Now with 30% less angst

Would you like, perhaps, a little more fun in today’s post? I thought you would. I have picture goodness to share with you, since I finally got everything uploaded to Flickr.

Yes, my hair is still straight. People are still talking about it. Apparently I look fab. I got hit on last night at the gas station. My scalp doesn’t hurt yet,* so I’m sticking with it as long as possible. It makes getting ready in the morning so quick!
Finally finished up the ironing, as you can see. It’s actually all put away,too. That nicely folded fabric, that is. The cutting table itself is still full of stuff. Yes, that is part of a Christmas decoration back there.

*As strange as it sounds (and believe, I know it sounds strange), my scalp usually hurts a few days after straightening it, but it goes away if I wash it and make it curly again. I know it doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t hurt right away, so it’s not “trauma” from the straightening iron. I think it might have to do something with combing my hair so the follicles are being pulled in different directions, but I’m not really sure.

Early a.m. news and some medical discussion (of girly things)

So… it was an early morning for some in my house. Prince Charming got up at 4 (!!!!) to do an early site release or something like that (saving grace: he gets to leave work at noon today). I woke up when his alarm went off, but missed it if he came back into the bedroom after he got up. I got up to my alarm at 5:45 all by myself (I’m such a grown-up!), showered, and discovered that I really need more time than I’ve been allowing in order to style my new haircut.

I’m loving the new haircut, though it means getting up at 5:30 (I think). Oh, by the way, Amanda, Kari says hi. She asked how you were, and I said I hadn’t seen you in a while. I’m assuming you’re good. Same with you, Liz. We’ll catch up on Saturday.

Back to the haircut… I got probably 3 inches cut off, but that amounted to about 1/3 of the volume of my hair. There’s so much less now! I mean, it’s dry already, if that gives you any clue. It’s usually not dry until noon. And it’s so much healthier and happier. So I think I have to give up coloring and highlighting it, which is sad. But it should help me get closer to my goal of growing it down my back. (Yes, I realize that getting three inches cut off takes me further away from this goal, but as I mentioned yesterday, sometimes a girl just needs a little change. It’s only 6 months worth of growth, and what’s six months when you’ve been growing your hair out for six years?)

They’ve turned the heat up to “sauna” level at work. Good thing I remembered deodorant this morning.

There’s been a lot of news this week about the pill, namely that it does bad things to you (but not so much so that you shouldn’t use oral contraceptives). This is disconcerting. To sum up, the pill may clog your arteries, and increase your risk for cervical cancer, and it has been previously reported that it may increase your risk of breast cancer.

Now, first and foremost, one should always practice safe sex, which for me means only inside the context of marriage, but for most people means using a condom. The pill doesn’t do that, so one would assume that most people are using it to prevent pregnancy (though this is not the sole or main reason in my case… more on that later). There are a few other ways to do this, all of which have their own issues. Some of which I’ve been interested in, but I don’t think that they provide all the things that I am looking for – I might need to discuss with a doctor on that though.

So breast cancer runs in my family, as we’ve discussed here several times (search the archives), and is a valid concern for me to have. There’s actually a high incidence of breast cancer in my family in unrelated members as well (notably Candyand my cousin’s wife, the latter of whom traces hers to fertility treatments, will not be able to have more children, and has been told is terminal within ten years). Regardless, as much as I’d like to think that the size of the girls makes it highly unlikely that I would get breast cancer, my aunt (who recently died of unrelated cancer) had a smaller chest than I do (as if that’s even possible) and had it. (Though, to note, you’d like to think that given their size, any growth or lumps would be noticeable, but I’m not sure this is the case. Why again don’t I do regular self check-ups? I should get on that. My doctor would yell at me if she knew I didn’t. Perhaps my girlfriends would too.)

