Short-Sleeved Cardi Update

Finished the back of the cardigan I’m knitting. Isn’t it lovely? #knitting #ravelry
Better look at the leaf/tulip pattern. #knitting #ravelry
Took a short break after finishing the back, and then started the right front. Should go much more quickly. #knitting #ravelry

Knitting Update

Progress so far on short-sleeved cardigan. #knitting #ravelry
We decided the pattern looked like tulips between columns. #knitting #ravelry
While I’m here… Half of the Backstage Shawl, completed almost entirely on vacation (just a few rows at home). #knitting #ravelry
I love the stitch pattern, and think the variegated yarn is looking OK. #knitting #ravelry

Frogging is a fact of life.

In knitting news, this is my latest hat project, which will be frogged and started over again with a second yarn added. The lace pattern isn’t visible as-is, but the yarn I chose isn’t the same weight as what was recommended. Hoping that changing that part of things will fix that. #knitting #ravelry
Ah, much better! The lace pattern is actually visible now, and the two yarns are playing nicely together. Feels lovely; very soft. Glad I decided to start over again. #knitting #ravelry

Just have to weave in some ends

Legwarmer number 1 done! Cable side. #knitting #ravelry
Wavy side. #knitting #ravelry
Cable side, action shot! (Be kind – it’s really hard to take picks of one’s own legs.) #knitting #ravelry
Wavy side, action shot. #knitting #ravelry

Might need to wear it with a turtleneck though

Finished knitting project: cowl! Actually finished this a while ago, made a second one for a coworker, and have worn it half a dozen times. The photo is a little washed out, but I wanted you to see the detail. It’s a medium grey with a novelty black and hot pink yarn for contrast. Wool, and probably something else I’m allergic to, but it’s very loose and do it doesn’t bother me too much. #knitting #ravelry

Very Pretty Lace Beret

My most recent finished knitting project, a beret! Not my best look, but I love this yarn so much. Next pic will show the real beauty of this pattern. #knitting #ravelry
It’s called the Very Pretty Lace Beret on ravelry if you’re interested. #knitting #ravelry
It’s so hard to capture the true color of this yarn, especially with a camera phone. It’s a nice deep real, just slightly bluer than this pic shows. #knitting #ravelry