Some Peace and Quiet Please

It seems that all noise is bothering me today. I succumbed to putting on my headphones to play some music today (though that’s generally not acceptable practice since I often have to answer phones), and even my beloved Botticelli-Groban mix was aggravating me (and you know that Andre Botticelli can’t really be annoying, so it’s clearly me). I think I need some white noise at work to block out the assault from all around me that has been going nonstop since 7:30.

Also, I need some non-computer work to do since my right wrist just gave out completely and refuses to assist with any more typing (or mousing I assume, though I haven’t asked). So clearly this post is going to be cut short since typing with one hand is no fun.

Good Thing / Bad Thing

First, the good thing: today’s XKCD [link removed] is awesome, assuming you’ve ever been to church and grew up in the 80s.

Then, the bad thing: I seem to be unable to dress myself well these days. This has culminated in today’s outfit, where I am wearing white shoes with grey pants. I know, perhaps not the “OMG the world is going to be blasted into oblivion by aliens or that meteor or whatever,” but important to me nonetheless. The factors? I did not do laundry like I should have last night, so all my khakis are dirty. I can’t wear the closet full of skirts today, because my legs are really itchy, and itchy plus nylons is not good. Trust me. Plus, many of my pants are sitting in storage, because I got a bit chubby. Lastly, my feet have shrunk, resulting in my failure to own any black shoes that don’t cause me pain, sandal or otherwise.

If I didn’t itch right now (with some nice red bumps thrown in for good measure), to the point of having to use the anti-inflammatory cream my doctor gave me, I’d be OK for the rest of the week, because my skirt wardrobe is fine and fits and if it fails me, I have a few dresses I can wear to work. But, um, yeah, I do itch. Badly enough that I’m anxiously awaiting 9 a.m. when I can take my Zyrtec, which yesterday brought me such relief that I promised to kiss the feet of whoever created it. Such is life. Oh, and I have absolutely no idea what it is currently that I’m allergic to. I’d say that the new lotion is suspect, but I haven’t used it yet, because I’ve been using new soap. I’d say that was suspect, except that the itching started before I bought it. We haven’t changed laundry detergents and I’ve only been using baby oil (which brings some nice relief when I only itch a bit) on my skin. Maybe I should check the salt level in the water softener? I have no idea. The problem is that symptoms are so slow to appear that it could have been anything in the last few weeks that I’ve come into contact with.

What’s your Good Thing / Bad Thing for today?

Need to Rant

I just (I know, I know, so irresponsible of me) read fully the essay assignment for the two essays that are due Wednesday afternoon for my Gender and Culture class. I wasn’t worried, because each essay is supposed to be 2-3 pages in length (I read that far into the assignment and then started other homework). However, here are the two essays we are supposed to write:

  1. Imagine that you go to sleep one night and mysteriously travel back in time. You are still here on the Prairie-Plains of North America but you wake up in Waterlily’s camp circle. Describe your new role as a man or woman in this society. What is most striking to you about this new way of life? What activities would you expect to participate in? How would you relate to others? What obligations would you feel most strongly? Tell me about your family relations. Describe your hopes and fears. Now consider your life as you are living now. What are the biggest differences? What aspects of life are most familiar?
  2. Choose the article in Applying Anthropology which interests you the most. What was it about this discussion which caught your attention? Briefly (in one paragraph or less) summarize the main points made by the author of this article. Now, think about extending this discussion to some similar experience of your own life. Write an analysis – similar to the one offered in this article – to a parallel aspect of your own culture and experience. Describe your own experience and demonstrate how an anthropological perspective can shed light on what this experience signifies. For instance, if you were intrigued by the article on baboon friends, or Tibetan polyandry, you might reflect upon your own attitudes about and experiences with family and married life. You might discuss how the form of family you have experienced FITS (or not) with the demands of the social world in which you live – its values, economy, gender role expectations, etc. If you were interested in the article about male-female communication, you might make observations of your own at work or home and reflect on those. You might contrast “Venus figurines” (ch 14) to Bratz dolls or Picaso nudes. Use the article in Applying Anthropology to help guide your discussion of your life experience. (You may use any article in the book but keep the focus on gender.)

