Boys and other Ewwy things

OK, so I don’t really think that boys are ewwy. But it was so fun to write.

First of all, some Skyway restaurant is offering, as soup of the month, Zucchini Dill.


So this weekend I met a guy. Two, actually. Now, before you go and get excited, I wasn’t interested in either one, and I don’t think they were interested in me either. But these days, being in the presence of a guy between the ages of 20 and 40 who’s single and not gay counts as “meeting a guy.” If I had been interested, it would have been a great situation. The one guy was group leader for a church in the metro area, just got out of college, and we ended up being small group leaders together. That meant that we spent most of the time together, including the low-ropes course. Large quantities of physical contact. All rated G, though, not even PG.

Today coming back from getting coffee (it’s Peppermint Mocha time at Starbucks! Merry Christmas!), a lady in the elevator asked me about my hairstyle. She specifically asked if it had a name. A name? Seriously? She apparently really liked it. Never gonna happen for her unless we chop off my hair and glue it to her head, though. Gotta say I’m one-of-a-kind in that department.

Busy Busy Busy

I’ve been pretty busy at work here the past few days. We leave on our mission trip to Savannah, Georgia, tomorrow morning at 7 am. This has meant a lot of extra work to get ready for the trip, and also to take care of things for while I’ll be gone. Double-duty, instead of half-duty, like it sometimes feels here. Sorry about the lack of posting. I’ve asked Amanda to guest-blog for me while I’m gone, but I don’t know if she will or not. Tune in to find out!

My major sunburn from last weekend still hasn’t peeled. I’m afraid that it will start tomorrow around 8:00, just in time for a two-day van ride. Yeah. According to the Today show, Georgia’s weather is “oppressive,” in terms of heat and humidity. Yay.

I am excited about our trip, especially since our site director sounds really great, and we’ll hopefully come out on top financially, since one of the other groups was able to find a student to take our open spot. Plus, gas prices have gone down, and I planned to spend around $2.15/gallon, and that isn’t the case anymore. This makes me feel not so bad about buying those Starbucks gift cards for the site staff.

I’ve got my letter all ready to send to Wisconsin in contest of my speeding ticket. I also mailed out a Father’s Day card to my grandpa today. Unfortunately, I made an error on the one for Ddad, and can’t fix it until I get home, so his will be arriving late. (OK, major funny, because I wrote “I love you, grandpa” on the card for Dad. Now, what would you think? Yay, my daughter is pregnant out of wedlock! Probably not the message I wanted to send.) He needs an up-to-date picture of me anyways (last time I saw him he was carrying around my high school graduation photo that’s eight years old).

Wisdom Source: Pride and Prejudice – I just got to the good part, and I have to leave it at home for a week!
Today’s Wisdom: Exodus 20:12, “Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the LORD your God will give you.”

It’s a Venti kind of a day

That’s right. Starbucks Vanilla Mocha VENTI.

I haven’t slept well the last couple of days, which accounts for most of that. While I love that my bed is directly under a window, when there are storms, this interferes with sleep. It was too hot Monday night for decent sleep. I woke up several times, once to go to the bathroom (which I never do), and when I got back in bed I had major stomach muscle issues. Last night there was lightning, and then Romeo, who had escaped earlier, meowed mournfully through most of the night, which kept me awake. I did pet him for about half an hour around 4:30 in the morning, just to make him be quiet. And I’ve had a headache on and off today since 4 am. I’m a joy to be around today, let me tell you.

This sleep thing is one of the reasons why I’m switching medications. On [generic] Prozac, if I take it in the morning I don’t eat lunch, and if I take it at night my sleep is very light, and if I take it a couple of hours before dinner I can’t fall asleep at all. Hopefully, Wellbutrin will alleviate some of this. It’s especially annoying since I used to sleep like a dead rock. Yeah.

We’re in the final stages of our mission trip now. We leave a week from Saturday for Georgia. I’m also in the process of answering a bunch of questions for a church that might want to hire me. And right after we get back from Georgia, Betsy’s getting married. June is busy. Unfortunately, I’ll be gone for my birthday. That’s OK, though. It’s a big scary number, as far as I’m concerned, and I’d rather just ignore it. It’s not that I’m vain (although most would say I am), but more that I don’t feel OLD. Some would argue 26 is not old, but it sure seems it to me. I’m sure I’m supposed to be married and pregnant by now. Or own a home. Or at least be debt-free. None of this is true. I don’t even have a full-time job in the career of my choosing.

Undeveloped as of yet, that’s what I am. No jokes, Amanda, about my chest.

I leave you with fun pictures of Matea.

Amanda and Matea playing with the feather toy
Matea trying to get at the fish
Matea standing on the fish tank

Rockin’ out to: sounds of the copier

Wisdom Source: Mansfield Park (only one or two more days left!)

