The joys of at-home hair coloring and 1GB of memory on the digital camera

Well, Tuesday night, Amanda and Liz and I gathered at Amanda’s apartment to color my hair. I’d like to insert that red hair always shows up… redder in pictures, or at least mine does. I really was getting quite faded, and had horrible roots. Whatever. Well, last weekend I bought a 1GB memory stick for my digital camera, because it was a ridiculously good deal and I had a little extra spending money. We decided to give Liz the responsibility of photographing the event, since she really only came because she thought it would be entertaining. We won’t talk about how annoying she was… (you know I love you!). Let’s just say that out of the 100 photos she took, these 12 are the only ones that I kept. (Though, really, the pictures of your feet and side profiles were quite interesting, but 4 megapixel shots of my butt really aren’t making it out there into the world.) Technically, you can click on the pictures for the large versions, but why would you? They’re huge!

Applying the hair dye.
Oh, what fun!
Yes, this is really messy!
Randomly… the frog in Amanda’s apartment
Are we done yet?
OK, someone’s having a little too much fun.
Taking a break in-between coloring and highlighting for dinner. Notice my healthy plateful of Cheetos? (Yes, I ate a burger and veggies before that.)
After the highlighting. Look at my roots! A did a great job!
The official “After” photo.
Amanda and Liz having a little fun while I rinse out my hair.
Taking advantage of the timer function on my camera… here we are.

And… the side-by-side comparison [removed]. As it dried (in the after picture my hair is quite wet), it got a lot lighter and blonder, so you can’t tell really much of a difference yet. Hopefully I’ll take some good pictures on vacation this weekend and you’ll be able to tell better.

People are weird

While out for coffee, a stranger walking by told me I have pretty red hair. A much more welcome surprise than Wednesday’s, where a council member of about six months asked disappointedly why I’d changed my hair color because she liked it so much better the other way. I was so… caught off guard that I probably not-too-politely told her I’d been using the same box of hair color for the last year, and that last time perhaps Alison and I hadn’t put in as many highlights as usual, but it’s definitely the same color (except that my roots are starting to show again).

?? What exactly would the right response have been?? Anyone, anyone, Bueller?


It’s just a tad too windy for someone with my particular hair to be out and about. I’m either blinded or I’m pushing it out of my face every two seconds. But I’ll take the wind over rain.


If I thought it would photograph well, I’d post a picture of the hair I just pulled out of my head with 5, count them five, split ends in it. It’s a work of art, really. Makes me wonder why it was holding on at all.

You can just be grossed out without the picture though.


I just called to schedule a haircut (getting really tired of the split ends – they’re quite… artistic these days), and it was either today at 2:30 or not until the end of next week. And when I get the bug to get it cut, it needs to be done now. Conveniently, Boss is letting me off for the afternoon. Yay! Just feeling a bit rushed now. Plus, I would have worn a different shirt today if that had been part of the plan (since the turtleneck isn’t exactly the best for haircuts, but whatever). Now I definitely have time for all I need to do today (since a trip to the Yarnery was also slated). Maybe even some yoga (because my neck still hurts).

How about that?

How nice, that when I’m quite sure I’m having a bad hair day, someone walks up to me and tells me how pretty my hair is and that they’d like to trade with me. So it must only look bad to me. That’s alright.

I need to remember that where I sit in the Omnimax theatre is very important. Blech. Poor planning of seating just causes… nausea. The beavers were cute. The cosmic voyage was good (though, as discussed last night, had a very strong slant on evolution/big bang, which was partly expected but a little overwhelming). The second was narrated by Morgan Freeman. Lots of panning across landscapes or the cosmos in both, however, that just meant I didn’t watch large portions. I learned stuff though. I don’t know which shows are tonight, or if I’m up to it again. I’m quite tired.

Afterwards we went out to Joe’s Crab Shack (a fantastic treat, since I never go there anymore). We learned that Margarita Kelly (MK) is not nearly as much fun as Wine Kelly (WK). [Editor’s note: it really should be WWK – White Wine Kelly – because RWK – Red Wine Kelly – is just asleep on whatever horizontal surface she can find. WWK is your friend, though.] Both MK and WK have the same thoughts cross through their minds. But MK is able to stop and think, wait, you don’t really want everyone to know that thought, do you? Keep your mouth shut. WK just shares freely, and is generally amused while doing so. Who knew? We sat down in the booth and Liz said, what interesting things will MK tell us? Sadly, I don’t think I entertained them nearly as much as I could have. But then again, I was the only one drinking, so maybe…. There were quite a few “your mom” jokes thrown around, and even a hint at a “your grandma” one. And our waiter was… well, he wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, and even said so himself, which was probably supposed to be charming but… wasn’t. We weren’t sure exactly who he was trying to flirt with (really, we were each hoping that it was not ourselves), but he wasn’t successful. Sad for him.

