Sometimes it’s all in a headline (not this one, of course)

Having discovered a new website┬á[link removed]courtesy of digg, I’ve been wasting time perusing through the vast quantity of stuff there (note: I was very careful to avoid using the word “crap,” though I think that it’s easily arguable which is more appropriate), and I ran across this headline:

Get Your Wife Into Gaming by Dying Wii Straps [link removed]

I’d like to first note that I have, in fact, played the Wii with the boy, though not much. (In my defense, towards the end of this semester, the combination of taking notes all the time, having a computer again at work, and playing Wii just results in a lot of elbow pain that I’d rather avoid.)

Secondly, the correct word is “dyeing” not “dying.” I’m not sure how you even go about “dying” a Wii strap. Whatever. Everyone is crappy at spelling these days, especially homonyms. (Though if more of them used Firefox with it’s built-in spellcheck, the world would be a better place. Humorous side note: Firefox thinks that “spellcheck” is misspelled.)

Thirdly, this is in no way meant to suggest that I actually think that dyeing Wii straps “pretty colors” would entice me to play more often. Just in case anyone got any ideas.

BUT, that aside, it’s a fun idea. Made me chuckle a little. And perhaps offers some comfort to all those guys out there who aren’t, as of yet, successful in getting their girlfriends/wives/significant others to play the Wii with them. (Though, come to think of it, isn’t one of the reasons why guys like video games so much is that it gives them an excuse to get away from their nagging-SO and lock themselves in the basement so they don’t have to mow the lawn? What’s with this strange turn of events? And they think we’re difficult to understand.)