Today’s Wisdom: Psalm 4:8, ” will lie down in peace and sleep, for you alone, O LORD, will keep me safe.”

In case you were wondering…

What’s for lunch today? Well, glad you asked. Half a bag of deli-mustard pretzels from yesterday. And a Java Chip Frappuccino (yes, that is the former Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino. I asked. And yes, I’m aware that I can’t actually spell Frappuccino right. But I do it the same way each time. Charming, no?).

Last Few Days

The last few days have been interesting. Talked to Dad on Sunday night and found out he’s been called back to his temporary job, and he had an interview on Monday, a second interview. He’s been out of work long enough – I really think he deserves this.

Talked to Alison on Sunday night too. We hadn’t talked in 3 or 4 weeks (despite the fact that we live less than an hour apart). Amazingly enough, neither of us had much to say.

Tried to talk to Mom. She hasn’t called me back yet. Huh. Did get an email though.

I’ve been broke all week. Actually brought all my change to work on Tuesday – $15 – so I could enjoy coffee until payday (tomorrow). Had minor crisis yesterday while driving to church, realized (remembered?) that my spending habits suck and I’m so crappy at finances and I might not be able to go to Boston for Sarah’s wedding. Amanda helped me out, though. We might be driving together. Instead of me flying alone.

Personal life has been… more exciting this week than it has been in a while.

Church was rough yesterday. Two of my junior high boys (OK, my only two junior high boys) were over-the-top last night, and I had to keep them afterward to tell them that if their behavior was ever repeated, I would send them home and talk to their parents. That’s always a fun conversation to have.

Small amount of hammock-sitting, too. Such a delight. I know Amanda thinks she loves hammocks more than anyone in the world, but I gotta say my appreciation for them is up there.

Co-worker gave me a Krispy Kreme today. It didn’t go so well with the Pop Tarts I was eating for breakfast/lunch. So later I had a Frappuccino and mustard pretzels for lunch/afternoon snack. Guess what I feel like right now?

Finally got rocks for the bottom of Monster’s fish bowl. They’re purple, and coordinate nicely with his red body and blue stripes. He really likes the rocks. Hangs out with them a lot. He’s much happier and more active, too. Plus, it keeps the water cleaner for a longer period of time.

Peace out!

Borrowed thoughts

I borrowed this idea from Mikao’s World


First job: I had a paper route in junior high, one of those local papers that people don’t even pay for but got every Thursday
First screen name: redcleo
First funeral: My grandpa (Mom’s dad) died when I was 7.
First pet: My parents had a cat named Fritz when I was born. He hated everyone but Dad. We also had fish. Then we got Alexander, who was the best cat ever (sorry Romeo and Matea and Dallas and Montgomery and Shadow and Midnight and Stripes and Bootsie, but it’s true!)
First piercing/tattoo: Ears pierced for my 10th birthday. It was Dad’s idea.
First kiss: I have the memory of kissing DBJ in 4th or 5th grade, but he denies it, and it was so long ago, who cares?
First one that mattered: Michael, freshman year of college. It told me, unfortunately, that we had to break up.
First love: I fall in love easily. But real love? I know that I was really in love with Jason.
First enemy: My former best-friend Lindsay in fifth grade. She made the rest of the year hellish.
First big trip: We went camping all the time, so I don’t know. We went to Toronto when I was in junior high, and when I was in high school I saw the ocean for the first time. Those were big.
First concert: Sad to say, but Carmen. Ewww.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Amy Grant


Last car ride: Home from Church on Sunday night
Last kiss: Romeo, my cat, this morning
Last library book checked out: Yeah, they don’t let me check out books anymore…. Something about overdue fines….
Last movie watched: Under the Tuscan Sun
Last beverage drank: Toffee Nut Frappuccino (cream, not coffee, even though I requested the coffee version – sad, decaffeinated me)
Last food consumed: Salmon-flavored frosted-strawberry Poptarts (cuz, when you use the toaster oven to make salmon, even 2 days ago, the Poptarts you put in it this morning will come out smelling, and tasting, like salmon, but it wasn’t as bad as you’d think, as long as you like salmon)

Mocha Malt

That’s right, today is BEAUTIFUL!!!

It is a Mocha Malt Frappuccino Day!

That is, of course, until you’re reminded of things like AIDS by this email article [link removed] I got today.

Nonetheless, it is beautiful outside. We bought paint yesterday. I was so giddy at Ace that I could barely contain myself. We got home and taped and spackled, and then were so excited that we painted the blue wall. Pacifica, it is. It took about an hour (we decided not to use the rollers, but just to do it with brushes). This morning, decided that she was unable to attend work today. She is painting and sleeping. I am jealous, but not overwhelmingly so, because my shoulders will appreciate the break. Our ceilings may not be that high, but it’s still work.