And then MK went home and knit. Because there’s now a baby. And it’s still going to take me a million years to finish this blanket. I also re-installed towel hooks in the bathroom.

I have no food in my house, which is quite a sad state of affairs. Actually, there’s not any edible food in the house. There’s lots in my drawer in the fridge, and all of it needs to be tossed. OK, 90% of it. The aloe can stay. And the cheese Prince Charming gave me. I should go to the co-op tonight. Because I think I’d like to eat dinner. It sounds like a good idea.

Speaking of food – any good suggestions for hand-held food for boys? I’d like to feed Prince Charming and his dad as his bathroom is re-tiled, and food that can be held in one hand (or at least doesn’t require odd utensils like chopsticks and fondue forks) have been requested. Anyone?


Well, my biggest fear today was that I would completely forget to stop in at Field’s and get nylons. Mission accomplished, I now feel like the rest of the day will just run itself. It may not sound like a big deal, but it’d be rather inconvenient to try to get my hands on some after work but before Prince Charming’s work thing. And as fun as wearing a dress in frigid temperatures sounds, bare legs sounds like even less fun.

So I come back from my coffee break and on my desk is a stack of photocopies of… stories of people with disabilities. I’m guessing that they’re for next week’s meeting as a handout, but there’s no note on it and no email in my box. Why do people do things like that?

I desperately need a haircut. My girl was booked today, otherwise I’d be taking off early to get one before dinner. I should schedule an appointment for next week, before I pull out all of my hair (can’t help it – I see a split end, I gotta get rid of it). But it’s so long! You can especially tell when it’s straight (like today) – coulda fallen over when I saw it in the mirror this morning. (Hey, my hair and I have a love-hate relationship. I gotta be nice to it when it’s done something good. Positive reinforcement.)

Back to work. Bah.


I know you know what I’m talking about if I mention days where it feels like the whole world is out to make your life absolutely miserable. But today, I’m having one where it feels like perhaps maybe not everyone, but definitely quite a few people, are out to make me smile.

I haven’t been getting the love from Tammy, my barista, lately. She doesn’t say my name or remember my drink, and isn’t even cheerful. So I can only assume that something is going on in her life that’s not good, or that she’s unhappy in her job, or, quite possibly, both. Oh well. She still makes a mean White Chocolate Mocha.

But after getting coffee, I stopped in at Peterson’s for some popcorn (the 2-way mix is fabulous, even though I was skeptical at first of caramel corn and cheese corn together). Old Man Peterson (I haven’t actually been around downtown St Paul to know if that’s his name, but he’s very popular and everyone seems to know him) was at the register. He’s got to be at least 80, and today was quite the ladies man. First he asked if my hair was naturally curly, and then told the other lady behind the counter (presumably his daughter) how beautiful it was, and she agreed. (Not to sound ungrateful here, but if people are going to comment positively about my hair, that’s usually the extent of the comments, and they’re almost always identical.) He rang me up and then told me he had something for me. I would possibly have been shocked if I hadn’t watched him pull the exact same thing with the two ladies who’d been in front of me in line, since I’m not a regular at all (I’ve probably gotten popcorn less than a dozen times in my 3 years here). He said he was giving me his heart, and then pointed to some foil-wrapped chocolates in front of the register. So cute.

Then I stopped in at Anchor Bank. They’re not my bank, but they’ve got good customer service and never have lines, since they’re new in the building. The girl behind the counter, who I’ve had before, was just all smiles and was acting like it was her job to make me happy, even though all I wanted was a roll of quarters.

So there you have it. Thought I’d point out some of the positive things in the world around me, since I’m so good at talking about all the negative things.


Thrilling day, let me tell you. This afternoon, our server has been in and out, so working with files has been… interesting. I was safe in Access, but didn’t dare try Word.