I’m not so worried about the clogging of arteries, since I am in relatively good health where things like that are concerned. (Just like I’m not really worried that PCOS drastically increases your risk of developing diabetes, since I would have to gain 100 pounds to actually be at risk.) But the cervical cancer thing… one doesn’t really have a lot of control over that. Other than the STD part (the most frequent cause), which I have successfully avoided by only having sex with one person who has only had sex with me. I have just done some further research and it looks like this is not something I should have to worry about though, because the two main causes (the only two mentioned causes that I can find) of cervical cancer are HPV (which is an STD and, as previously mentioned, I do not have to worry about) and some drug they gave to pregnant women in the 1950s.

As previously mentioned, I don’t actually take the pill to prevent pregnancy. Well, I do now, but for the four years before I got married (as well as a stint in high school and college while insurance would pay for it) I was on the pill and I was not at risk of getting pregnant. I was at risk, however, of making it even more difficult for me to ever get pregnant, and in the interest of my future fertility, I went on the pill. I actually take it so that I have the privilege of being “normal,” by which I mean I get to experience a regular 28-day cycle, unlike my natural 6-month cycle (which is not actually as fun as it sounds). Being abnormal, when it comes to girly things like that, is quite bad.

Now as I look over all that I’ve written, I guess there’s not that much to actually be concerned about. I don’t have to worry about the recent bad press the pill has gotten because most of it is irrelevant, except for the breast cancer thing. But overall, for the average unmarried woman, this is not the greatest news ever. Bummer.

OK, I’ll let you get back to your lives now and think about other things. Maybe I’ll do some memes – Fridays are good for that.


I am getting really annoyed with all the spam comments on this blog. Really annoyed. Do other people have to deal with this? Why am I special?

We have a statewide staff meeting next week, Wednesday and Thursday, and seeing as how I work in the administrative office, things are quite hectic here right now. There are name tags and lunch tickets and folders and hotel reservations and on top of it all, because we’re a government office, we have Monday off, so there are really only two days left before the meeting. People are getting a little stressed out.

So the power steering pump on Prince Charming’s car died while we were in Illinois, and we just found out that it is going to take a truck full of money to fix it. Bummer. Guess we won’t be taking any spur of the moment trips to Atlantic City. Or, closer to reality, guess we just won’t have that credit card paid off as quickly as we hoped. What are you gonna do? He has to have a car. We live in the suburbs, you know. It’s just not practical or possible to live without one.

In unrelated news, I am getting all of my hairs cut tonight. I promised Prince Charming that it would still be below my shoulders and I would still be able to pull it into a ponytail (promised myself that, too, really). I need a change, but I still like my long hair. I searched the internet last night for styles since I couldn’t find the one I’d originally picked out (didn’t I blog about it though?). It’s really hard to search for curly hair styles, mostly because, well, they don’t exist. It’s not the internet’s fault. It’s the world’s fault. So I found several quasi-cute picture, also wigs like the original style, because they’re actually the easiest to search for. Unfortunately, there are about a bazillion ugly wigs in this world and two or three dozen cute ones. I feel sorry for people who need them, like Candy (I hear she has several, but I rarely see them because she doesn’t like to wear them unless she has to, so when she’s relaxing at home with family she just puts a hat on her bald head).

Anyways, they’re getting chopped today, and the only thing I’m really nervous about is that I’m going back to an old stylist that I haven’t been to in about three years, if not longer. She was a great stylist and I totally trusted her, and even got Amanda (and I think Liz now too) going to her. But when I moved into my old neighborhood, she was inconveniently located and it just seemed easier to find a stylist closer to my house. So I did, and I have been moderately happy with her since, but in the last year the magic is gone, so to speak. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the chance to go back to my old stylist, especially now that I have a car and I no longer live within walking distance of my other stylist. I had to wait, of course, until after the wedding, and I had gotten a haircut about a week and a half before the wedding, so I just had to bide my time. Consider it a right of passage, though. Almost all brides (that I know of, at least) chop off their hair shortly after their wedding. Something about growing it long for the wedding…. Then I’ll go back to growing it long.

