Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about

Mom was actually thrilled that I was canceling our plans for tonight. She thanked me repeatedly. [Insert grossly inappropriate “your mom” joke here.] Seems she has a lot to do as well. And the more I thought about it, going to the movies with my current eyesight issues didn’t really seem like a good idea. Frankly, watching TV could cease being fun, except that I don’t watch TV so much as have it on in the room while I’m doing things.

For entertainment this afternoon at work, I’m running virus scans on my computer. Yeah, it’s about as exciting as it sounds. But at least I only have to be here for another 90 minutes.

Two co-workers asked me about Grant today, including the specifics (which I was pleased to realize I remembered… more about that in a sec). I’ve been told to spoil him rotten, not like there was ever any doubt about that.

Today, I forgot my iPod at home. Yesterday it was my cell phone. I’ve repeatedly lost things in my house, gone into rooms and completely forgotten why I was there, and so forth. Maybe it’s the tumor. You know, the one that’s making me blind too. Prince Charming says that as long as I’m not walking into walls or having seizures more than usual, I should be fine. Previous seizures: 0. Recent seizures: 0. Check. Walking into walls: happens all the time, but not with greater frequency of recent. So maybe I’m not dying. But I sure have felt like a scatterbrain lately.

The Internet has run out of ways to entertain me. Boo.

Goooood Watchin’

If you get the chance, you should watch “Lost Twin Cities” as produced by TPT (Local PBS). I had recorded it a while back and watched it last night – it was really quite interesting, especially for a transplant to the area who didn’t necessarily know much if any of the history. Did you know that the LA Lakers originated in the Twin Cities? Did you know that Minneapolis used to have a minor league baseball team just like St Paul still does? Did you know there was a baseball field at Lexington and University? (Explains why that corner is still a hole.) Very interesting, especially since many of the architectural features were buildings that were destroyed in the 50’s, so they’re not currently part of the skyline.

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Costume :: Party
  2. Beg :: for mercy
  3. Hottie :: at the bar (don’t know where that came from, since I don’t go to bars)
  4. Celebrity :: status
  5. Saturday :: afternoon
  6. Buckle :: up
  7. Doorbell :: ring the
  8. Rude :: how (remember Stephanie from “Full House”?)
  9. Absence :: makes the heart grow fonder
  10. Hyper :: text (wow, am I a geek)

3x Thursday

  1. While living your day-to-day life, what are 3 things you look forward to throughout the week? At least one night per week sitting at home in front of the TV (even if I’m simultaneously knitting and/or doing homework); that moment when all of my laundry is clean; finding time to work on projects.
  2. Thinking into the future, what are 3 things you look forward to achieving? Grad school; living in a house where at least one of the rooms wasn’t “in progress”; working full-time in the [new] career of my choosing and enjoying it.
  3. Do you look forward to weekends? Why? Absolutely. First of all, I really do detest my job most of the time, and I think that speaks for itself. But mostly, it’s the only time I get to spend with Prince Charming. Also, I get to sleep in, and sometimes do social things. And for about half of the year, it means that I get to actually see the sun while it’s up, instead of being cooped up inside my work building with the tinted windows.

Bonus Question for Comments: Got anything special coming up that you’re looking forward to? What is it? Let’s see, there are a few things in the upcoming months to look forward to…. my cousin’s wedding next month, which means going home and seeing family and friends, some of whom I haven’t seen for years (since Mom’s family continually schedules the Christmas get-together at a time that I can’t attend). Amanda just announced the Boo Ball, so there’s a chance to dress up for Halloween. My first nephew/niece will be born in December (or maybe the end of November). How’s that for starters?


I’m trying very hard to work late tonight – I’ve got some hours to make up from when I am in class. However, this is very hard to do when I don’t have any work to do. There’s a bit I have at the moment, but I don’t think it’ll last me as long as I’d like it to. We’ll see.