Overlooking the grammatical issues that are often present in our handouts…. Right… in 2-3 pages? Double-spaced with 12 point font and 1.25″ margins? Each of those could easily be 10-page papers! Did I mention that in the Applying Anthropology textbook we’ve read about 20 different articles, though there are about 40 that she says we can choose from.

Talk about open-ended, ambiguous, impossible assignments. I’m so frustrated with this.

I’m fed up to here [gesturing]

Last night I had look at my sewing machine to see if he saw what I was seeing, where the thread is getting caught, if there was a way to fix that, etc. Basically we came up with a whole lotta nothin’. The end result is that tonight I am going to attempt, again, to re-thread the machine and check the tension in all possible places of error, and then when that doesn’t fix it (because I’m quite sure it won’t), I will call Singer on Friday morning and complain about the piece of crap they sold me. I am well after my 30 days for their return policy, but I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned they need to do something about this situation. Ideally we can get them to take it back and we’ll just buy a different brand entirely. For that, I will go to the place that fixed my machine and get some good advice, and then buy from them (because their warranty will be different and separate and they’ll care a lot more about making me happy).


All I wanted was a simple machine to make some clothes and pillows with. Forward and reverse stitching. I don’t even actually need it to be able to do fancy stuff, though button-holes would be nice. Why is this so hard? I’ve got even more clothes cut out and waiting now, and more fabric that I could cut out and prep. At least I have interfacing now, so I can do that small part of the projects.

My back doesn’t itch that much today, so that probably means I only have a few sensitivities and no actual allergies. Oh well. It’ll still give me something to go on and maybe I can find some soaps and lotions that don’t irritate me. I am looking forward to my shower this afternoon when I get home. Actually, I’m going to start making dinner first (because it’s a bread thing and the dough has to rise for 60 seconds), so I’ll have to wait a bit. It’s a better plan than showering first, then cooking, and then taking a nap while the dough rises, because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wake up from the timer and then dinner would somehow end up ruined. That’s no good.

I did get some good sleep last night, which only served to point out exactly how little sleep I’d gotten the previous two nights. So I’m still quite tired.

WebMD wanted me to know that one of the reasons I may have gained weight is that I’m not getting enough sleep [link removed]. Or I’m going through menopause [link removed]. I vote on the first one. I do get significantly less sleep than I used to (you know, back when I was single and lived 2 miles from work and was a slacker when it came to morning work schedules). They also want me to eat yogurt, but that’s not related to weight gain.

So basically, while I haven’t finished reading all my books yet on insulin resistance and PCOS and so forth, what I’ve come up with so far is that 1) my diet needs to change, though I’m not exactly sure in what ways yet, 2) I need to exercise regularly or I’ll die, and 3) I need to find some willpower, somehow, because I don’t want to do either #1 or #2 and I’m pretty sure it’ll be hard to accomplish them without any willpower.

Oh, and I’ve switched hairdressers. Sad, I know, because I’d just started going back to Kerry, but it’s not exactly convenient for me to get to the Midway and really hard to get an appointment with her these days. So I walked into the Salon that’s in the mall where the Transit Center is and they got me an appointment for Monday (could have gotten one for tonight, but I didn’t want to cut into date night, even if we don’t have plans) for a cut and style, and for a pedicure (birthday present to myself). Problem solved. Now that my hair is long, I don’t need a stylist to be all that talented, seeing as how there’s only so much damage she can do (unless she cuts it too short, in which case that will be the last I see of her).

And… I’m bored at work. And sleepy. Not as sleepy as yesterday, when I could have actually put my head on on the desk and fallen asleep, soundly.

