Wednesday Mind Hump

(a day late, because Blogger was down for maintenance yesterday)

  1. What are some of your favorite books, and why? Jane Austen books, because the world is so different from today’s society, and yet so many things still apply. It takes a while to get into the language, but her characters are interesting and creative. The books are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes happy… and usually you know how they’re supposed to end, but it’s still cry-worthy when it happens that way. The Chronicles of Narnia were really good, both times I’ve read them – you really should read all seven if you haven’t (feel free to borrow them from me next time you’re at my house, unless I don’t know you and you’re breaking in, which would be mean). I loved “Good In Bed” and “In Her Shoes” by Jennifer Weiner, and the Kristen Billerbeck books. If you’re looking for nonfiction, “When I Relax I Feel Guilty” changed my life, “There Are No Children Here” is a great telling of life in inner-city Chicago, and … The Bible. Really, there are so many good (especially fiction) books that I could reread again and again. For more recommendations, see #4, or check out my All Consuming list (see left sidebar for link).
  2. How many books do you read during a typical month? Not many these days – it takes me a month or two to finish a book, unless it’s really short or really good, or for some strange reason I have a lot of free time. But about the only time I read (other than for school) is on the bus to Prince Charming’s, so that’s about an hour a week. Sad, I know.
  3. Where do you buy most of your books? I’ve been “forbidden” by myself to not purchase any new books until I read the bookshelf full that I already have. But, I occasionally make exceptions to this rule (which is probably why that stack of unread books isn’t getting much shorter). I like the larger bookstores, like Barnes & Noble or Borders (they’re my preferred), and occasionally, especially if I’m researching a particular subject, I use Amazon. I try not to, though, because I can spend a ton of money there before I even realize it.
  4. Recommend a good book to me (and your readers). There have been several books that have totally changed my life, or part of my life, or the way I think about something. Obviously, The Bible is a good place to start – if you haven’t read the whole thing through, I recommend you do so, as a storybook if nothing else. It took me over a year to do that, and you can find one-year plans or 3-year plans or make your own – just prepare yourself to work at it for a long time. Otherwise, I’ve really liked… Hinds Feet on High Places, Passion & Purity, anything Jane Austen comes highly recommended. I’m sure I could think of more if I were at home with my books in front of me.

Your turn! Answer #4 in the Comments!


Now, I try to not be a jealous person. Occasionally situations come up where I think I probably should be jealous, or could be jealous, and I consciously recognize that, and then remind myself whatever it is I need to in order to squash that jealousy (for instance, were my man talking to a beautiful woman who was all over him, I might think briefly that I should be jealous, and then I would remind myself that I completely and totally trust him, and then the problem is solved). But occasionally this plan doesn’t work.

Like earlier this week, when I was riding the bus to work behind some guy who had Gorgeous hair (emphasis on the capital “G”). I don’t know a single woman who wouldn’t have been jealous. It was slightly long, but not shaggy – perfectly cut, no split ends. Voluminous without being overwhelming. Full-bodied, a slight curl/wave, but not like mine. Thick, but not overly so. Brown and shiny (how do people get their hair so shiny? curly hair just doesn’t really do that – something about light particles refracting off the surface….). Oh my goodness. Now, I only saw the back of his head, and never caught his face, so he could have been completely hideous (though what a waste of a perfectly good head of hair). I almost had to sit on my hands to avoid touching it. (Not unlike when I sit on the bus behind the woman with all the split ends, and I really just want to turn to her and give her the advice to get a haircut, but I don’t, because, well, that kind of advice really isn’t welcome from strangers.)

Today’s History Lesson: on this day in 1954, “Sabrina” opened in theatres. (Courtesy of, because I didn’t do any homework last night and couldn’t think of something on my own.)

Frustration Overload

(OK, not really… just a slight annoyance)

So yesterday I hopped online to register for the class I’d decided to take this fall. As you may remember, there’s already been frustration about this, since my first choice graduate school would only accept two of the courses being offered at my local community college, and out of the three different sections of each, only one was a night class and there was a section of each online. And I’d prefer to not take my history classes online. Econ, fine. But since I’d like to teach history, it’d be nice if I could be in the classroom to experience the other side, you know? Plus, I think history is a subject that lends itself much more to the classroom than online learning.