So I’ve been typing into Access (don’t I wish there was a better way, but the original Word document is not set up so that copy-paste is even plausible) a list of EVERY SINGLE CITY IN MINNESOTA. That’s right. Doesn’t that sound fun? No, I won’t know much more Minnesota geography than I do right now when I’m done, but I’ll certainly be more familiar with the names of places, even if I couldn’t put them on a map.

Target tonight (I’m outta conditioner – what a tragedy!) and then house-cleaning. Don’t really need to be embarrassed by the state of my house at brunch on Saturday. I mean, certain people I don’t care, or at least I know they understand or they don’t care themselves, but strangers and acquaintances… yes, I do care about appearances. So sue me. Plus, the house just gets gross from time to time. Vacuuming up all that cat hair. And while I rarely use the kitchen… I’d like to cook in a clean one, especially when cooking for others. So, yeah.

That’s my exciting life. What “thrilling” things are you doing tonight?

So Fooey on Them!

I grew up in the Color Me Beautiful era of makeup/beauty/fashion. What this meant was that as a child with strawberry-blond hair (and really, emphasis on the blond, it’s just that Alison and Dad were white-blonds and Mom is a brunette, so I really stood out), it was considered a faux pas to wear any number of colors. For instance, red, orange, yellow, and pink. Navy was generally the color I ended up in, or lavender (because when Alison and I had matching outfits, which happens when your mom makes most of your clothes, and yes, there are pictures, but they’re all in Illinois; she was the one in pink and I was the one in lavender). By junior high, neon colors had become popular, and then I got to wear hot pink, but really, very few people actually look good in neon, and I’m glad that phase passed quickly. As time went on (also known as puberty, or the age of hormonally-induced insanity), my hair gradually got redder and redder. (Of course, at some point I started coloring it as well, but these days I color it about the same color as my roots used to be before they started going brown, and you can see my natural color in my pictures from Arizona after I chopped all my hair off and it all grew back in au naturel. No, I won’t link to those pics, because as far as I’m concerned they’re hideous and I’d rather forget I ever had short hair. But this is a really long tangent.)

Well, that was a really long intro to basically say… they were all wrong. I can wear red, and some oranges (let’s be honest, very few people look good in orange and yellow). And best of all, I can wear pink. Baby pink. And I look good in it. And it makes me happy. Especially when my boss tells me that I look pretty today. It’s all the baby pink mohair, I’m telling you. It makes anyone look and feel pretty. Well, maybe not everyone.

(I’m trying to focus on things other than my dying coworker, about whom we just got news today. So pardon me if my posts are shallow and frivolous, but it’s how we’re going to get through today.)

Tuesday Twosome

  1. Would you die for your best friend? Would you die for a loved one? I think so, but we can’t actually be sure until we’re in the moment.
  2. What personality traits are you proud to possess? What personality traits are you ashamed that you possess? I have the bad habit of thinking about myself more than others. I am super-shy in unfamiliar social situations, to the extent that people think I’m a b*tch, which is really too bad, because they should wait to get to know me before deciding that. I am a patient person, though that is a trait I have had to learn over the years. I wish I wasn’t as high-maintenance as I am (I blame the hair). I’ve learned to hold my tongue and keep my temper in check, and I’m quite proud of that. I hope people would notice that I’m compassionate and loving and … not accepting of everything but tolerant nonetheless. And fairly open-minded.
  3. Would you rather have a mansion or a house? Would you give up your heart or your soul? Just a tiny little bungalow, thank you very much, where the upstairs is only the master bedroom and bath, and downstairs is everything else, and it fits just perfectly on one of those tiny lots in the city where there’s just enough space between houses that if yours was any bigger they’d be too close but they’re not. As far as the second part goes, to what/who am I giving up my heart or soul? If we’re talking about giving it up to a person, I’d give my heart as readily as possible (hey, I’m working on breaking down those walls and getting rid of baggage, but it’s not exactly an overnight process). I’d only give my soul to Jesus, though. So I guess “heart” it is.
  4. What are your two favorite flavors of ice cream? If you invented the next two ice cream flavors, what would you call it? Vanilla Bean (with the little brown flecks in it that make it look “authentic,” even though they’re probably fake), and at the moment Chubby Hubby (ooh, do I have some of that at home? I’ve got to check the freezer, because I think I do….). I have no idea what ice cream flavors I’d invent or what I’d call them. Something with animal crackers would be fun though, and the word “zoo” could be in the name.
  5. Would you ever want to walk on water? Would you ever want to walk through fire? I think that in a tropical locale where the water is that lovely shade of turquoise and you can see the white sand under the water, it would be cool to be able to walk on water. However, if we’re talking about Lake Superior and it’s dark black waters that scare the crap outta me, no thank you. And, at least metaphorically, I have walked through fire. Real fire? Eh, it might be cool, but I bet it’d be a let-down. I mean, what do you gain by walking through fire? At least walking on water you’d see some cool stuff.