Birthday dinner with is finally all scheduled and planned. What a hassle. I will remember this and demand to do nothing next year, because seriously, more than I wanted to deal with. On the menu is BBQ chicken and asparagus on the grill, strawberry shortcake for desert, and whatever is bringing as a salad and to drink and . And everyone is bringing presents for me! That’s always exciting. I’ve already gotten birthday cards from my two aunts (OK, I have 3, but the last one almost always forgets to send a card and when she does remember, she sends it on my sister’s birthday and then forgets hers instead). I was briefly sad last night when I realized that I wasn’t going to be getting another birthday card from my Aunt Shirley. Perhaps Uncle Bob will remember to send a card, but maybe not.

I may be staying home tomorrow just to get some sleep. I haven’t gotten much work done this week, and while part of it has been there hasn’t been much to do, another part is that I’ve found it hard to motivate myself because I’m so tired. It might be healthy for me to spend a day at home relaxing. I definitely have the sick leave available.


I don’t know about you, but I occasionally have days where everything seems to annoy me, and I’m not talking about people (well, I have those days too, but this is different). I mean, every single physical sensation has an annoyance factor nearing painful. So far today, I’ve had to remove my rings just to be able to use my computer, I’m regretting wearing my hair in a ponytail because it’s swinging against the back of my neck in an oh-so-aggravating way (I could easily be convinced to chop about 5 inches off at the moment), and I’m about to rip the tags out of my shrug because they’ve been scratching the hell out of my back all day long.

Do you have days like that?

Perhaps it’s just because I’m an HSP* and today more sensitive than most. I don’t know. All I do know is that I’m about to scream, rip off half my clothes, and shave my head, all of which would be entirely inappropriate for the workplace.

*HSP: Highly Sensitive Person. More information after the jump…

If you answered more than fourteen of the questions as true of yourself, you are probably highly sensitive.” I answered 19 true. (Out of 27 [link removed]. I took this quiz back in July of 2007 and have been saving a draft post of the following until a day just like today, when I’m annoyed enough to write more about it.)

  • I am easily overwhelmed by strong sensory input.
  • I seem to be aware of subtleties in my environment.
  • Other people’s moods affect me.
  • I tend to be very sensitive to pain.
  • I find myself needing to withdraw during busy days, into bed or into a darkened room or any place where I can have some privacy and relief from stimulation.
  • I am particularly sensitive to the effects of caffeine. (More so now than a year ago, apparently. Monday night I had some iced tea with dinner and didn’t fall asleep until after 1:30. I actually laid awake in bed for almost 3 hours. Blah.)
  • I am easily overwhelmed by things like bright lights, strong smells,coarse fabrics,or sirens close by.
  • I have a rich,complex inner life.
  • I am made uncomfortable by loud noises.
  • I am deeply moved by the arts or music.
  • My nervous system sometimes feels so frazzled that I just have to go off by myself. (I’m nearing this point today.)
  • I am conscientious. (I’d like to think so, but perhaps this takes someone else’s evaluation. Afterall, isn’t conscientiousness directly related to other people?)
  • I startle easily.
  • I get rattled when I have a lot to do in a short amount of time.
  • When people are uncomfortable in a physical environment I tend to know what needs to be done to make it more comfortable (like changing the lighting or the seating).
  • I am annoyed when people try to get me to do too many things at once.
  • I try hard to avoid making mistakes or forgetting things.
  • I make a point to avoid violent movies and TV shows.
  • I become unpleasantly aroused when a lot is going on around me.
  • Being very hungry creates a strong reaction in me, disrupting my concentration or mood.
  • Changes in my life shake me up.
  • I notice and enjoy delicate or fine scents, tastes, sounds, works of art.
  • I find it unpleasant to have a lot going on at once.
  • I make it a high priority to arrange my life to avoid upsetting or overwhelming situations.
  • I am bothered by intense stimuli, like loud noises or chaotic scenes.
  • When I must compete or be observed while performing a task, I become so nervous or shaky that I do much worse than I would otherwise.
  • When I was a child, my parents or teachers seemed to see me as sensitive or shy.