So, student ID in hand, I log on, find the course section, hit register, and… get an error message. An unclear error message. I check through all the information available to me – no holds on my account, nothing that looks strange…. So finally, after trying multiple times and getting the same error (yes, there’s a bit of insanity there, I realize), I finally email their registration office. Several emails later, the girl tells me that the class I’m trying to register for is reserved for high school students, and I should try the online one. (Which, I discovered this morning, is full. Insert b*tch session here.)

I attempted to, this morning, calmly write her back and explain how the misunderstanding might have come about, since what the course description says is that it’s only reserved to high school students through August 1, and since 23 of the 24 spots in the class are open, I assumed they’d take my money. And I tried to explain that I’d prefer a classroom class, not one online.

She hasn’t written back, and I don’t really expect her to.

In the meantime, I have contacted my second choice* graduate school to get information on what coursework would be required of me and what classes would transfer to them.

You know, if I had a car, or didn’t mind taking the bus home through downtown St Paul at 10pm, I might consider a class at Metro State. I don’t even remember if they have any that would work with my schedule, though, since I remember checking the bus schedule and learning it would take me an hour to get home. And, as we discussed Thursday night, most of the other options aren’t really convenient to me either – both U campuses are awkwardly located (bus-wise from my house).

If the unfortunate conclusion I have to draw ends up being taking yet another semester off… it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I could actually have my act together much sooner for Spring semester classes. Maybe there would be more options then – who knows, St Paul College’s spring course schedule isn’t available yet. I won’t die, and it won’t even really set me back that far, all things considered. It’s just frustrating because I was getting soooooo close to starting.

Correction, I am so close to starting. Let’s remain positive for the time being, shall we?


Had a nice conversation with Alison last night. The baby kicks her constantly. She had a good birthday. The usual sister stuff.

Also, we have an all-staff meeting this afternoon. But, I will remember to go to the Farmer’s Market beforehand, which is something I’ve barely gotten to do this summer. So that’s exciting.

Finally, I did eventually write that woman back about the website design, and they still need someone. She’s going to call me to talk about details. We’ll see how that goes.

Today’s Frustration

So, of the two history classes that Hamline will let me transfer from St Paul College being offered this fall, my options are to take the Thursday night one (which I’d prefer not to do) or to do it online, which I didn’t want to do for a history class (economics, however, I’d gladly take online).

Which originally had me questioning if I should just give up on Hamline, since Bethel will let me transfer several of the other classes. Looking into it further, however, that doesn’t actually give me any more choices for a class this fall, unless I take one during working hours.

So do I give up on St Paul College then? Try something besides history? Take another semester off? If I take a class at Metro State, transportation home from a night class is a nightmare. (And even with the addition of a bike in my life, there’s a freaking huge hill to be surmounted from downtown up to my house, and things get cold and icy around November, and that just doesn’t seem like a viable option.) (Furthermore, even if I owned a car this wouldn’t help, since I’d have to bus to Metro State directly from work, and then bus home anyways.)

Will somebody please just tell me what to do? I’m tired of being a grown-up and having to make these decisions for myself. I’m tired of putting my life on hold, tired of my current job, tired of the frustrations that not majoring in anything transferable bring about….

If it were an option, I’d just take 9 months off from my job and enroll full-time at one of the local colleges and just get all that undergrad stuff out of the way. But seeing as how I’m not independently wealthy, and would feel incredibly bad leaving my current job…. that’s not going to happen.

Oh, plus, to muck up the waters more, the “tuition due date” is in 10 days. Of course, you can add a class up until 5 days into the semester, which gives me until about the 25th of August, at which point I could probably find most of the tuition for one class. August just kinda snuck up on me – this summer has gone by quickly, and I just haven’t been able to save the money up. Cuz, you know, rent and groceries are important.