Had a nice weekend. Prince Charming picked me up right after work and we drove to his mom’s cabin in Wisconsin. We had a nice time – it was dark when we got there, and cold Saturday morning, but the sun was shining. The nearby town is really cute – Prince Charming bought some candy and fudge to share, and a candle for me (someone had given his mom one as a gift, and we liked it enough to take a second trip back into town to get one). We drove back late on Saturday night.

Sunday, his dad came over and we all drove up to Mom’s (that’s 75% of parental units in 2 days!) to pick up her couch and some tables. Just imagine us driving back from Blaine in the station wagon with a blue couch strapped to the top, and you can see what kind of fun we had. The rest of the day was spent watching football (or ignoring football while knitting, if you’re me).

Class this morning was good – I’m getting better at speaking up in class. It’s hard sometimes, if only because with nine students and over half of them too shy to speak up, I don’t want to be the only one talking. But someone has to make the other guy shut up (because until I started sharing, he was the only one who would talk).

I will spend a few sentences to say that five years ago today, I was sitting at home in Michigan watching the Today Show, getting dressed to go to my part-time job (on my day off from church), when it all went down. I remember being quite dumbfounded, and nearly late for work because it was so surreal. We ended up closing the store at about eleven, because no one was coming in. I didn’t really have anything else to do, so I took advantage of the free time and did my grocery shopping. Not many other people out and about. I thought a little bit about the guy I knew who lived in New York (and was thankful when, several weeks later, he emailed me and told me what that day was like for him), but didn’t really freak out. It was a weird time in my life, anyways, since I was already in the process of interviewing for the job that eventually moved me to Minnesota, and many of my close friends had already left the church.

Alright… back to work. Or, at least, whatever I can scrounge up to do.

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. True love :: “Wuv, twue wuv…” (from The Princess Bride)
  2. Age :: is a state of mind
  3. Stern :: Howard (ew!)
  4. Elastic :: Waistband (for my pregnant sister)
  5. Rustic :: camping
  6. Enhance :: -d experience
  7. Jackson :: Janet (is it Superbowl time again?)
  8. Inherit :: the earth, the meek shall
  9. Devious :: plan
  10. Scapegoat :: Charlie

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Wiggle :: Giggle
  2. Face :: the day
  3. Adjustable :: straps
  4. Room :: to grow
  5. Easy ::on the eyes
  6. Store :: it away
  7. Maid :: in Manhattan
  8. 9 pm :: what’s on TV?
  9. Challenge :: –drawing a blank here–
  10. Debt :: get out of

Five on Friday

Back To School Blues

  1. When you were a kid, do you do back-to-school shopping? Yes we did, though just to get the required school supplies and maybe a new outfit for the first day of school. More often, it was taking advantage of the sales to get new clothes because I’d outgrown all mine. Alison didn’t have this advantage, because she was small for her age and got a lot of hand-me-downs, but she hated shopping as a kid anyways.
  2. Do you still peruse the back-to-school aisles now that you’re grown up? No, because they’re swamped with moms and kids and I just can’t handle the crowd. It’s like the Christmas section, only at least then I’ve got some motivation.
  3. What back-to-school item did you just have to have, only later to find out it wasn’t as useful as you thought? I’m not sure about usefulness, but the thing I remember being a must-have was a Trapper Keeper. They were all the rave.
  4. What is your favorite TV show about school? This is a pretty general question, isn’t it? I pick… Felicity.
  5. What was your favorite and least favorite part of going back to school? I don’t do new things well, so that will go as my lease favorite. The best part was that by the time the end of August rolled around, we were super-bored, so going back to school seemed like a good thing.

Editor’s Note: I’m working on a new template, but still having FTP problems, so it might be awhile. Patience, my darlings.

Wednesday Mind Hump

Today is National Geek Day, so let’s geek it up!