From [link removed]:

  • You, your partner, or someone important to you have a heightened awareness of subtleties in your environment, whether it’s sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell.
  • You can become stressed out and upset when overwhelmed and may find it necessary to get away, maybe into a darkened room, to seek solitude, relief and comfort.
  • You are very conscientious, hard working, and meticulous, but may become uncomfortable and less efficient or productive when being closely watched or scrutinized.
  • You feel compelled to file and organize things and thoughts, also enjoy simplicity and may become overwhelmed or even immobilized by chaos, clutter, or stress.
  • You are very uncomfortable when feeling things are getting out of your control.
  • You get a sense of comfort and well being when around a lake, river, stream, the ocean, or even a fountain.
  • You experience mood swings, sometimes occurring almost instantly and can also be affected by other people’s moods, emotions and problems.
  • You have a deep, rich, inner life, are very spiritual and may also frequently have vivid dreams, and possibly nightmares.
  • You are very intuitive and you feel that you can usually sense if someone isn’t telling the truth or if something else is wrong.
  • You get concerned and worry about many things, and have also been told “you take things too personally.”
  • You have had the experience of “cutting people out” of your life.
  • You were considered quiet, introverted, timid, or shy as a child.

From’s Holistic Healing [link removed] page:

The trait of Highly Sensitivity causes them to process and reflect upon incoming information very deeply. It is not that they are “afraid,” but that it’s in their nature to process incoming information so deeply. Highly Sensitive People may even sometimes need until the next day to have had enough time to process the information fully, reflect upon it, and formulate their response. The trait of High Sensitivity can be viewed as having both positive as well as negative characteristics, and it is a valid and normal trait and is not a “disorder.”

Highly Sensitive People’s systems are very porous, meaning that external stimuli seems to be more directly absorbed into their bodies. (It has been said that it is as if HSP “have no skin” to protect them from these outside stimuli.) Non-HSP generally are less porous and have natural defenses which defuse external stimuli thereby not directly impacting and overloading their nervous systems.

Perhaps the best find yet, Coping Strategies at [link removed], including a section with great potential on the work environment.

Why is it…

…that when I tell people that I want all the bedrooms to be on the same floor in our new house they look at me like I’m crazy?  It doesn’t seem like that odd of a request to me.  I mean, I know that there are certain styles of houses where the master bedroom is on a separate floor from the other bedrooms, and some people are totally cool with that.  I am not one of those people.  Am I insane for wanting my un-conceived children to sleep on the same floor of the house that I do?

Seriously, I want to know.  Someone today actually looked at me like I was crazy and didn’t have words to express how crazy he thought I was.

Continuation of earlier whine

My back pain of earlier today has not yet gone away.  I am afraid it may be my kidneys that hurt and not my back (how exactly would one know the difference?  I am not that in tune with my kidneys to know how they feel on a regular basis).  I am attempting to rectify this situation by drinking Cran-Aid, which will not help.

Also, I have restless legs.  Again.  During the day, at work, which is nearly unbearable.  I have had them a lot the last few weeks.  I get them primarily when I am overtired (hopefully, the new mattress will fix this problem) or have been inactive (not a problem of late, due to gym membership and insurance requiring 12 visits a month to get a discount).

So I’m sitting here in my cube, trying to find a comfortable position to sit in (slouch?  extremely good posture?  something in the middle?  doesn’t matter – I just hurt), drinking tea that is not helping, and wanting to rip my legs off so they can run around the office without me for a while to burn off all the extra energy they seem to have.

In other words, I think I could cry.

It’s only 2:14.  I want to go home, and I want to go home now.  Of course, the earliest bus leaves at 3:30, and I usually ride the 4:30 one, and is it really worth it to take 1 hour of sick time?  I’m not sure.  Will I feel any better at home?  Probably not, unless I decide to go to bed for the day, which is unlikely.