At any rate, I’m getting a few inches cut off tonight, and I’m mostly excited. Also, it’s date night, which is always exciting, if simply because it means that I don’t have to do homework or answer my phone. That whole part about actually spending time with my husband is good too. We’re going to go get a gym membership, because some of us have let ourselves go since the wedding and haven’t adapted well to living with a car.

Note: while composing this post, three spam comments were submitted. Boo. I think it’s time to set up a filter in GMail so that I no longer get notified. It will just require intentionally checking the “comments awaiting moderation” cue on a regular basis so that new comments that are valid get posted. Why do some people have to ruin it for the rest of us? I need some more caramel nut clusters from Walgreens.

Random Superficiality

I am sorely in need of a haircut. Thankfully, it is after 10am and I can call the salon to schedule an appointment shortly, while on break.

Also, I was in need of new brassieres last week, so we went to Gap Body, who forever has my love and devotion after I bought my wedding bra there that practically gives me cleavage (those who have seen me know what a feat this is, and those who haven’t, well, the last time I was measured, Vicky’s told me I was a 34AA, which they don’t really sell, because only gymnasts and preteen girls wear that size). Vicky’s hadn’t lost my love entirely when I went off on this search in August for a strapless bra that didn’t look horrible, though I was unable to find anything in their store that fit that bill. But when that search was added with the rest of their catalog full of less-than-pretty clothing, sleepwear, etc (which has been sorely disappointing for the entire length of time that I’ve been looking for cute or attractive sleepwear that would be seen by a boy), I no longer desire to shop there.

Back to my original story… we went to the Mall of America and I went to Gap Body while Prince Charming went to drool in the Apple Store. I grabbed several things to try on and went into the dressing room. And came out shortly thereafter without a thing in my hand. I walked up to the register, waited for a moment, and then asked if I could be measured because nothing was fitting. In the good way. (Well, I guess if you are a already-voluptuous woman, it would probably be the bad way, but for those of us whose curves are defined by the way our bones stick out, it was the good way.) And apparently I’m now somewhere between an A and a B, and I was told to go try on B’s. Will wonders never cease? Just to get this out of the way, no, I’m not pregnant, and that’s not why the girls are miraculously a size larger. Don’t ask questions, you might scare them back to normalcy. Maybe God finally heard all my prayers from junior high through college. Who knows. Maybe that four pounds I put on last week (my weight has fluctuated a whole heck of a lot now that I live in suburbia – I don’t think I’ve fully adjusted to the schedule, living with a car, etc) was all in my chest?

At any rate, I am wearing one of my new bras today with a rather tight sweater, and I feel as though my chest is just sticking out there in the middle of the room. Do people who actually have large chests feel this way often?

There’s no way for men to relate to this story at all, is there. Sorry, to my 1.5 male readers. I just discovered that I have some new readers, or at least that I’ve been listed on a few blogrolls, and that’s nice. Very exciting. And, for some reason, someone got to my site yesterday by doing a Google search for “three ways to trigger a tsunami” (for which I now see I’m the second result, quite humorously). I’m sure they were quite disappointed in what they found. Also, my ranking on Technorati has finally gone up. It was a 3 before I moved to the subdomain, and then it was a 2 for a long time, and now it’s a 6! (To give you a frame of reference, blogs in the top 100 have rankings in the 20-30 thousand range.) So happy day!

This weekend in word pictures

I could have quickly and easily described my entire weekend with a few well-thought-out photographs. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any, so you’ll have to suffer through my wordy description of my weekend instead.

Friday night, while was out getting drunk with his friends (Editor’s sidenote: can someone please explain the idea of bachelor and bachelorette parties to me? I mean… guy proposes, so clearly he wants to get married. Girl accepts, so she probably does too. So why the need to celebrate singleness one last time? Is marriage really such a hideously awful idea that drunkenness is the only way to cope? Do most people foresee marriage as giving up all of their freedoms so that they’ll never be able to go out and have fun with their friends again? I just don’t get it.), I went to ‘s to help her paint. She detailed that experience on her blog, so I’ll just let that be. (Editor’s note to : thinks perchance primer would have prevented peeling. I don’t have any solutions for peeled paint patching, however. Can you sand it down (once dry) and then you wouldn’t have the 3D thing going on?)