Borrowed Meme

from Such a Pretty Face

  1. Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought: (in reverse order) White Chocolate Mocha, haircut, dozen eggs, hair dye.
  2. Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink: White Chocolate Mocha, Coke, milk, water.
  3. Last Time You Cried? Last weekend over really stupid commercials on TV (OK, not gushing tears and sobbing, but I got a little teary-eyed).
  4. What’s In Your CD Player? There’s a whole bunch of stuff on my PDA that I’m tired of and need to get my act together and rejuvenate the list. Yesterday I listed to my “Crush” mix CD.
  5. What’s Under Your Bed? a whole bunch of cat hair, summer clothes, and gift-wrapping supplies.
  6. What Time Did You Wake Up Today? 7:34 a.m.
  7. Current Hair? Loreal Couleur Experte #6.4, Ginger Twist.
  8. Current Clothes? Teal sweater, grey Limited skirt (that ends just past my knees, oddly), black loafers, and some other stuff. Oh, and silver oval-hoop earrings.
  9. Current Desktop Picture? autumn forest.
  10. Current worry? meeting that starts in 22 minutes – I have nothing to worry about, but I still get nervous.
  11. Current hate? that it’s supposed to snow this week (even if that does make Prince Charming deliriously happy)
  12. Favorite Places To Be? anywhere that feels like home, or where I can snuggle up and relax and feel loved.
  13. Least Favorite Place? high school.
  14. If You Could Play An Instrument? piano.
  15. Favorite Color(s)? beige, brown, green.
  16. How Tall Are You? 5’8″.
  17. Favorite expression? Crap.
  18. One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Talk To: I’m sure if I thought long enough about this, I’d come up with someone to talk to that would actually be therapeutic and/or helpful, but I’ve got nothin’.
  19. Favorite Day(s)? Any day off of work during the week.
  20. Where Would You Like To Go? Paris. Southern California. Texas might be cool. Or northern Minnesota (I haven’t been further than Duluth / Two Harbors).
  21. Where do you want to live when you get married? Um… with my husband. And preferably somewhere I don’t have to commute.
  22. Favorite food? chocolate.
  23. Color of most clothes you own: beige
  24. Number of pillows you sleep with? one or none (usually none).
  25. What do you wear when you go to sleep: it depends on the weather (and who I’m with – youth group retreats, for instance, demand a certain amount of covering, whereas if it’s the middle of August and there’s no breeze… well, you get the idea)
  26. What were you doing 12AM last night: Sitting in bed journaling
  27. How old will you be in 10 yrs: 37
  28. What do you think you’ll be doing in 10 years: Hopefully in a different job (teaching, which means I have to finish grad school, which means I have to start grad school, which means I need to get my act together), in St Paul Public Schools
  29. Do you have braces? not anymore (five years was enough, thank you)
  30. Are you paranoid? Not usually.
  31. Do you burn or tan? Whatever fuschia is considered. Or tomato red. Or the color of skin cancer.
  32. What is the brand of your wallet? No idea, but it was made in China.
  33. First piercing/tattoo? Ears, when I was 10, as a birthday gift from Dad.
  34. First enemy? Lindsay, a girl from school in fourth and fifth grades who was my best friend until I befriended someone else, and then she decided to turn all of my peripheral friends against me (they formed a club).
  35. Last person you yelled at? I can’t keep track of all the people I yell at in my head. Out loud? I try really hard not to lose my temper that way.
  36. Last crush? before Prince Charming, I suppose there was the guy from Betsy’s wedding, which was fun for a week or two.
  37. Last thing you ate? White Chocolate Mocha. Or if that doesn’t count, Dannon LaCreme yogurt in Vanilla.
  38. The last time you had sex it was…? imaginary? How am I supposed to answer that?


