The calm and the storm

Saturday morning, just before the snow started falling (it was still freezing rain when we were out there), we got the deck ready for winter. We’d kind of forgotten it. The hammock came in, too. And then the snow started falling, and we pretty much hibernated the rest of the weekend.

Prince Charming went out to get the cats more food and came home with a new toy. The pictures are terrible (have you tried to take a picture of a cat in motion? Just blurs, kind of like taking pictures of toddlers, even on the “kids and pets” setting on the camera), but you get the idea. They loved it.

There’s a toy mouse suspended in the middle of the ball. The cats spent a lot of time trying to get it out.


A lot of planning went into this toy. They can get their paws in there easily, and back out, but the mouse will never escape. It squeaks (just a tiny bit – not enough to be annoying) when it bounces, and the plastic cage is very flexible. They took turns circling it, sniffing it (apparently it has a smell, and it’s not catnip), and trying to get to the mouse.

I started Christmas sewing about two weeks ago, a version of these pillows [link removed] and some pinwheels [link removed]. I’d started the pinwheels as backs for the pillows, but they ended up much larger (and cuter) than I’d planned, and I couldn’t bear to cut them down. So, now I have enough pinwheels for a table runner. Yay!

I always forget to start Christmas projects until mid-December, and then it’s too late. So I’m pretty proud of myself. Since I didn’t feel like messing with invisible zippers, I cut out my next Christmas project instead. (I should be able to get those zippers installed and the pillows put together in about an hour, and I don’t want to put them on the couch until after Thanksgiving, so I have some time left.)

The apron is all cut out and ready to go. I have temporarily misplaced McCall’s 5825, so the mitts will have to wait. The fabrics are all from JoAnn, either last year or the year before that. The main Christmas tree fabric is the only one I had enough yardage of to make a full apron out of – everything else was either fat quarters or one yard pieces.

I have made up Simplicity 2932 before, the black and white view in this fun summery fabric [link removed]. My only complaint about it is that the straps are a bit too long, so this time I cut out the straps two sizes smaller than the rest of the apron. (My other complaint, technically

I really wanted to be making this one:

I pulled out the fabric for it, but didn’t cut it out for a few reasons. One, I’m not entirely sure that the fabrics go together. I think I just need to stare at them some more. Two, these fabrics are much more versatile, and I’d be happy to use them in a different Christmas project.


Also, McCall’s 5825 is currently missing – I’m guessing it’s in a Ziploc bag with some other fabric for a different apron, but I haven’t gone digging for it yet.

I did make progress on Joey’s’s quilt too. I moved the stripes fabric from the pile of clean laundry in the bedroom to my office. That totally counts as progress. Oh, and I found the template for the large J, and the measurements of the front side of the quilt. And I cleaned my office a bit and shredded a lot of paper.

We had a visitor on Sunday.

A bunny rabbit!

Maybe you don’t know how much I love bunnies. Like, adore them. Love them so much I can never own one. (No, not because I would snuggle it to death.) I could hang out with the bunnies at the State Fair for hours if the people I was with would let me.


Not the cutest bunny in the world, but beggars can’t be choosers. He’s the only one we’ve had come around in quite some time.

He totally wasn’t freaked out by me at all. Of course, I was inside, six-ish feet away, but still. Sudden movements didn’t cause him to bolt.

He hung around for quite some time. A slow mover, this one was.

And apparently, he was hungry, and the leaves from our Honey Locust tree were tasty. I have a whole series of pictures from the beginning to end of eating this one leaf, but I decided not to bore you with it. Super cute, though.

The research for my paper is all done, and it just needs to be organized and written now. Shouldn’t be a problem. No tutoring this week. After the paper is written, I need to create a PowerPoint presentation about my tutoring experience, and then I’m done with that class! Just two sessions left.

I wish the Red Cross would stop calling me (I don’t pick up, because they always call when I’m at work, and it’s really awkward to talk on my cell phone in my cube). I know they want me to donate. And I’d be all about that, if perhaps they could get someone in there who wouldn’t spend 5 minutes rooting around for the vein (you think I exaggerate, but I don’t – the time before last it took three people to find the vein, and the needle was in my arm that whole time). My last few experiences have not been pleasant. There is a drive here at work in December – I might go if they have some openings left. We’ll see.