In other news, the one task I’ve been avoiding doing all week – still haven’t done it yet today.

Uh uh uh nuh nuh (translation: “wah!”)

I swear I was making progress on the weird things that have been plaguing my body lately. I mean, the peeling skin is now… less prevalent. The ugly red stretch-mark-like things are gone and apparently left no permanent marks (though I still have no idea what they were, why they came, or why they went away). I have stopped itching constantly, thanks to Zyrtec. I’m exhausted, but I actually slept all the way through the night last night (for the last time in the old bed – yay!).

But now I have some serious back pain. I mean, worse than it’s-that-time-of-the-month back pain. Not as sharp as I’ve-been-sitting-at-my-computer-too-long-typing-and-using-the-mouse shoulder pain that I get, but this is lower back pain, which is generally duller anyways (unless one goes and actually injures a very specific part of one’s body or something – I’m a dull lower back pain kinda gal, at least). I took Advil. It hasn’t made any difference yet. I don’t want to sit here at my desk. I don’t want to get up and walk around. I don’t want to lay down on the floor. I just want the pain to stop stop stop.

Any suggestions? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I started (again – last time I did this was January 2007, for about 3 days) recording my daily food intake over at The Daily Plate [link removed]. It was obvious why I have gained weight and not lost any – I take in more calories than I expend. Duh. It’s not really brain surgery or quantum physics. However, I am not exactly sure what to do to decrease the calories I take in. I mean, by the time dinner rolled around, I was starving. I made myself a large salad with less dressing than I would have preferred, and ate as much as I could while the pizza was cooking. The pizza was the most satisfying thing I ate all day yesterday, and it wasn’t even all that bad for me (370 calories). Am I destined to be hungry for the next… 3-6 months while I attempt to lose the weight I feel is excess?

came up with an excellent solution: take up smoking. However, I decided that I liked my pink relatively-virgin lungs (do 10 cigarettes over 10 years really count, one might ask) and that picking up such a disgusting habit didn’t work for me. I suggested an eating disorder, preferably bulemia, since that would mean that I got to eat still. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of throwing up (haven’t done it since I was 7), and I think that would get in the way of things. So it looks like I’m left with food poisoning, stomach flu, some devastating virus or disease, or diet and exercise. Oh, or a tapeworm. Seeing as how I’m (despite previously mentioned weird medical things going on with my skin) relatively healthy, live in a country with fairly strict food guidelines, and don’t think I can actually seek out the stomach flu, I think diet and exercise is the not-fun-but-really-the-only-option way to go.


Oh, I suppose I could also try some sort of magic pill, but those usually don’t work and/or have bad results. I have no need for that in my life. I’m trying to be healthier, not kill myself.

Yucky tasks at work today that I don’t want to do (and have been avoiding all week, but now they’re inevitable, deadlines are looming, and things must get done).

I tried running the treadmill at the gym last night instead of doing the stationary bike, under the false impression that it would burn more calories (I was led to believe this by and the internet verified it, with no malicious intent). In doing so, I remembered that I am actually no good at running and easily get injured. My right foot started acting up halfway into my run, and my left heel developed a blister. I stopped 10 minutes early, and only burned 15 calories more than doing the bike. Of course, the bike aggravates my knees, but probably not as much as doing the treadmill would in the long run (it’s much lower impact, no?). Yes, the elliptical would be better, but it generally kicks my butt every time I try it, and I feel weak and inadequate and out of shape, which is no fun to feel after a workout. It’s generally discouraging instead of encouraging. So back to the bike I go.

And now, perhaps off to Starbucks, maybe to get my drink without whip, though that is truly the part I enjoy the most (who doesn’t enjoy good, fresh whipped cream that melts on your tongue?). Food is making me sad today.

So is my back, which still hurts. OK, it’s only been 20 minutes since I took Advil. I shouldn’t expect miracles. But I wish my heating pad were at work. The good thing is that our new mattress is being delivered between 12 and 3 today, and currently is taking to the airport.