Wow, what a whiny sob story. My apologies. All in all, it’s not a huge problem, given all the things that could be wrong in my life. I could be starving or homeless or an unwed mother or dying of an incurable disease or in an abusive relationship or… I could go on. So really, this whole “difficulty starting down the path to a new career” problem is just a speed bump.

And I know Amanda is just going to pipe in here and tell me to contact Pastor S about the website designing job, because that could pay for a class right there (potentially, or at least pay for a credit), and she’s right, I should (I’ve been avoiding doing so all week). But that still doesn’t clear up scheduling conflicts and general frustration with my options.

It’s really just too bad that my first career option made me so unhappy, since I actually enjoyed doing it (if that doesn’t sound contradictory, I don’t know what does). Maybe if I knew how to work a crowd or schmooze or play along or didn’t have strong opinions and ideas about all things church-related, I wouldn’t have gotten so burnt out so quickly. But that’s a lot of maybees. And maybees don’t really get me anywhere, do they.

I don’t regret my undergraduate degree choice, or the five years post-college I spent in ministry. I had a great time in college, made great friends, learned a lot, and grew as a person. And all of my jobs after that, at least I learned something about myself, if nothing else, and I grew a lot spiritually (for a while, at least). I was doing what I was supposed to do (I mean that God-wise, not society-wise). And I don’t regret taking the last year off. It meant I could emotionally recover from that last job, and spend more time with Prince Charming and my friends, and could relax and have free time for the first time in a looooong time. I’m just getting frustrated that the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel seems to be fading, getting further away, instead of closer like I want it to be. Like quicksand, slipping through my fingers and out of my grasp.

[Editor’s note: I’m not actually having a bad day, nor am I in a bad mood. Just needed to get that rant into words and out of my head. Plus, this way, I don’t have to rant separately to the three of you who I know read this. Lazy, I know.]


I had a whole slew of dreams last night – I kept waking up and realizing that I’d dreamt about yet another weird subject. I dreamt about… Prince Charming, and Dawson’s Creek (I was actually in that world and one of the characters, though I couldn’t tell you who), and wasabi, and… other weird things. Clearly, Chubby Hubby right before bed can be harmful to your sleep. (Yes, I’m sure there’s a “your mom” joke in there somewhere, and I’m sure it’s dirtier than anyone wants to put into writing.)

Everything that needed to be done to get ready for camping has been. I did a bit of laundry last night, cleaned out the fridge, made up trail mix, pulled the rest of the stuff that’s at my house together in a nice pile at the end of my bed… I even remembered to turn off the alarm clock feature of my TV, and my speakers, and my computer. Wow.

Matea was fully of whoring-goodness this morning. If I could bring her camping, I would. But I think the quantity of “strangers” and dogs, as well as the long car trip, makes that impossible. Oh, but she was trying hard to be cute and make me feel guilty for leaving her. At least with kids, you can explain to them that you’re coming back and they’ll understand, so even if they give you the puppy dog eyes and the pout or even cry, you can reassure them and it’s all good. Cats, not so much.

I think its going to be a long, boring day at work. Again. But I get to leave a tiny bit early, to catch a bus to Minneapolis, to meet Prince Charming & co. for dinner and a movie. And then it’s sleep and grocery shopping at Cub and off for camping! I don’t feel like I desperately need a vacation (like I did a few weeks ago), but maybe that’s just because it’s all planned and almost here. I like the idea of being on vacation and not feeling… so desperately needy about the relaxation aspect. Kinda like a bonus. Maybe it’s the hammock – every night I get a mini-vacation.

Speaking of which – has anyone ever given themselves a pedicure while in a hammock? Once you get past the awkwardness… it’s actually quite luxurious. You should try it.

How could I?

I don’t know how I forgot to post this yesterday, but… I walked past the strangest thing on the way to the bus stop yesterday morning. Now, in the city, you know you can see all sorts of things if you keep your eyes open. And what did I see, you ask? A pregnancy test, just laying there on the sidewalk. Not in the box or anything. No, I didn’t get close enough to find out what the results were. Ew. Still, it was strange, and a bit funny.