Instead of leaving you with that visual, I’ll give you this: rainbow nail polish [link removed]!

She loves me *so* much

My dear, darling, sweet , well, she adores me. Her world revolves around me, and food. If you know her, you know she’s a scaredy-cat, though in the last two years she’s really come out of her shell (we blame our Realtor, whom she adored on first contact). She no longer hides when comes over (loud men seem to be especially scary), and the other day came out when my brother-in-law was over and laid down at his feet, begging for belly rubs. Regardless, I am still the sun in her universe.

One of the ways she shows her love is by leaving me little presents in my shoes. Remember that mud room we made? Shoes tend to pile up there (no one wears shoes indoors in Minnesota – you must take them off upon entering a home), and she likes to leave a pompom there for me from time to time, inside a shoe. It’s very cute, especially because she loves those pompoms a whole lot.

Yesterday, she left me something different.

A mouse.



I’ll spare you the picture (I didn’t take one).

Right there on one of my flip flops. Lovely. Seems our house isn’t mouse-proof yet. (Is a 60-year-old house ever mouse-proof? Probably not. Regardless, we probably need to find a new pest control company, after having given Orkin the boot a while back.)

I was all set to be brave and dump it in the trash, until I saw it’s little head. Blech. did the honors. Thankfully, all of the killing seems to have been done elsewhere (where, we don’t know – haven’t found any scenes of carnage anywhere), so my shoe was undefiled.

While we can’t be sure that was the one who killed it, she was quite protective of it, whereas didn’t even know it was there, so it seems likely it was her. Also, spent most of last night trying [unsuccessfully] to kill a fly.

While I’d rather have a mouse-free home, I’ll be satisfied if our cats take care of any that enter the house. Good to know at least one of them is a mouser.

In other news, we spent all of yesterday evening working on the dining table. One more coat of stripper, and then a whole lot of sanding. We used the orbital sander, the “mouse” (triangle) sander, sanding sponges…. But it looks really good now, and we’re ready to stain it tonight. I’m glad we’re done stripping it, though we have decided to start another stripping project…. It’s my own fault. Apparently I like the fumes. 🙂 One day, things in our house will actually coordinate and look intentional, and much less hodge-podge. We’re getting there, slowly but surely (but Better Homes & Gardens isn’t planning on coming over any time soon).

You have to really like someone…

… to take them to the airport at 4:30 am. On a weekend (Sunday). I’m just sayin’.

I had the house all to myself yesterday. All of yesterday. is in California (see the afore-mentioned airport run), and I will join him tomorrow, but until then it’s just me and the cats. And the billion things I want/need to do.

Most of Saturday was spent at ‘s house making jewelry for all of the daughters for the wedding (6 total, her fiance has four, plus and myself). If you didn’t know, it takes a really long time to make jewelry, if you want it to look good and coordinate well, that is. We made necklaces with matching earrings. We used the same formula for each, but they are all different, reflecting each girl’s preferences. I’d show you a picture, but I haven’t taken any yet. I still need to add in the clasps, which we left undone because we ran out of time. And I need to make mine, because I couldn’t find the beads I wanted at JoAnn. What can I say, I’m picky.

Needless to say, when I left her house, I was a bit dazed and blurry-eyed. The chain we were using was really small (it looks better and less hand-made, but is a pain to work with), and an afternoon of making design decisions had rendered me incapable of making any further decisions. Good thing was hungry.

After some delicious Papa John’s, we both packed up our luggage. I’d had multiple nightmares of making it to the airport on time, only to realize shortly before my flight that my luggage was empty. Since we packed, I have not had any more of these dreams, thankfully.

Sunday morning, I crawled back into bed after the airport run, only to be frightened awake by , who wanted to keep me safe from the stray cat who had wandered onto our patio. So instead of getting back to sleep by 5:30, it was 7, and when my alarm went off at 9, I hit snooze for a solid hour. The only reason I got out of bed was because I had an 11:00 date.