Kind of a big (yet simultaneously insignificant) decision

I made a rather large decision yesterday, and I didn’t even mean to.

The FM radio in my car has been mostly “out” for the last few weeks. So I’ve been limited to AM radio, an experience unto itself. My choices at the moment are: the true oldies channel, more spirited radio, and the Patriot. I’d already decided that The Patriot was not for me – I am not an older or middle-aged white male with strong conservative ideas, political or otherwise. That was sealed when I tuned in briefly to hear one of the hosts repeatedly refer to a US senator as “demented” and then proceed to make up a story about her that was beyond inappropriate. I’ve been listening to oldies when possible, but the station turns into a Toronto-based channel after 5pm (no joke). So last night as I was out driving between craft stores, I was listening to KKMS, which I’ve previously half-enjoyed.

Did you know it’s pro-life week? Yeah. (Coincidentally, yesterday was also Pro-Choice Blogger day. Not really a coincidence. It’s the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 22nd.) And in the hour or so of radio I heard between commuting and searching for yarn, they were quite persuasive. (Stick with me here and let me further explain.)

I’ve been on the fence on this issue since… well, since I was conscious of being a woman. My relatively conservative Christian background wants me to be pro-life, and my feminist leanings want me to be pro-choice. Since I’ve never needed to really argue the issue or decide, I haven’t, other than the singular decision that I wouldn’t personally have an abortion (barring medical necessity). And I was really quite fine with being undecided. I’ve got plenty of opinions on other controversial subjects that if people want to argue with me, there’s lots of ways to go.

Last night, however, the multitude of voices on the subject pushed me over the edge. I’m officially pro-choice. Why? Because when it came down to it, it first and foremost needed to be my choice. I’m not going to be a good one to argue with on this because I fully understand both sides of the issue and will never be able to let go of the pro-life arguments. Life is life and I do believe that it begins at conception (just ask any parents who have miscarried). But… I still think choice wins out. This won’t win me any friends in some of the conservative circles I’m familiar with, but we don’t usually talk about stuff like that anyways. Or, really, we don’t talk much at all, so I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

One of the radio hosts was a self-admitted middle-aged father of 9 children and 3 foster kids. (My mind immediately went to the “excessive childbirth” argument from the early 1900s when birth control was not yet legal.) He basically told me that I was supposed to be having sex for procreation only, and that being on birth control for reasons other than medical or financial ones was “morally objectionable.” Because I enjoy sex and have no desire to give birth to a child right now, I am selfish and, ultimately, a bad Christian. He doesn’t care that I don’t want children right now or that it might not be the right time in my life. I’m selfish. Heck, maybe I am. But I think it’s very responsible to avoid having children when you don’t want them. And I’m pretty sure God isn’t going to strike me dead for 1) enjoying sex with my husband, the only man I’ve ever had sex with, and only within the confines of our marriage, 2) not bringing unwanted children into this world, and 3) not wanting to have kids right now. (And I think that not having sex with my husband because we didn’t want kids was also not allowed. Gotta have sex. Gotta have kids. No birth control. It’s not even a Catholic radio station! I didn’t realize how far some conservatives went on this!)

And that’s basically when I realized… there was no way this man had the right to decide for me whether or not I was having kids. His moral damnation of me because I wasn’t jumping on the motherhood bandwagon the moment I was married was beyond offensive. Far beyond that of the women doing the Bible study at ‘s baby shower who just assumed that every little girl dreamed of becoming a mommy.

Perhaps I’m just overly sensitive about it, but I am almost always fully aware that I may or may not be able to have children. It’s a self-preservation technique, really, not getting my hopes up for something that I’d be devastated about if it didn’t happen. Unlike some women with infertility problems, I don’t get sad when other people start talking about babies or long for my own. I sense this… melancholy towards the issue in regards to other women’s responses. I… get angry. Perhaps that’s not healthy, but I get offended when the world assumes that it is my dream to become a stay at home mom to billions of children that’s all I’ve ever really wanted and needed to feel truly fulfilled in life.