Then I went tanning, or rather got some fake tan sprayed on me (it was very cold for some reason, which is quite unpleasant when you’re already buck nekkid in a tiny booth with a woman’s voice talking loudly to you). And bought some chocolate at Target. And… watched some bad TV and crocheted a really ugly purse (that I took apart the next morning) and… probably some other boring things that I can’t remember because… they were boring.

A large portion of Saturday was spent waiting for to recover from his previous night’s activities. I kept busy with crochet/knitting projects, more bad television, and unpacking some boxes. There are now photographs on display in two whole locations. Still no candles, because, well, I don’t actually live there yet, and marriage is a stipulation for candle placement in ‘s house. So I refrained. Oh, I also spent a large amount of time cleaning the fish tank. It was gross. I took a shower shortly afterward to remove said grossness because I didn’t even want to touch myself.

Another large portion of Saturday was spent loading most of the rest of my possessions into ‘s dad’s Bronco and then unloading them into the spare bedroom, which is now very full after the addition of my twin bed. What’s still at my house? My mattress, laying on the floor. My television, also on the floor. Five outfits for work. My computer, on the floor. Two under the bed storage boxes, two other shelf-organizy-type-things, my jewelry, my wedding-day supplies including reception decorations, some files, my bedside table, and some bathroom and kitchen stuff. And .

Sunday we spent a lot of time (some would say too much time) at Ikea, and considerably less time putting two of these together (in black-brown, the wider version). also bought me a step stool for the kitchen so I can reach things on top of the cabinets. And he’s nearly done fixing my dresser. (It’s amazing how much time it can take to fix something that I lived with in its broken state for so long.) It’s quite wonderful, all the work he’s put into it.

So, yeah. See, wouldn’t pictures have been better? And much shorter. Oh well.

Classes start tomorrow. And I have a hair appointment, which will be sad because I won’t go back to my stylist after this, and I liked her. But she wasn’t like the world’s best hair stylist or anything. And Kari is now back in my neck of the woods, instead of being up in Rosedale (plus I have a car), so maybe I’ll go back to her. I never had any complaints with her, and trusted her implicitly with my hair. I’m sure I also have many wedding related things to do. That’s what I’m doing next, looking at my checklist.


Mom was going to talk to her hairstylist last night about doing my hair for the wedding (since I made the error of not scheduling an appointment and now my stylist is booked, and ignoring my phone calls). Well, she did, and the lady kind of has an opening that day. But, get this, the stylist recommended I just do my own. Um… wtfreak? I know, I know, I’ve said myself that there’s no reason to panic about the situation because I could, in fact, do my own hair. But why would a stylist suggest this? Especially when I’m willing to pay her? Clearly, I’m going to have to look elsewhere. There are two other salons in my neighborhood to call. It’s not about not being able to do my own hair – it’s about letting someone else do it so I don’t have to stress about it, and getting pampered a bit. Like manicures and pedicures – I’m completely capable of painting my own nails, thank you very much, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do it for you.

Totally unrelated – this method for hanging pictures  [link removed] (found via Lifehacker) is genius! Why didn’t I think of it? I’ve done how many walls of photos?

Also unrelated – I have finally tried the McDonald’s Iced Coffee. It’s alright. I can see why people might like it. I, however, don’t actually enjoy it. It’s drinkable. It’s coffee. But… it’s lacking something. I’m not sure what it is, but something is wrong with it. But it’s a personal thing, so y’all might want to try it sometime, if’n you like coffee (which is, what, like one of my readers? how is it that I know so many people who don’t like coffee?).