I met up with and at one of our favorite brunch places, Maria’s Cafe in Minneapolis. The corn pancakes were delicious, as always. came back to my house and we used the freezer paper stencil technique to decorate some shirts for a race she will be in soon. I managed to get some embroidery done while she was there too (there was only one iron), and we watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, much to our amusement.

After my dinner of reheated pizza (toaster ovens are great for this, saving me from microwave pizza, which is blech), I wrapped up the embroidery project (pictures coming soon). I also did a little bit of cleaning (just a little).

My list of things to do tonight when I get home from class is long, and the list for Tuesday morning is short (thankfully). The shuttle comes to pick me up at 4:35, and then I will spend most of the morning in airports or on airplanes. Strangely, I have been to both of the airports before (I transfer flights in Denver). I should make it to the hotel by 12:30 or 1 (see photos from ‘s trip [link removed]) California time, at which point I will take a long nap. We do have internet at the hotel, so I’m hoping to blog a little bit, but you never know. I’m bringing the camera, and am excited to have really good quality photos of San Francisco (since when I was there in 1999, digital cameras barely existed) and the San Jose area. On my list of things to do are several museums, some shopping sites, and a really good sandwich from Boudin.

We fly back on Sunday, and then life should return to normal for a bit. Well, kind of normal. The last night of class is that Monday, and then the summer semester starts the following week. I think I have 9 days off.

Fat Tuesday, huh?

I had no idea. So, to celebrate, I’m having an apple with my usual lunch of yogurt.

Pants still don’t fit.

In other news… I’ve got nothing. It was a fairly boring, albeit long, weekend. Class Friday night, homework, a bit of cleaning, some preparation for sewing, and… homework. And lots of Stargate SG-1 (I just started season 10, so I only have 20-ish hours left! so sad).

is progressing on his office remodel, though not as quickly as it likes. The problem is twofold. One, it takes mud a long time to dry (drywall mud, that is). And two, he wants to do it right. No one can fault him for that. Hopefully we will be priming the walls tomorrow night, which will make a huge difference. Then he can pick paint colors. And paint. And then it’s just the small matters of a ceiling, finishing up all the audio/electrical work, and furniture. Right. So this project will be done by… June.

On Saturday (I was wracking my brain to figure out how the day had been spent, and finally figured it out), we went and got new driver’s licenses, ones that reflect our new address. After lunch I went to JoAnn to spend some coupons, and buy fabric for clothing I don’t have time to make.

In good news, after tonight’s class, it is two class weeks until Spring Break! Which means that the semester will then be half over! And my Friday night class ends in two weeks.

The replacement parts for our humidifier (the one attached to the furnace – just a box, no innards) should arrive by the end of the week, so we should be able to get the house re-humidified by mid-Spring. Just in time to take the plastic off the windows, open them all up, and let that moist Spring air in.

I’m leaving you a picture of gratuitous kitty-snuggling. It was embarrassing. I’m saving this one for when brings a date home….

On the chair in the bedroom

Oh my goodness. Does the cuteness ever end?

First for the new year

This weekend, I finally got around to taking pictures of a pillowcase I embroidered. I worked on it down in Chicago, and it started a lot of conversations. While technically completed in December, I didn’t throw it in the wash until January, so I’m considering it my first finished embroidery project of 2010.

I think it's a vintage Vogart pattern that I bought on ebay.

I'm not sure my color choices for the deer were perfect, but they turned out OK.

I do so love the flowers!

And, I’m happy to announce that our cats have finally figured out the art of snuggling together.

Dirty laundry makes the best cushy nap spot, don't you think?

That’s all for me. The weekend was spent doing homework and cleaning and… other boring activities.

Getting our Party On

Last night, we had what seemed like an epic success in a gardening project (of which I don’t have pictures, and it wouldn’t make sense if I tried to explain it, but trust me, it was awesome) that was amazingly wrapped up by 7:30. In recognition of the fact that 1) it was still early, and 2) I was not actually covered in mud, dirt, twigs, etc., I continued with my original plan and went over to Hancock Fabrics.