Deep sigh of relief

Well, after spending the last hour re-tracing my steps and making alternate arrangements for my ID badge and bus pass that went missing, and finally accepting that I was just going to have to wait for someone to return it… that’s what’s happened. They apparently decided they wanted to work in one of our field offices, and defected from my belt clip right outside the office across the street (yes, we have a field office kitty-corner from our Administrative offices, and yes, I walk by it everyday, and no, I don’t know anyone who works there except over email, and no, I don’t think that’s odd). So someone picked it up, brought it in to them, they called me, and I’m back in business. I literally had the temp bus pass for five minutes. But I am relieved, especially since my bus pass picture is hideous, and I didn’t like the idea of that floating around.

So yay! I sent a thank-you email and everything.

I completely and entirely missed the Farmer’s Market today, so I guess Prince Charming and I are having frozen vegetables tonight with dinner, or a strictly-iceberg-lettuce-salad, or… to the chagrin of our mothers, no veggies. Well, I do need milk, but I don’t like going grocery shopping on Thursdays, since then I tend to be gone for the whole weekend and everything that was fresh… isn’t when I return.

It is h-o-t outside! Well, relatively speaking. I wore a short-sleeved shirt today with pants, and had to put on my sweater here at work, and then when I wore it out for coffee, I was baking. Makes me not want baked chicken and rice so much tonight. But I’m hungry, so it’ll be good anyways. At least it’s not 90* out.


(said in the same tone of voice as Ben Affleck in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” when he says, “a-ha, I wasn’t with a hooker today!”)

I have an idea of what my birthday gift from Prince Charming might be. He’s been giving me hints since Friday, and I really hope that tomorrow’s hint will totally invalidate my idea, since I don’t want to know beforehand. Why was I thinking about it, then? Well, I was riding the bus home and hadn’t planned appropriately, so I was without iPod and book. Tonight, Amanda and Liz had my hint, and when put with the others, and an important clarification of one of the hints I was remembering incorrectly, and an incident that happened a week ago that, if I’m right, was a totally sneaky thing that someone did (and something I totally would have done, and in fact, is similar to things I’ve done to get the information I wanted from the receiver without them knowing)… my mind kinda put some things together. I hope tomorrow’s clue shows I’m totally off, because now that I’ve got an idea, I can’t think of any other possibilities.

And if I’m right, it’ll go to show why I don’t like surprises (primarily that I figure out what’s going on before it happens, and then I have to just play along anyways, and that’s no fun), and why, when planning a surprise for me, one must be very sneaky and actually keep it a secret. Because I’ve been known to figure these things out. I may not be observant all the time, but when someone’s keeping something hidden, I tend to sense it. Maybe it’s because I spent so many years trying to hide things from my parents. Who knows.

And no, I won’t tell you what I think it is. If I’m right, then I might just gloat about it later. And if I’m wrong, I won’t tell anyone what I thought it might be, because that just seems like a bad idea.


As I was talking to Boss and telling her that Mom decided to take the job and is moving up here, I started to think about all the changes that have happened in my life in the last two months. And once I looked at the list, I was a little amazed that I didn’t totally break down at some point. Sure, there were some rough moments, a few relatively-minor freak-outs, but in general, I did OK.

To recap:

  • Too a trip to Chicago with Prince Charming for sightseeing and meeting (or re-meeting in the case of Mom) my parents.
  • Alison and Josh are pregnant and will be giving my first nephew/niece in December.
  • Melissa moved out.
  • Lots of trouble finding a replacement for Melissa, but we eventually settled on Bryan.
  • I moved into Melissa’s old room, after a lot of cleaning and painting.
  • Karla found out she’s allergic to cats and decided to move out.
  • I looked for a replacement roommate and found Nikki.
  • Hit my tolerance level with Romeo and decided he needed to be adopted-out. Also, my fish Sir Poops-A-Lot died in a horrible bus-related incident. Check the archives.
  • Learned how to take the bus to Prince Charming’s house. For a while he worked 3 days a week out in BFE, and is now finally not doing that anymore.
  • We lost cable, did without it for a month or so, and then got it back.
  • Mom decided to move here, applied for a job, came up and interviewed, looked at houses, was offered the job, and accepted it. Whew! That should count for more than one bullet point.
  • Lastly, at some point in the last 2 months, I totally became OK with turning 28, which will happen in 2 weeks. Guess it just seemed minor in comparison to everything else. I did, however, decided that I get to stay 28 until I look like I’m 28 years old. So… it could be years.