Another unrelated detail – Dad called last night (again) to tell me that my grandparents are coming to the wedding, and that he and Candy are bringing them up here (even got them a hotel room next to theirs). He also said that Candy is having back surgery (herniated disk, nothing related to the cancer) on August 27th. They hope she’ll be able to make the trip up here, but it’s uncertain. If she can travel, they’ll have to stop every hour so she can get out and walk for 15 minutes. She’s not allowed to drive for a while, and can’t go back to work until November (she’s been on disability since June). Dad described Grandpa’s surgery last week as outpatient, and said that his last bout with pneumonia took a toll on him but that he’s doing well. I’m glad to hear it, but hope that Prince Charming and I can go down there for Christmas, especially since my aunt is sick as well (and Prince Charming wants to experience all that is Christmas Eve in the Johnson family, which is sure to disappoint).

Finally unrelated – I got a comment on this very blog yesterday from an old friend from college that I’d lost touch with. So exciting! We exchanged updates last night via email – it’s amazing how much there is to relate when you don’t talk to someone for five years. Susan (who probably didn’t even know she has her own name graphic, because I so rarely talk about her) goes in the category of friends from college who have a very special place in my heart (because there are also those friends from college that are just that, good friends and nothing more). Sarah is another. Kate would be, but we had that falling out and things have never been the same since, even though we did restore our friendship. Betsy is in the same boat, though we didn’t go to college together; we’ve been friends since high school when we attended the same church / youth group. Anyways, I’m thrilled to be back in touch with Susan (if you can’t tell, that’s a chick singing with a microphone).


This is why one (that one being me) should not make rash decisions regarding hair. You see, for the last month or so I’ve been trying to “use up” all the spare hair products I have laying around my house. At times, I can acquire quite a stockpile, usually because I find something I really like, and then someone comes out with a new product I just have to have, and before you know it I have four different kinds of curl cream sitting in a drawer, half-used. This is also where styling products that I tried and discovered don’t really work that well go to live. I can’t always remember which ones are which. So anyways. I’ve been trying to get rid of my stockpile so I don’t have to move it. Because I don’t like throwing away half-full containers of gel. And because I’m cheap and don’t have the money to buy the really good salon stuff right now.

This, of course, in hindsight, is one major reason that I have recently been hating my hair and desiring to chop it all off. The other one is the crappy shampoo and conditioner I bought on the way to Amanda’s house when she highlighted my hair. I bought Pantene on Monday. Forgot how much my hair looooves Pantene. We’re good friends again, me and my hair.

That doesn’t mean I might not end up chopping it all off shortly after the wedding anyways (much to Prince Charming’s displeasure, and several other people too, I think). But then it would just be because I need a change of pace. I have had the same hair goal for the last six years, so if I take a minor detour, so be it. Besides, the original goal was to have my hair in the middle of my back for my wedding (which, at the time I made the goal, was merely a figment of my imagination and nowhere close to reality). I’ve fallen a little short of that goal, but haven’t done all that bad.

Anyways… there’s a reason why this post is tagged “all things superficial.” I can’t be deep and profound all the time.

What a lovely day

Well, truthfully, it is a gorgeous day outside. However, I am inside at work, and don’t really want to be here today. It’s going to be a long day. I’ve been doing great with work all week, and then today hit and… I dunno. Bored and unmotivated.

However, just now, outside of Macy’s, an old man told me I was beautiful. I smiled politely and thanked him. Don’t hear that very often – I doubt anyone does. Except maybe Angelina Jolie. She probably hears a leveling amount of criticism though, too. And really, would you want to hear that all the time? Wouldn’t it cease to have meaning? I didn’t mean it to sound like a complaint. I happen to run into people every now and then who have set “making others smile” as their life goal. One of the guards at the info desk in our building is that way – first time I walk past him in a day, it’s smile and hello. Then every time after that, it’s “that’s a beautiful sweater,” or “enjoy your snack,” or “I really like those earrings.” It’s very sweet, and without fail it makes me smile. Of course, I don’t walk past him very often right now because I try to spend as much time outside, which means not taking the escalator short-cut

My hair feels really nice today. Which probably means that it looks like crap. But it feels really nice. (Had a haircut yesterday.) On my way home, I realized that while I’d had a dentist appointment, gone to work, gotten my hair cut, and done my grocery shopping, at no point in the day had I been more than 2 miles from my house. Which brought my thoughts in parallel with…

“Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life. Well, not small, but valuable. And sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it, or because I haven’t been brave? So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn’t it be the other way around? I don’t really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So good night, dear void.” -You’ve Got Mail

That was much more poignant last night, I promise. It doesn’t seem as deep of a thought in the daylight hours. C’est la vie.