Background: I spent over an hour and a half at JoAnn on Saturday night looking for home decorating fabrics. It’s a very difficult thing you know, especially since there are so many fabrics I love on the internet but I don’t trust the colors and textures to be exactly as I imagine them, and it is very important to have color coordination in this project. Also, there were tons of fabrics that I loved in store that either 1) I was pretty sure I would be the only member of our household who thought they were pretty, or 2) totally didn’t go with the color scheme I’ve got going on. Alas. All of that equals a very long time in JoAnn. (Thankfully, I did walk out with some great home dec fabric that was on sale, and all of it was approved-of by all household members.) Two yards of a red suede-like material for the piano bench, and two yards of a turquoise canvas for the dining room chairs (only needed half a yard for the piano bench and one yard for the chairs, but I thought it would be prudent to have extra, in case no one else liked what I picked out). The former was on sale for $7/yard, and the latter for… (doing math… 40% off of $9.99) $5.99/yard. So, quite cheap, all things considered.

Unfortunately, I did not find the fabric I was looking for that would be perfect for new curtains in our bedroom. Well, that’s not exactly true. I found some gorgeous silk Dupioni and a beautiful faux Dupioni (Shantung, I believe), but neither were on sale, and I wasn’t feeling the $15.99/yard vibe. Seeing as how we are not in desperate need of new curtains (there is a very ugly, but completely functional, roman blind hanging up right now), I just could not justify the expense. I was sad until I remembered that I now live quite near Hancock Fabrics.

So, back to last night. I went to Hancock Fabrics and once again spent way too long in a fabric store. However, I did find exactly what I was looking for. Kind of on sale, but… not enough to just impulse purchase. I took woefully inadequate pictures on the sly with my phone, of the price tag, the color, and texture, so that I could get approval. After wandering around the store for quite some time after that (there were sales that needed to be explored, and I had nowhere else to be, and I was trying to forget that I wanted to consume DQ), I happened upon the home decor remnant table.

And the heavens opened up and angels sang and all was right with the universe.

That is to say, right there on the table was the afore-mentioned perfect fabric, in the right color, sitting there asking me to take it home.

And so I did. For $2.99/yard, you don’t argue with fabric. You just do what it says.

So I now have 3 yards (!! way more than I needed, but at that price, I’ll figure out something to do with the rest of it) of chocolate brown silk Dupioni for less than $10. (Needless to say, I was unable to forget about DQ and we celebrated my find with Blizzards.)

Now, of course, there’s still lining fabric and hardware and a pulley system (they need to be functional blinds), but it is a great start towards having beautiful window treatments. I’m going to attempt Roman shades, which should be beautiful in the Dupioni. I’m still figuring out the proper embellishments so that it is both pretty and understated / casual. A hard line to walk.

If all goes well with sewing the Dupioni, I hope to buy a bunch more in ivory and re-do the curtains at the sliding glass door in our bedroom (so the window treatments will coordinate, but won’t be all matchy-matchy).

If only we could pick an actual color scheme for that room… I could paint! Alas, I am feeling quite thwarted by the walls in our new house. They want to be painted, I’m quite sure, but no one can agree on color. In time….

To reward you for reading this whole post, I’ll give you a picture. Remember when was lost two weeks ago? You think she’d learn her lesson, but no. This was taken not 12 hours after being released from the hall closet:

In her defense, it was a totally different closet. 10 feet from the other one.

Accomplishing a Goal

Last night, I was hard at work on one of my summer goals: spend more time in the hammock. Grueling, I know.
I was also hard at work on some embroidery, which I can only briefly mention because it may or may not be for someone who may or may not read this blog, and I want it to remain a secret (if that’s possible).

The next two pictures represent part of my field of vision last night while laying in the hammock.

Embroidery floss on hammock
Matea at the door

She can sit there for… what seems like hours, trying to make me feel guilty for being outside without her. I think it’s quite cute (and not at all guilt-inducing – if you’ve ever tried to take outside, you’d understand).

I did take a break to photograph some of the progress on our gardens, just for you. (I tried to get some pictures of birds while laying in my hammock, still and quiet, but it was just a little too late in the evening and though they were quite noisy, they wouldn’t come hang out in my tree. Next time, I guess.)