  • Star Wars or Star Trek? Yes, as in, I like both. But Star Trek is much easier to watch, and comes in hour-long segments, and there’s so much more of it. Star Wars is, like, epic, and who has the time for that. Plus, the newer 3 suck.
  • Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? I’ve never read or watched Harry Potter. I don’t like trendy things. Lord of the Rings, however, I have watched and read all of the books/movies.
  • Internet Explorer or Firefox? Firefox. I hate IE, and I hate that occasionally I have to use it at work, because one of our new systems only works in IE. Who thought of that?
  • iPod shuffle or iPod Nano? Nano, but I have to say that I didn’t really get a choice in that, since it was a gift. I don’t think I’d ever have made it around to actually buying one for myself. But I love my Nano. It’s white and just the right size, in both memory and physicality.
  • Camera phone or mp3 phone? Neither. I think they’re both stupid ideas. I have a digital camera that is always in my purse, and the afore-mentioned Nano. I want my phone to take calls, that’s it.
  • Dilbert or Jon from “Garfield”? Jon is a loser. Dilbert kinda is, but not in the same way. Dilbert is really just… slightly socially inept sometimes, and gets stuck in crummy situations, and Jon really is… just a loser.

And of course, the big question

  • Mac or PC? PC, but only because it’s what I know. It would take me some time to transition over to Mac, but I could if I needed to. (I think, however, that the inability to right-click in Macs would drive me crazy for quite a while.)

New Things

Today was my first day of class. I woke up early and I got to class 15 minutes early; I did pretty good. I yawned a few times in class, but what do you expect for 9 am? I did politely cover my mouth while yawning, so hopefully the teacher just thought I was tired, and not bored. I stayed mentally engaged in the lecture, which was not overly interesting, especially since she basically covered what we had read in the textbook. But I liked the textbook. The teacher seems nice. This class has the potential to be easy. At least, after one class, it doesn’t seem hard. And it’s actually 3 classes, I just happened to miss the first two.

We practically had SNB last night. Amanda is taking a 6-week course to become a CNA (or to start on the path towards becoming a CNA? I get confused easily), so we’re taking a break. But Liz called and we talked for a while, and made lunch plans for today, and Amanda stopped by after her class and stayed for half an hour. So, there ya go.

Our dryer is fixed, finally! So I did 4 loads of laundry last night, cleaned my bedroom, and watched 3 episodes of the Dead Zone. It will take me forever to get caught up on the TV I recorded this summer. I’m caught up on Monk and Stargate SG-1, but I have the entire season of The 4400 and The Closer, and almost the entire season of the Dead Zone to watch.

I’m wearing my anniversary gift from Prince Charming today. For those interested, here’s what he gave me:

Ooh, how pretty!
A gorgeous amber pendant-and-earring set.

And, for good measure…

Weeks’ worth of yummy goodness!

Tuesday Twosome

  1. Where were you 2 hours ago and what were you doing? Two hours ago I was… sitting right here in my cube, checking my email. Boring, I know.
  2. Who was your 2nd boyfriend/girlfriend and how old were you? Officially, the second person I could actually call my boyfriend was… Michael. It was freshman year of college, so I was 18.
  3. Who are your 2 closest friends and explain why you chose them? While I’m going to refrain from listing people, because it totally depends on the context for who’s closest (I share more with them on a daily basis, I have a long history with them and we can catch up with no problems after months of absence, I have the most in common with them in terms of beliefs and ideas and that sort of stuff….), I do have to say that, generally speaking, I don’t choose my friends. They choose me. I’ve always been terribly shy, and never good at making new friends. In college, in life, all of the new friends I’ve made in the last… ten years, have been because other people made it a point to include me and draw me into their lives. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t have chosen to be friends with any of them – in fact, I would have pursued friendships with many of them, were that my personality. But I tend to take a rather back-seat approach to friendship.
  4. What 2 accomplishments are you most proud of and why? Right now, I’m proud of… starting school again, and making it to one year with Prince Charming. As you know if you’ve been reading here, I had quite a few frustrations with finding a class to take in the last few weeks, and was originally going to start last year, and I’m proud of figuring out a way to make it work and forcing the issue. And my longest relationship before now was with the boy mentioned in #2, and that lasted 3 months (OK, 2 weeks, then we broke up for two weeks, and then another 2 1/2 months). Plus, it’d been a really long time since I’d even had guy friends, and you relate different to guys versus girls. And I was pretty sure for the first several months of our relationship that I was going to somehow f* things up. So… we’ve obviously overcome all that.
  5. What were the last 2 television shows you watched and did you enjoy it? Um… two episodes of Friends that I wasn’t terribly familiar with (they were from the last season, so they haven’t been on reruns that long), and an episode of Stargate SG-1 (I’m now caught up for the season!). I enjoyed, but wasn’t overly thrilled with any.