I need a project at work. I could make one up, if only I could think of something that needs doing.

Um, yeah….

So I dyed my hair last night, right? I finally hit the proverbial wall and was fed up with it, and just did it. But… it didn’t exactly turn out to be the color on the box. It’s much… darker. It’s not bad, actually, and probably much truer to my now-natural color. Just… not what I was expecting. You’ll have to see it (and the box top for Clairol Nice n Easy #111) to understand.

You know, for years I dyed my hair myself. But for the past three or four, I’ve had Amanda or Alison do it. Last night, I did it myself again. Well, let me just say, it’s not nearly as easy as I remember. Or maybe I’m more of a perfectionist now. I don’t know. I did a fine job – I got all my roots, don’t have an odd spot where I missed color or anything, but man was it difficult to make sure that I was evenly covered. And washing out two boxes of haircolor (of which I used every last drop) takes a friggin’ long time in a regular shower. I was really missing ‘s shower with the removable head.

And I miss my highlights. There’s a reason why curly-haired women should have highlights. Otherwise, it’s all just one big mass of curls. I might need to remedy this situation, even though I had said I wouldn’t do highlights again until right before the wedding. I might not be able to take it.

But, as is always true right after dyeing one’s hair, mine feels fabulous. It probably looks pretty healthy too.

That was probably too long of a post on hair….

Wedding Planners work better when you use them

There’s been a lot of talk lately about wedding plans, but technically no actual planning. I need to get on the florist thing. Prince Charming said he would work on the photographer. We need to sit down and figure out what we want to eat so we can get a caterer. And then this weekend we need to talk to someone at the church about music. I haven’t had time to check the book yet to see if there’s anything else we need to book now – I carried it with me all day Tuesday but never touched it. Bummer.

I’ve got a haircut after work tonight, and I will be making an initial consultation on wedding hair options. Just want to run by my stylist what I’ve thought of so far – I need someone else’s honest opinion of what will look good, what is possible, what will look silly, etc.

Patience has been my mantra lately. Dress shopping on Sunday (and Monday and Tuesday subsequently short ventures through my Macy’s downtown on my lunch break) has made me want my own dress. You know, the white (ivory) one. There are an awful lot of prom (“special occasion”) dresses out there that are white. And quite beautiful. I want one! But, it’s worth it to be patient, for it to be the right dress. Mindful that it will be free (to me, at least) also. And tailor-made. I didn’t get that “ohhhhhh” feeling when we went wedding dress shopping two months ago, but the prom dresses certainly tickled my fancy. (I’m quite tempted to make a very inappropriate “your mom” joke here, but it’s very crude, and I’m sure you can figure it out for yourself. My apologies.)

I should be more tired than this

Last night, I got two loads of laundry done (my underwear drawer is restocked! TMI?), straightened up the kitchen, took out the recycling, studied for my exam (that was this morning – I think I did alright), and straightened my hair. All this, after 3 hours of sitting in class. I felt pretty good about that. Oh, and I did several “Super Difficult” Sudoku puzzles. My brain needed to work on something that wasn’t related to history.

My apologies to those of you I sent Valentine’s Day cards to – they will be late. I didn’t get them in the mail until yesterday afternoon.

I’m going out with Amanda and Liz tonight to the Thai place on Grand for “Singles Awareness Day.” I’ve never been there before. Prince Charming and I are celebrating by going out to dinner this weekend, and no gifts. Really. We’re in the process of planning a wedding and spending thousands of dollars on it – Valentine’s Day gifts just seem unnecessary.