I’m sick. Just sniffly (though I’m sure by the end of the day my nose will be red from my prolific use of Kleenex… no wait, they’re Puffs Plus) and with a bit of a sore throat, though that’s subsided greatly since waking. I’ve attempted finding the exact specifications on the internet to use as leverage with my landlord (who isn’t withholding heat so much as just being lazy). Amanda said in Minneapolis the rule is it has to be 68* indoors within a 24-hour period. It hasn’t been over 61* in my house in a week. I’m sure this can be listed under cruelty. The cats are attempting to figure out how to dial PETA and complain about the mistreatment, but haven’t exactly gotten past their illiteracy and lack of opposable thumbs.

Amanda came over last night, and I was actually surprised she stayed as long as she did, considering the temperature of the house. It was good to catch up in person (instead of via phone or email). Liz is coming over tonight – her first day of work at the Science Museum, which is in my neck of the woods. I think I’ll make BLTs (sans T, of course) on wheat bread – yum! Liz loves bacon.

I must say briefly that my hair feels fabulous today. First day in… a week that it’s been curly. I am in need of re-dying it, and a haircut as well, but I suspect I’m the only person who actually notices that. I must also say that those of you with straight hair don’t know how good you have it. It’s been so easy for the last week to do my hair in the morning (or fix it mid-day, or change my mind), to be able to brush it, and I could probably have worn a hat if I’d felt so inclined without getting hat head on my way to work (it hasn’t been that cold yet, though). You should all know how lucky you are. That’s not to say that I don’t love my curly hair, because I do, because it makes me unique and individual (what is the probability of having red curly hair? it’s definitely a collection of recessive genes I’ve got going on), and people almost always remember me because of it (also makes it easy when meeting someone I don’t know somewhere, because the likelihood that I’m the only person there with red curly hair is pretty high, and then they can come find me so I don’t have to scan the crowd and feel all … high school lunchroom).

I’ve surprisingly had projects to do all morning. I sense that may not be true this afternoon, but I’ll take what I can get.

Yesterday I forgot to post my list of things I’ve never done (as a springboard for Prince Charming and I to find ways to spend time together. Here it is, in no particular order (starred items didn’t count in my tally of 5 that was requested):

  1. Rollerskating (actually, its just been a long time, but I’ve never been able to skate backwards well, if that counts)
  2. Kiss in the rain (great “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” moment)

    Screenshot from the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  3. Played poker (could also fill in with a multitude of video games)
  4. *Been arrested (though I’ve been threatened, and I don’t really ever want to be, so perhaps it doesn’t count for this list)
  5. *Gone to a poetry reading (though this doesn’t actually sound like much fun)
  6. Watched an actual horror flick (one that’s actually scary, not just “supposed to be”) (according to imdb, Jaws, The Birds and The Shining are horror films, but I those aren’t exactly what I was thinking of when I said “horror”)
  7. *Been back to high school since graduating (not really do-able for purposes of this list)
  8. Dressed up (not for work) for no particular reason
  9. Been ice skating at the Depot
  10. *There’s lots of things that could be added to the list with the simple add-on of the phrase “with a boy,” such as gone for a jog, cooked breakfast, re-written the lyrics of a classic song into some sort of parody, watched a sporting event (live or television, with the exception of the SuperBowl)….

What can you add to the list? (As in, what are some things you’ve never done?) Play along at home! Leave your comments below (feel free to list the numbers from my list of things you have done, if you feel so inclined).

I’ll never understand some people

I’m always a bit amused when I’ve straightened my hair that people’s first comments are “did you cut your hair?” or “did you color your hair?”

Let’s go for the obvious here. Or is curly hair just such an enigma for straight-haired people?

Dream Interpretation

I had a weird, albeit short, dream a few days ago, and after looking up the interpretation of it, it makes much more sense. Here’s what I got:

  • If your hair is knotted or tangled, then it is symbolic of uncertainty and confusion in your life. You may be unable to think straight.
  • To dream that you are combing, stroking or styling your hair, suggests that you are taking on and evaluating a new idea, concept, outlook, or way of thinking. You may be putting your thoughts in order and getting your facts straight.
  • Losing you hair also signify a lack of strength and that you do not possess the power to succeed in an undertaking. You may be feeling weak and vulnerable.

The sub-conscious is an amazing thing.

I’m off to go give blood!