Recently planted tomato plants

And here’s the shade garden in the front yard that used to be a mess.

Front yard garden

Lots of progress! Not totally in love with it, but it will do for this year, and I’m sure our neighbors are much happier now.

I also got this great shot (well, great for me), which may replace the wallpaper on my desktop.


All the while, my new yogurt maker (a birthday present) was inside, hard at work growing bacteria. It was way harder to get the milk prepped than the little book led me to believe (instead of 1-2 minutes, it was almost 2 hours, which includes the cooling down time during which we ate dinner), but hopefully worth it. I checked it at 9 (halfway point) and it still looked just like milk in consistency, so I was a bit worried. Thankfully, bacteria multiplies exponentially (or something like that), and at 11, there was yogurt! It is now sitting in the fridge, and I haven’t tried it yet since it hadn’t been in there for a full 8 hours when I left for work this morning. Tonight, I’m going to turn the yogurt into “yogurt cheese” aka Greek-style yogurt. And then I will have lots of [hopefully] yummy yogurt. Really, lots! Half a gallon’s worth. It lasts for 3 weeks, though, so it should be alright. (One of the reasons I picked this particular yogurt maker [link removed] was that it made up a large quantity of yogurt, instead of six individual servings in glass containers, since I knew I wanted to make it Greek-style.) If it turns out good, I’ll have to hop on Amazon and buy more yogurt starter. Maybe I’ll try to find the probiotic one that the little booklet recommends.


Lest you be misled, Sundays are not always busy and full of life. At least, not for everyone in our house. I recently took this series of pictures over the course of a Sunday morning and afternoon.







Living life to its fullest, don’t you think?

Where does the time go?

And how is it Wednesday already? Of course, it didn’t seem that way yesterday. By early afternoon, I was so tired, and bored, that I was sure it must be Friday. The day seemed to go on forever. But then, staff meeting, and just like that the work day was over.

And I never blogged like I promised I would.

Well, what can I say. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

What’s going on, you ask?

Friday night, and I spent a lot of time at two different ApplianceSmarts, purchasing a washer and dryer. His dad came out to help us get the dryer back to the house (we left the washer at the store for pickup later). Saturday, while they were out picking up the washer, I did some pruning, because you know how I love me some pruning. (What’s awesome? Adult-sized people can now walk under the trees in our back yard without having to duck. Yay!) Also, I got to experience this:

Marching band practice

The junior high (I think - they were pretty small, in both stature and number!) band learning how to march!

Those pictures were taken from my front window. They actually weren’t all that bad, as long as you don’t mind listening to scales. Very cute. At one point, I was out on the sidewalk on the other side of our fence, trimming the tree back so that pedestrians would no longer scorn us, the director shouted, “We have an audience! Let’s do it right!” I’m not sure, but I may have been that audience. 🙂

Then they came back with the very heavy washer and managed to get it downstairs without anyone getting broken. I was worried, but it all worked out. Then they got to work on the water hookup and everything else that needed to happen for us to be able to do laundry in our home. At some point, came over. On her day of rest (I totally didn’t realize you meant Rest – sorry!), she helped me remove the shower doors in my bathroom, scrape caulk, install a new curved shower curtain rod, and install a new shower head. It is now seriously lovely in my bathroom (well, all except the very outdated tile that I’m ignoring), especially after I went to town on the remaining caulk and all the dirt that had accumulated. Glorious. Now if I can just pick a color scheme or a fabric for my shower curtain, I’ll be in business. I’m avoiding purchasing an over-toilet storage thingy at the moment, because I wish they weren’t so expensive ($100, minimum, even at Target).

I can’t really remember how the afternoon was spent, but I’m sure I was productive. Huh. I do know that we did a lot of laundry on Saturday and Sunday, and that it was glorious. No more Spanish television! No more sitting at the laundromat! No more quarters! (Plus, the new stuff is high efficiency, which means less energy and less detergent. The dryer’s cost of ownership is an estimated $10 a year. A year!)