At any rate, I’m pretty sure that hopping off the fence on the pro-choice side was not exactly what the planners of Sanctity of Human Life week had planned, but that’s the results of the actions of a few individuals.

Lesson? Be careful what you say on the radio or when lots of people might be listening. You have no idea where they might be coming from, and your words may very well have the opposite effect than you wanted if you’re not thoughtful and considerate.

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Feel free to respectfully disagree or otherwise comment, so long as you try to be as least offensive as possible. Does it need to be said that making the blog owner cry will get you banned from further commenting? I didn’t think so.

I’m not ashamed to say it

When I get home tonight, I’m pouring myself a small glass of Bailley’s. You know why? Because today has been rough. I never do that, but today I’m going to. So there.

How does stay friendly and helpful all the time? I don’t know how she does it. People demand more absurd (and small) things of her, and she is far more important than I am.


So I was feeling pretty good this morning, all things considered.  Alas, I now have a headache.  I’ve consumed caffeine and eaten breakfast and taken Excedrin, and it’s still here.  Boo.  Half an hour left of work and then class….  And after class I have a homework assignment to do and studying for a final exam to accomplish.  This is no good.  It feels like a headache that might be around for a while.  I could be wrong.  I hope I am.  But really I think I might be happy if it doesn’t turn into a migraine.  Because I really don’t need that in my life right now.

Today’s Pet Peeve

Bet you wanted to know what it was.

Websites that use the <u> tag. Why? What does the <u> tag do? It underlines things. Why is this bad? Because it underlines things that aren’t links. And what is your first thought when you see underlined words on a webpage? Oh, it’s a link! Alas, this is not the case. Someone just wanted to make a few words look more important. I found this today on the Oneida website, and yesterday on another website that I’m not done using yet.

That’s all.

I do get to leave work today at 4, and get to see Grant tonight. Oh, and some family friends from Chicago that are in town. Family dinner at Mom’s. She’s making chili.

Question from the editor: Do you think Grant needs his own name icon?


Today is one of those “sucks to be a woman” kind of days.  My back hurts.  Not my shoulders, which usually hurt.  My lower back.  The part that’s not really massage-able, and only hurts once a month (less often when I’m lucky).  Conveniently, we just bought some more ThermaCare heat pads, and so I think I’ll try one of those out.  And take some Advil.  Because class isn’t much fun anyways, but definitely will be less bearable if I am feeling pain.

However, I haven’t had restless legs for two whole nights.  Or, maybe it was just last night.  I can’t remember.


I have restless legs. Bad, man. Right now. And this is unacceptable. Why? Because it’s 12:30 in the afternoon, that’s why! Restless legs are supposed to be an affliction I only have to suffer from at night. Which is why the OTC homeopathic remedy I picked up the other day at CVS is at home and not with me. But maybe they have it at Walgreens. I should check. Because if at 1 when I’m rescued from phones I still feel this way, I won’t be able to cope any longer. I will have to rip them off and beat them against the nearest hard surface to alleviate the feeling (it’s kinda like having too much caffeine in your system, and it’s all been concentrated in your leg muscles). And that would probably not be workplace-appropriate.

Wah. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a big whiner. You know what? I don’t care. I’m very tired today and feel like complaining and it’s my blog, so I can do that.

On the plus side, I ate half of my egg-sausage-cheese bagel this morning, took my multivitamin, and then ate the other half, all in relatively quick succession (for me, that is, known to be the slowest eater on the planet), and no nausea.  So that’s something.


My office smells like Taco Bell.  And not in a good way.  (Is there ever a good way for something to smell like Taco Bell?  I mean, I love the Bell, and have eaten it quite a few times lately, but that doesn’t mean I want my world to smell like it.)