Alison recently sent some really cute pictures of Grant to me – I have them in my purse if anyone wants to see them.

For the love

Really, I don’t need this. This, quite possibly, the most annoying level of “sick” possible. I’m congested, my throat is still scratchy/itchy like a bad wool sweater, and… that’s it. There’s really no justification in complaining. That’s not fair, I tell ya.

Last night, I did go to the co-op, because I had a sudden hankering for grilled cheese, and didn’t have any of the ingredients. And let me tell you, it was fabulous. Amazing. Possibly the greatest grilled cheese of all time. I know. Hard to believe. Maybe it was just because my chicken noodle soup was not very good (the garlic was too strong and I put in too much cayenne pepper), but it was practically a religious experience.

And then… I took a shower and changed into my pajamas. There’s nothing better than being in your pajamas at 8pm (and robe) and walking to the kitchen to find your [male] roommate that you almost never see. Right. I’m sure his thoughts were somewhere along the lines of… ugh. Mine were.

I watched “Mean Girls” (that I’d seen before, but recorded it because it’s good enough to watch again, which is good since Prince Charming just got it on Netflix) and did some knitting. I finished the right side of my jacket, so this weekend I can start working on the back. It’s all very exciting, I know.

I also talked to Prince Charming on the phone, attempted to call Dad (he wasn’t home) to thank him for the Christmas gifts, and… packed for the weekend.

And then I went to bed. Before 11pm. OK, so I didn’t actually fall asleep until… 11:30 or so, but that’s way earlier than my usual 1am.

Also, I have unofficially decided which classes I’m taking. I dropped the Minnesota History one (you could have figured that, right?), though there were 37 openings in the class still available, so if I change my mind, it’s OK. I checked out textbooks needed and I think I can do it for under $200, assuming I find used books in the bookstore – I plan on visiting Monday after work, and then getting the rest on Amazon. I wish that we could get syllabi for classes before they started, but alas, no. I even checked online. Bummer. It’d just be nice to know which books are needed for, say, the first week of class.

And then hopefully next paycheck I can buy glasses. It’s all so complicated, I know.

I think lunch today will be chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl, assuming that D Brian’s will still have that option when I go at 1:30.

Oh, and today, according to one co-worker, I have floopy curls. Or was it floofy? Foofy? I’m not sure… something along those lines. And I’m wearing one of my new shirts. And my foot doesn’t hurt that much. And all the memes for today were boring so you won’t be tortured with them.

Random Stuff

Today is Amanda’s birthday. Happy Birthday! She is now… in her late 20’s. Gasp. Or maybe she has one year left? Math is not my thing today.

This morning, I took the last test for my history class. Not technically a final, since it only covered the last 3rd of the class and was worth the same as the other two, but the end of the class regardless. I think I did alright, roughly the same as the other two tests. Assuming I scored in that general range, my grade is about 100%. Hopefully I’ll know by the end of the week. But for now, no more homework, and some weeks of catching up on other projects and stuff.

Tonight is cookie-dough-making. Yum! I will try to not eat all the dough. I will also try to clean the kitchen and the fridge (a daunting task).

All of my gifts are wrapped, except for the one for Prince Charming that is still in the mail, the one for Josh that I haven’t bought yet (because I have no idea what to get him – probably a gift card somewhere), and the other half of Mom’s present that I haven’t bought yet (and will probably purchase with her next week when we’re shopping with my aunt who’s coming into town from Michigan). So basically, I’m done. Dad’s present is wrapped and mailed. I would still like to find a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament for Grant that isn’t hideous or ridiculously expensive. And I need to buy the candle thing for Prince Charming’s mom that goes with the donation card. But really, that’s practically “done.” I feel done, if that counts for anything.