And that’s just the big stuff. Not to mention the usual everyday stresses, goings-on, parties, work stuff, holidays, birthdays, etc.

Whew! I should be tired.

Good News!

So, the good news is that the new roommate doesn’t have a problem with the potential roommate I interviewed last night having a dog. So, I’ve got to talk to the landlords, but it looks like I’ve got the new new roommate figured out. That was way too easy. I’m a bit skeptical. We’ll see. She was really cool though. She came over at six and stayed until seven, just talking. She liked the place, was good with the cats, and the interaction wasn’t just “OK” (like “no warning bells went off, it’d be alright if she lived here”) but fantastic (like “I want to be her friend even if she doesn’t live here”). Amazing. My cats are just going to have to be OK living with a dog and another cat. Plus, after talking with Karla, we decided to get DSL and do a wireless network that will cover the house and then she’ll split the costs with us as well, so four people buying into it makes it really affordable. And I set up a cable install for next Tuesday. Lots going on. Plus, I finally brought Prince Charming’s grill to be returned to Amazon to the post office today. They’re paying for return postage, but it was more the hassle of bringing the really big box all the way downtown on the bus, because the box Amazon shipped it in was huge – didn’t fit in a 13-gallon kitchen garbage bag. Conveniently, I caught the 65 this morning, which is usually not very crowded (instead of the 21, which often is), so the box could have a seat all to itself. And tomorrow, I promise to mail off the baby blanket to Sarah and baby Charlie.

Oh, and then I went all crazy in the kitchen and did some major cleaning/rearranging. Pulled everything out of about half of the cupboards (can’t do it all at once – that’d be crazy) and put it where it made sense, wiped down things, left out everything that I didn’t know who it belonged to…. Karla came home and we put away what she owned, and then everything else went into bags for Goodwill. Four large grocery bags, to be exact. And that wasn’t even all the cupboards. Big trip to Goodwill. Their donation center is open next Monday, so hopefully Prince Charming will be willing to take a trip over there to dump off stuff (I haven’t asked him yet though… whatdya think, sweetie?). Cleaning out the house….. Such fun. Oh, I needed to bathe afterwards, though. Some of the stuff was soooooo gross. Most everything is down from above the cupboards and fridge – kitchens are generally just too gross to leave stuff out of the cupboards. Grease and dust and cat hair make for a pretty potent combination. Tonight I’m tackling under the sink, and maybe the rest of the cupboards. We even found space for cookbooks! It’s revolutionary, I tell ya. Now if I can only find a spot for my bread machine… (it’s about an inch too tall for every single cupboard in the kitchen). And move some books from the hallway to the front room. You know, generally continue to make the house… not a craphole. Really, I live in a very nice place. It’s just that sometimes, if you look really closely, it would be easy to believe the opposite.

Alright, one more day at work this week (where I just got a new huge computer inventory database project) and then I’m off until Wednesday afternoon. Should be fun, or at least relaxing. Plus, Prince Charming is coming back from Kentucky tomorrow. Not like I would have seen him normally anyways, but it’ll still be nice to have him back.

Oh, Amanda, some sad news – Cali guy never called or emailed. So unless he shows up tonight (which I said he could just drop in), looks like I won’t be setting you up on any blind dates. 🙁


Nothing much to say today, but I thought I’d be a good blogger and check-in, because I know my public demands it. Ha!

