time to take the advice of a Jones’ Soda top that I’ve been saving for years. It’s here in my cubicle, taped to the wall, holding up a fortune cookie paper that says, “Feel free to ask for assistance. Friends are willing to help.” Jones’ says, “People will listen to you and could be willing to help.” Gee, you’d think I knew I had a problem with that or something.

Yes, I’m quite aware that I have difficulties asking for help. I think it comes from multiple places: being perfectionistic (note: I didn’t say perfect), wanting to be self-sufficient, being an oldest child, not wanting to inconvenience anyone, and perhaps a tad of not feeling worthy (hey, it’s my blog, and my self-therapy, and if I can’t admit that here, where can I?).

Hence the various reminders to myself that, when feeling overwhelmed, there are people out there willing to help me fix that.

Of course, when it’s midnight and I’ve had wine, I tend to forget those reminders.

However, I remembered this morning on the bus. Last night I decided I needed to call Alison, my trusty sister and matron of honor, who also happens to not be working this summer, and see what she can help me with. And I need to call my [future] mother-in-law to ask her to help me with flowers (I’ve been meaning to do that for… several months now). Prince Charming himself is already doing quite a few things both for the wedding and helping me move, so I think he’s exempt from further requests. And Mom is busy making the dress and a few other tasks, as well as taking care of her family while they’re in town, so I think she’s busy enough. That leaves a very few key people who should be warned that I may be calling them to ask for help, assuming I can figure out something to ask for help with (aka something I’m willing to give up control of), even though I haven’t necessarily been the greatest friend of late or particularly deserving of said help. I think they’re pretty understanding about that.

Won’t it be nice in two months when I can have my life back? OK, not exactly “my life back” so much as “trade in for a new life” with hopefully the free time and energy to devote to others that I used to have. Is that too much to ask? It’s not the wedding. It’s not the moving. It’s… doing it all at the same time. This is what I’ve decided.

I’m off to make more lists. If I weren’t so good at that, I’d definitely ask for her help there, because she’s an expert.

Update (in pics)

What’s been going on lately? Some of this, some of that. A lot of packing, actually. And cleaning (actually, it was Prince Charming who did all the cleaning – he did a lot of work on his spare bedroom last week – very impressive). But, there have been a few other things that have happened, and I thought I’d share with photos.

A while ago, Prince Charming and I went to his mom’s cabin. Here’s some pics of the miniature golf place with the bright blue water.

Action shot
This is what happens when I don’t say “1-2-3 say cheese!”

Also, last week I went to the Taste of Minnesota with Amanda and Liz, where I bought two dresses. For being very different dresses, they are remarkably similar.

Dress 1 – Mini floral print 
Dress 2 – Floral embroidery

AfroGirl was in action this weekend, covertly. The following incident happened as I was combing my hair pre-shower on Saturday morning.

Perhaps it sheds some light on AfroGirl’s amazing powers. That’s right. I broke the big comb.

Wedding invitations went in the mail this weekend. I don’t have a picture of them, otherwise I’d post it. Should’ve taken a picture of Prince Charming’s mailbox full of the outgoing letters. Also, I am very tan. Thank you, MysticTan (courtesy of DarqueTan)! Hopefully not too tan. We’ll see what others say next weekend (people who haven’t watched me slowly get darker, and who might be more objective).

Mom just emailed to say that she is at the trying-on stage of making my dress. Yay! I’m thinking about making up some Instructables as I do my veil and jewelry, and maybe flowers. What do you think?


I haven’t really written anything of substance in a while, have I. What have I been up to? Well, there are two weeks left of the semester, so you take a guess.

  • Read Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
  • Re-read above for purpose of writing paper
  • Wrote paper on above Sunday morning
  • Read Kaffir Boy
  • Re-read above for purpose of writing paper – this was basically Saturday
  • Wrote paper on above Sunday morning
  • Went to see Race: Are We So Different? at the Science Museum on Thursday after work, comp ticket courtesy of Liz
  • Wrote paper on above experience for extra-credit Sunday afternoon
  • There was a lot of other reading of various textbooks
  • And a quiz or two
  • I did manage to have time to clean a little bit sometime last week, so the large pile of crap that had spilled all over the floor is now a smallish pile of paperwork sitting atop my laundry bin (yeah, not the best place for filing)
  • I also made time to clean the fish tank, which is much better now, though there’s still an algae issue – I’m working on it
  • I did not make time to clean the litterbox until Sunday night. I should have made time for that earlier.
  • Rewarded self on Saturday by letting myself take time to go see Blades of Glory, which Prince Charming and I have been meaning to see for more than a month now.
  • I haven’t gone grocery shopping in several weeks. Pizza Luce has visited my house a few times though.
  • We also spent a little bit of time working on our registries, which are looking pretty good. Once classes are over, I need to decide on the stationary for our invites, and buy the silk flowers to make the bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids, so that I can take them with me to confirm with the florist.