Tuesday is Chooseday

(I don’t normally do this meme, since it’s usually something along the lines of, “would you rather eat a thousand worms, or be covered in leaches?” But today the questions looked… answerable.)

    Would you rather:
  1. cover all your food in barbecue sauce OR eat everything with a toothpick? I like the toothpick idea. Plus, bbq-covered chocolate bars just don’t do it for me.
  2. know how to throw a lasso with perfect accuracy OR be an expert trombonist? The idea of playing the trombone is fun (Dad played), but I think the lasso would be more practical, like if I ever had kids, or maybe just when I’m a junior high teacher.
  3. smell like pickles OR walk like a penguin? Smell like pickles, because my boyfriend would be deliriously happy with that.
  4. touch your finger to your nose every time somebody says the word “know” OR laugh uncontrollably whenever somebody says the word “but”? Laughing at “butt.” I’m almost there anyways. I find the Law & Order opening lines, “…crimes are particularly heinous” to be much funnier than I should.

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Kim :: Possible (though it’s been a long time since I watched any Saturday morning cartoons)
  2. Designate :: -d Driver
  3. Liner :: Litterbox
  4. Weed :: Pot
  5. Infusion :: 23
  6. Nutritious :: Calorie-laden
  7. Favorites :: My
  8. Transform :: -ation
  9. 42 :: 37
  10. Sunday afternoon :: Lazy

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Face it :: The Truth
  2. Healthy :: Bran Flakes
  3. Cartoon :: Bugs Bunny
  4. Device :: Radar
  5. Raider :: Lara Croft
  6. Closer :: The (from TNT’s series)
  7. Admission :: Fee
  8. Culture :: Shock
  9. Stakes :: High
  10. Heartbroken :: About it (what, I’m not sure, but that’s what came to my mind)

Wednesday Mind Hump

  1. What are your favorite TV shows? If you can, also tell us the one show you absolutely HATE to miss. Let’s see, I’m a fan of… CSI (Vegas and Miami, but not NY), Cold Case, Without A Trace, Crossing Jordan, Monk, The 4400, House, Stargate SG-1, and… that’s it for shows that are currently in production. There’s a few I’d hate to miss, but 1) I’ve taught myself that real life is more important than television, and sometimes it’s OK to turn it off, and 2) with the addition of a DVR to my life, I never again have to miss something. Yay!
  2. Who handles the remote control in your household? Me. Because it’s my house, and… my television, and my bedroom. (That is, I don’t share my TV with my roommates, or even watch TV with my roommates.) Prince Charming and I trade off sometimes.
  3. How many remote controls are there in your house? Not counting your children’s appliances. There are… four related to my television, and one for my stereo. I’m not sure about roommates and what they own.
  4. Do you flip through the channels mindlessly, or do you stick with one or two channels? I have some favorites that I watch for, and with cable there’s no reason to flip through channels mindlessly. Lately, I haven’t even been watching much “live” TV at night, since everything is reruns, but I’ve been watching stuff I’ve recorded.
  5. Adam Sandler’s latest movie is “Click,” about a guy who discovers a remote control that works on life. If you could have such a device, how would you put it to use? I don’t think I’d like to have that power. As nice of an idea as it is to fast-forward through the unpleasant stuff, you could totally fast-forward through the good stuff too. And rewinding is just a bad idea. I could get sold on the idea of a pause button, though, since it would allow me to collect my thoughts, or throw a little temper tantrum.