Had a nice time with Amanda last night – we closed Michaels (that is, we stayed until they kicked us out). Apparently, large white picture frames are just not popular and I am the only person on the planet that wants one. And, note to self, must go to Michaels from now on instead of JoAnn for yarn (cheap yarn, that is, because the really good stuff has to be bought at the Yarnery). Much better selection (same stuff, just more colors and varieties). And she brought over some crochet books for me, and looked at my stuff, and apparently I’m doing fine. Yay.

And then I went to bed. As immediately as possible. After setting both alarms on my alarm clock and the alarm on my cell phone and the “wake up call” function. Because I didn’t want to miss the bus to Rosedale this morning.

I didn’t, either. I got up and did my hair and makeup and even put on a skirt. I even got breakfast. (OK, breakfast in my purse that I could eat on the bus, but whatever.) I felt pretty good about that. I even had to wait a few minutes for the bus to show up.

The meeting today went OK. I don’t have much to say about it. And now I’m here at work. And bored. Maybe I’ll go get some coffee. I think I’ve earned it today. Really. I did 14 pages worth of typing in four hours of meeting. That’s gotta kick some sort of butt.

Blahdiddy blah blah blah

Well, Mom officially has a job interview two weeks from today. They’re flying her up here for a long weekend, so we can finally have that family dinner that we missed out on last time due to the impending snow storm. And she wants to see my “new” place, which means I have this strong desire to do as much home improvement as possible in the next two weeks. Which is… not very much, to be honest. Because there’s no way that shelving is getting put up. Hopefully I can get the kitchen reorganized and the bathroom clean. I think I can be happy with that. As I was laying in bed last night I realized that the yellow paint job looks spectacular and I’m really happy with it. I do have a tiny bit of extra time this week because Prince Charming is in Louisville all week for work. But all that really means is that I definitely have Thursday night free, since that’s about all I get to see him during the week anyways. Tonight’s goal: sweep off side porch and front steps, and centralize all potted plants (or rather pots for plants, since none of mine have life in them) on side porch. Maybe some more spray painting.

Went over to Liz’s house on Saturday and helped her paint her bathroom yellow while Prince Charming was at a poker tournament (or, at least, was supposed to be, but then it was shorter than he thought so he went and got a fun new toy and played with that all afternoon while I was with Liz). We went to Game Day and managed to play LOTR Risk for 6 hours. Who thought up that level of hell? Seriously. Having never played Risk before, most of us didn’t know what we were getting into, and Prince Charming was the only one who had played and didn’t figure out until we were well into the game that the way it was set up meant there was a looooong game ahead with no end in sight. We helped some friends move Saturday morning as well – definitely the easiest move I’ve helped with in a long time.

I think I overdid it on the walking last week, because my right ankle has been hurting since Friday. I should have wrapped it this morning. Oh well. So I’m taking it easy this week (aka riding the bus instead of walking to/from work).

I started the sweater to go with the baby hat this weekend too – cute little turquoise and white stripes, with buttonholes and everything! I like this project.

It’s boring at work today and I’m on phones for a while. Bah.

Dove Promises

Yesterday morning on the way to the bus stop, my Dove Promises wrapper said, “It’s definitely a bubble bath day.” I thought that was a bad omen (I’m sure it was supposed to be comforting). And I was right. Yesterday just sucked. The new roommate dropped by last night to leave a bike, and we had a nice talk for about half an hour. I talked to Prince Charming on the phone and worked on the baby hat while watching season finales of CSI and Without A Trace. I got probably 2/3rds of the way done with the hat. Then Karla came home and gave me some bad news. She’s been sick for the last few months, and finally learned from a doctor that she’s developed an allergy to cats. The guy in the 3rd floor apartment is moving out, and she’s moving in there. She was very apologetic – she doesn’t want to move, likes living with me, likes the cats. But her health insurance is screwing her over on prescription medications – she spent almost $100 this week getting them filled – and just a month’s worth. So I totally understand. But it still means I have to start looking for a new roommate again. Almost feel like I can’t catch a break.

Normally when I get stressed about stuff like that, I clean. But since I’ve just moved, my room is pretty orderly, and it was after 11, and there’s only so much cleaning one can do late at night. So I stayed up and finished the baby hat instead. And popped in “You’ve Got Mail.” Comfort stuff. (OK, I ate some fudge too.)