We finally got our grades back on the last exam in my online class, the one I wasn’t sure how I did on. I knew the subject matter and thought I got the answers right, but my essays really didn’t seem long enough to be worth the points. What grade did I get, you ask? 79.5. Out of 80. I missed half a point. Why do I worry about grades again?

It will be nice to have the summer off. Even though there will still be wedding planning, there won’t be three classes and all the homework that comes with that. That will be nice. I’m setting up my hammock as soon as I submit my last final exam. I haven’t seen my friends in forever. I know Liz has (or had?) a job interview, and there was mention of shopping as well. Amanda and I have quite conflicting calendars, which will end when the semester does.

It is the final stretch, however. I’ve got…

  • A lot of reading
  • Some online discussions to participate in, which includes finishing watching Hotel Rwanda (we got to a point that I just couldn’t handle it anymore – the nuns having to leave the kids from the orphanage was just too much)
  • One quiz
  • Three final exams (none of which are cumulative)

That’s it! It was nice to get those papers done on Sunday.

This weekend, apart from the regular homework, we are having brunch at Mom’s house with Prince Charming’s parents. And Grant is being dedicated (kinda like baptism, but not) on Sunday morning. I think Prince Charming is going to Festival of Nations on Saturday, but I will be at home doing homework. Maybe studying for my finals, so that Mother’s Day weekend, which is also Prince Charming’s 25th birthday, I can have some time to celebrate with those I love (no, Matea, this does not mean you; and, lest the rest of you think I’m crazy, she’s been known to turn the music on in iTunes, so it’s not outside the world of possibility that she could find my blog – OK so it is, but… whatever).

I did get a new book at work, so I’m spending my time reading Dreamweaver 8: The Missing Manual. Work bought it for me. It may not be exciting to you, but it is to me. I still haven’t figured out how to do the things that I’m looking for, but I’m only on page 143, of 936.

Back to my reading!


I have just been in a fantastic day today. I finally got my computer at work. It is very spiffy. I even got a new keyboard and mouse, which is nice. I’ve got Office 2003, and the newest Dreamweaver, some other stuff that would bore you. I spent most of the morning getting it set up correctly (you know, settings in Word, shortcuts in the right places, correct screen resolution, blah blah blah). And then I’ve just been a busy little bee, working away (happily) this afternoon.

Unfortunately, now I have to go home and work my tail off to try to get my homework done, and there’s a lot of it. Boo. Oh well. Dad is in town this weekend, so Prince Charming and I will be going up to Alison’s house on Saturday to play with Grant (oh yeah, and see Dad) for a while.

In case anyone was interested… I wore a dress to work today. I know! Shocking. It’s red and sleeveless and OK, not short, but above the knee. It’s cute. And, here’s the kicker, my stockings have a seam up the back. It elicited an immediate comment from my co-worker. But, you see, they’ve been filming a commercial in my building for the last three days and they’ve had to turn off the fans, so our office has been unbelievably hot. I figured I’d wear the sleeveless dress while I could, since in the middle of summer our office temperature warrants wool sweaters.

Oh, and now I understand exactly how overjoyed Amanda was when she got her flash drive. Mine arrived yesterday and I’m very happy about that.

Had a nice dinner out with Liz last night – Tanpopo, which is always good, even if I get the exact same thing every time. Then she picked up her dress at my house and we went our separate ways, both having schoolwork to complete.

Hope everyone has an awesome night!


That’s exactly how busy it’s been at work these days. I haven’t earnestly blogged since Friday (Unconscious Mutterings does not count as blogging). Sorry. No time. Despite the fact that it’s Spring Break, I have 2 papers to write. I have tons of projects at work. Prince Charming is in Texas, but just for today. Tonight Amanda and I are going out for dinner to Joe’s Crab Shack, and on Sunday us girls are hopefully getting together to go shopping for dresses. What fun, I tell ya.

I could write more, but then people would be upset that I didn’t do the work they requested.