I am a Starbucks girl.

In my heart, I love to frequent the little hole-in-the-wall coffee places, the ones that have special drinks or remember who you are and what you drink every time you come in. But my tastebuds love Starbucks. They’re particular. This, of course, puts me in a state of conflict. Make the tastebuds happy, or make the social-consciousness happy? So I switch back and forth. Today I’m a corporate sell-out, but there’s a yummy drink on my desk.

Listening to: Van Morisson, “Brown Eyed Girl” (which I am not)

Walking to Work

Its getting increasingly harder to walk to work. After yesterday morning’s fiasco came the walking home experience, which involved high gusting winds and RAIN. Then this morning I leave the house to find out that it’s winter again. Who knew? Not prepared for this (as in no long underwear, no ear warmer, and I shaved my legs this morning, which was silly, because it would have been an extra layer of protection), I braved it out in the 9 degree weather (with wind chill around 17 below). Starbucks saved me (the light at the end of the tunnel) and provided a place for my legs to thaw. I am not looking forward to the walk home, although I hear the wind chill is now up to about 8 below.

I take solace knowing that others join me in this plight.

St. Paul Curling Club

This morning I was walking to work, and as I passed the St. Paul Curling Club, I slipped and fell on the ice. Pants dirty. Bruised knee. Oh yeah, and chin too. My jaw hurts a little. Convenient that my jaw caught most of my weight on the fall….. 2 Aleve and some coffee later… this still hasn’t fixed things. I sense a bad day today.

Walking To Work

Today I walked to work. As the crow flies, it’s only 2-3 miles, with one large hill (downhill on the way there, thankfully) that I’m sure adds something to the distance.

And the logical question is, why did I walk to work today?

Let’s back up a bit. I take the bus to work, in downtown St Paul, from the Selby-Dale neighborhood. It’s an enjoyable bus ride, about 6-10 minutes, and the bus stop is no more than 2 blocks from home or work on either end. We’ve got the Metropass program at work, so it’s cheaper than driving and parking (and paying for gas, etc). So I only use my car for church and errands.

But last week the bus drivers went on strike. No more free transportation (OK, not free, but they take it out of my paycheck before I even see the money, so, kinda free). No more carefree, stress-free mornings on the bus (except when that weird-smelling lady sits next to you, or the guy who tried to pick you up once is riding again today….). Now, I’m driving. Not only am I driving, but in order to park in the cheapest spot possible (although yesterday I did see a lot that was $1/day, but I didn’t believe it) for $2/day, it’s a good 10-15 minute walk from the parking lot to my building. And it takes probably 10-15 minutes to drive to the parking lot. So instead of it taking 10 minutes to get to work, it now takes 30, and costs more (they’re still taking the MetroPass $$ out of our paychecks until the strike is over, and then we can request a refund), and is infinitely more frustrating. Yesterday one of my co-workers who lives farther from downtown mentioned that he’s been walking, as he is vehemently opposed to commuting, for ecological reasons etc. I realized that I agreed with him on that point, also having a distaste for commuting, and also loving the environment (although not enough to rid my life of plastic completely). And, I got it in my head that I should walk to work.

So I did. It only took 45 minutes, and I had my Walkman, and my ear-warmers, and I took out the trash, stopped by the ATM, and got coffee and a muffin, all within that time. I even forgot to walk briskly, so as to get to work quicker, because I was enjoying myself so much. Almost forgot that I was going to work, it was such a lovely stroll.

However, we will see how I feel about the “stroll” home. Uphill. Up the Cathedral Hill. I sense pain already. (The other foreseeable problem is good walking shoes that look appropriate with work clothes.)

There was a good article in yesterday’s Star Tribune [link removed] about the bus strike.

Also, if you would like to get involved, my bus driver friend tells me the thing to do is to write the Governor and request he make the bus driver’s “essential employees,” which would require them to work under their old contract while in dispute. Everyone wins that way. Well, sort of. As much as anyone can win in this situation.

Swank & Sultry

I was reading Marie Claire Magazine last night and came upon an article that has inspired me today. Today I am beautiful. I am not just sexy, I am sultry. I have the smoky eye, I have the schwoopy bangs, I’ve got the red sweater that clings just right to the good Vicky bra (not the comfortable one, the good one), and the red reflects onto my face so I don’t get that “you look so pale, are you alright?” question. I’m walking through the skyway telling myself, I look good. I look great. People look my way and I tell myself they’re thinking, damn she’s hot, and, gee I wish I could have that Frappuccino and stay that thin but it all goes to my hips….

Hey, it’s a rare high-self-esteem day. I revel in them.