This morning’s wrapper said, “Stop thinking about it.” Handy, since my every waking moment since she told me was consumed with thoughts about it. So I’m going to try. Not really worth it to try to post something today about the opening. Might as well wait until Monday.

I walked to work this morning. That wasn’t the plan, but the bus I was trying to get on was early, and as I watched it drive by…. The next one wasn’t coming for another 22 minutes, so I started walking. And got to my office without one passing me. I actually walked to work faster than waiting. And now I’m tired. I walked home yesterday, Tuesday as well, and Wednesday I took a detour up the big Grand Ave hill all the way down to the Yarnery and back. I figure I’ve walked about… 10 miles this week (did you know it’s 2 miles from work to my house?). Explains why I’m tired.

Well, I’ve got to find a place in downtown Minneapolis to eat dinner at tonight. Off to go use Google Maps!

It is with great sorrow that I report to you…

Sir Poops-A-Lot is dead. Milton Waddams and the plecostamus (or however that’s spelled) are still alive and looking good, if not a tad traumatized. I’m partly to blame, but it’s partly the crappy bus driver’s fault. So as I was cleaning out my fish tank, I moved the fish into the water I’d set out the night before to de-chlorinate. And when it was finally all ready, I poured them into the new tank. Surprise, surprise, the bucket of water only filled the tank up about 2 inches deep. So my fish were… well, cramped, to say the least. But I didn’t have any AquaSafe. And Sir wasn’t looking too good. Well, quick decision, I decided I needed to trek out to PetSmart. So I put my shoes on, grab my purse, and get myself out to the bus stop. And I’m about… nine or ten minutes early for the 8:11. I’m waiting patiently, albeit anxiously. Finally, I see the bus coming down the road. And as it gets closer, it’s not slowing down, not pulling over to the curb, nothing. I’m standing right underneath the “Bus Stop” sign, it’s still light out, and I’ve got my bus pass in hand, clearly waiting. And she barrels by. She even looks over at me, doesn’t even bother to slow down. She doesn’t even wait up at Dale the obligatory few minutes since she was early (because I started walking down there to wait under the cover, since rain was threatening, and I could have made it onto the bus if she’d stayed there until 8:11, but she pulled away at 8:09). And when did the next bus come? Oh, 8:31. So I called Mom and had a nice talk with her. And I will be contacting customer support, because that kinda just screwed me over, you know? I got in and out of Pet Smart as soon as possible, back on the bus, and home, but it was too late for Sir. The other two seem to have recovered nicely. I think I’ll have to get Milton a friend (since the plecostamus isn’t terribly friendly, and a night owl, so they have different schedules, and, well, just the one goldfish looks kinda silly in that big tank).

After the fish tank was full of de-chlorinated water, I had to shower, because the cleaning of the tank had been sooooo disgusting. You don’t even want to know.

And then I pulled out the work laptop I borrowed, and discovered there’s an unsecured wireless network connection within range. Fun. And here we are.

But I should get myself to bed. I’ve got 2 more rows to knit tonight, and have to be down at the Science Museum by 8 tomorrow. Memorials for Sir can be left in the comments.


Everyone’s left for the day and I don’t have any work I can do right now (there are, you know, those ongoing projects, or those things that would take hours that I don’t have time for) and it’s so quiet in here. And I’m stuck here because my bus doesn’t leave yet. (And surprisingly, sitting here bored is preferable to standing outside at the bus stop. It’s cold out!)

I’m looking forward to the weekend, even if there’s nothing slated. Tuesday morning I woke up and thought, man, is it Friday yet? You know it’s going to be a bad week then. So all week it just felt like time crawled by. I think it’s because there’s been so much to do and I’m anxious to get it all done, but want to get it right. And that takes time. And I’m feeling impatient.

Have a great weekend! Maybe I’ll let Prince Charming teach me some Visual Basic. We’re such an exciting couple! (You know you’re jealous.)