Sunday morning, I got up way earlier than I would have liked and saw finish her first half-marathon. We went out to breakfast at Maria’s afterward, where I managed to eat an entire corn pancake, which is a big accomplishment for me. When I got home, instead of taking a nap, we cleaned the garage. Not the most fun choice, but it needed to be done. We only got the left side done, so there are a few more hours of work left, but we’re getting there!

I also have pictures to share of the drawer and shelves that put in for me a while back.

That's our new microwave on the top shelf, a short shelf for baking sheets (there isn't any vertical storage in the kitchen), and then a pull-out drawer for cleaning supplies. Very lovely.

Of course, everything needs to be inspected by a cat.

But the inspection was cut short, by the presence of a bird, or bug, or something else that caught his attention.

Korben, pensive

I took this photo in a rare moment of standing still (at least, when the camera is in hand, he’s always moving). Equally rare is the look on his face; usually he sports one of two looks, known as “sad eyes” and “bedroom eyes,” which I think are self-explannatory. This look, however, is one of complete disdain. I think he was disgusted that I was taking pictures (of the kitchen, no less), instead of petting him. He doesn’t like being ignored.

Things are definitely winding down for a bit on the house front. We’re tired. I have a massage scheduled for this evening, which I am quite overdue for (they called me to let me know I have 2 saved up – my last massage was march 6th!). I should probably get a haircut, too, since it’s been… four months? What’s next on the list? I don’t even know. I’m taking a very laid-back approach to this week. Case in point? I’ve slept in every day this week. On purpose. That’s what vacation hours are for, right? Half an hour here, half an hour there….

So, be assured that it’s definitely not all work and no play at our house. Sure, I spent two hours ironing last night. But, I also set up my hammock, which is very exciting. I raked up all the dead leaves (and found a spot of ground that’s actually quite pretty) , and got set up underneath my favorite tree (which, unfortunately, still needs a lot of pruning, especially if I want to make it so people can walk underneath it). Just need to find myself a good fiction book and a margarita, and I’ll be all set for the next 3 months.

Don’t worry, Korben kept us safe

Mid-day on Sunday, a bunny came to hang out in the shade of a bush approximately two feet from our house (and the sliding glass door). I declared it the Easter bunny, of course, and took pictures (the only pictures, in fact, that I took on Easter, and I’ve left them at home). was very interested in the bunny, who stayed for probably four hours until the sun had shifted and his shade spot disappeared. Later, put out some peanuts for the neighborhood squirrel, and kept us safe from him as well. And leaves. The birds, of course, are not a danger to us – they’re just yummy.

Everyone came over to our house for Easter dinner, which was awesome. I made Jen’s Crock Pot Roast Beef, which got rave reviews, as always, and some veggies. Everyone else provided the other stuff, and it was all delicious. Aside from my family, we also had ‘s dad, , and as a last-minute surprise, . It made for a very full house, but a lot of fun. and the baby helped a lot, always providing entertainment.

It was probably one of the best Easters I’ve had in a really long time, and it’s only a little bit strange to me that it didn’t involve any church-going. Part of me felt obligated to find somewhere to attend, but a larger part of me didn’t really want to partake in something that felt fake and overly cheery (not to blame any church on that one, more that my heart wouldn’t have really been in that cheery place, so I would have felt fake). We didn’t get to sleep in, since the roast had to be taken care of at 7:30, but that’s OK. We got the house immaculate (for the allergy sufferers, and also because it was really quite dirty), and then vegged for hours.

We spent a chunk of Friday night packing boxes, as well as about an hour last night (our kitchen is getting empty…). I feel compelled to spend spare time packing up anything I can live without, since May 1 is rapidly approaching. We have received many generous offers to help us pack, for which I am grateful. I’m hoping to not have to use them (and instead, call in those favors for helping move the boxes, hopefully just the one weekend), but I know that I don’t have to freak out about “nothing is packed yet” if that time comes. Always good to have options.

And now, I’m just waiting for an email from our Realtor about what to do next. We’re also waiting for Wednesday morning, when the house will be mostly ours (excepting paperwork and transfer of monies). Could not come fast enough, if you ask me.

Did I say I’d post this yesterday? Oops.

And I don’t have that much time today either, because I’ve got a project to work on and a meeting with someone, but I did say I’d put pictures up from the orchard, so here’s what I’ve got from the weekend (the rest are in my Flickr Photostream)….

Green apples
Red apple
Lots of apples
A’s feet
L’s feet
Also, I sent some fabric out to California for the BTRS Swap.
Matea proved that Korben isn’t the only one who likes to sleep on my stuff.
And, while taking pictures of our house (most of which turned out horribly due to bad lighting and my failure to look at them on the computer until a day later – oops), I took this one of our new blinds, because I like them very much (which is good, because they were a tad pricey and took a lot of time to install and custom-fit).


As I mentioned yesterday, we had a low-key celebration of our anniversary on Monday.

There was cake...
and it was good.

There was also some champagne in cute glasses I recently found.

And some snuggly kitty action.

Something else to celebrate?

My success in last night's Beginning Quilting class. I'm very pleased with my results.

Now I just have to get 3 more of those done (the blocks) before next week, and work on the pinwheels if I have time.

Feel free to ooh and ahh over my points and perfect intersections (and trust me that the choice of fabrics looks much better than these poor photographs I took last night at 10 pm in poor lighting on beige carpeting (really, it’s beige, not pink!).

Quickly, because there’s still coding left to do before I go

Recent Fabric Purchases/Finds
Recently purchased/thrifted fabrics from July, finally all washed, ironed, and photographed.
A bug at our house on Sunday (you've gotta click for the closeup, trust me)

(For perspective, that black thing he’s sitting on is about the size of my palm.)

And, Korben has gotten a little too used to the bedroom door being open:
Lastly, good reasons to love the public library

Countdown to 2:30

I itch. My back, that is. From the patch testing. Specifically, from the tape that is holding the patches on my back. I will be very happy to get that off. The patches themselves don’t itch much, and would be much less irritating. I might not even notice them, were it not for the tape. Seriously, who thought this plan up? I hope that I get some quality sleep tonight since the tape will be removed (today at 2:30). However, it’s possible that removing the tape and patches and exposing the chemicals to air will only anger them (I presume that’s why this is done – I have to sit in a room for half an hour without a shirt on letting the patched spots get air), and I won’t get any good sleep. Who knows.

Last night I told that a bad sunburn is worse than this patch testing. Sunburns hurt, and while (especially on your back and shoulders) they immobilize you quite the same way that the patch testing does, they are not annoying. They hurt and you take pain medication and put on aloe and if you find someone really nice they’ll get you a cool soft washcloth to soothe your pain. And eventually it goes away. This patch testing, however much less painful, is definitely annoying. Probably because I know that if I really needed to, I could remove the stupid tape and patches and be done with it (unlike sunburns, which you just have to patiently wait out). So I am anxious for it to be over, but I should stop complaining because it’s definitely not the worst thing I have ever experienced.

The problem is that I’m friggin’ tired. If I get a bad grade on my test today (who planned this week, anyways? emergency vet visit and Realtor on Monday, patch testing Monday through Thursday, test today, and on top of everything it’s that time of the month), I’m blaming it on lack of sleep. Because I studied from 7 to 10 last night, and then again while giving blood this morning. (They were only alarmed temporarily about the patch testing, until they decided they didn’t care.)

Tonight I would like to fix my sewing machine (which I have determined may involve trying to sand down one of the parts so it fits better, or giving the machine back to the repair shop, which I just don’t think I can handle right now), do some sewing, and most importantly get some sleep. In the hour I have left at work, I’d like to make the hotel reservations (that I’ve been putting off making for over a week now, because I hate doing it) and start setting up the PO system for 2009 (because 2009 starts in 22 days, if you’re on a state fiscal year that is). My life is so exciting, I know. is stuck working at home today since I needed my car. The estimated return of his car is next Wednesday, so we continue to be a one-car household. At least we’re saving on gas, right?

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering, is definitely back to his old self and completely healthy. Weird and scary what happened, but all over and back to normal now.