This morning, I needed a hairstyle that kept my hair out of my face, since I was going to spend the first bit bent over a test writing. I ended up with this braid-bun thing that was really cute, and now all the middle-aged women at work (who have long since converted to short hairstyles) are complimenting me on it. I also am amused at men who comment on it and think that it’s really hard to do hairstyles behind your head when you can’t see them. It’s really not. Besides, I’ve been braiding my own hair for 20 years… I think I’ve got it down. The only thing I can’t really do is a reverse French braid (where its raised a bit), but those aren’t that pretty anyways, so it’s all good. Oh, and “fishtails” (or whatever they’re called) never worked well in my hair because you can’t pull them tight enough, and it all just falls out.

I know, nobody really cared about that last paragraph.

Home I go, home I go, jiggity jig. Well, stopping at the co-op first, for dinner and ingredients to make gifts for my grandparents (soup in a jar). Anyone have a mason jar or two they want to give me?

Catching Up

Well, let me tell you, this has been some week. Not that anything terribly eventful has happened, but it’s just seemed… active.

Monday night I ran errands and managed to get many fun accessories for my Halloween costume at the dollar store, including binoculars, a horribly fake walkie-talkie, a compass, and most strangely, a plastic toy gun. I say most strangely because I grew up in a weapons-free household. Alison and I weren’t terribly interested in toys like that anyways, but if my memory serves me correctly, my male cousins weren’t allowed to bring over their toys like that either.

I also got the quilt I’ve been lusting over at Target for months now. It was the last one left, and labeled $41.99, which for a full/queen quilt was pretty cheap (though I wasn’t sure it was actually a full/queen – it only had the makeshift tag, not a real one, but it didn’t matter since I’ve got a twin bed). But then I scanned it and it came up $14.99. Who’s to argue with that? I don’t even care if it was mislabeled – it was the only one left. There was no choice now – I had to buy it. I was so happy with it when I got home that I took pictures.

Isn’t it pretty?

It’s white, but not glaringly so, but not cream either. And it has brown and black, so that opens up decorating possibilities. And it has some red and yellow squares too, which provide color without being overwhelming. I love it. And it’s pretty warm. Or, at least warm enough that unless it’s super-cold, I don’t need other blankets on my bed.

See the pretty pictures hanging over my fireplace? I did that last week. If it was a better picture, you could see that half of the pictures in the frames are sideways, but one project at a time.

Last night, I did all of my homework for this week and next, which included reading a few chapters in my textbooks and writing a paper. Aren’t I awesome? Yeah, you know it.

Plus, Dad called to firm up plans for this weekend. It was strange, because that’s the second time he’s called me in, like, six weeks, and I’ve called him too, which means that I’ve talked to him almost every other week, and I’m seeing him on Friday, which is just unheard of. I may have actually talked to him more than I have to Mom. Wait, that can’t be right.

It looks like Betsy and I are going to be able to get together this weekend, too, which is very exciting. I haven’t seen her since her wedding, which was… two years ago? And she’s pregnant and starting to show (according to her), and that’s exciting. She can meet Prince Charming, which would mean after this weekend that I have almost no family or friends left to introduce him to. Friends from college, perhaps, but I so rarely talk to them anymore – we’ve all gotten so bad with email, and are spread all over the country, and most of them are married and have kids, which is just a different stage of life than I’m at, so we don’t necessarily have tons to talk about (and with the whole being married and having kids thing, their lives are pretty busy and full, and I’m sure it’s hard to keep in touch with anyone who doesn’t live close by at that point).

I got my hair cut yesterday, which was desperately needed, especially before my cousin’s wedding this weekend. Supposedly she cut off an inch (which means I’ve netted 2 inches of hair in six months, if my hair grows at the average rate), but I can’t tell any difference in the length. All I know is that it looks and feels healthier.

Um… maybe that was it. It’s seemed like a long, full week, and it’s only Wednesday morning. Tomorrow afternoon I have a staff meeting, and I have Friday off, so that’s not too bad.

I really like our new manager – she’s super friendly, which is a huge change from her predecessor. Just had a lovely little chat with her.

Anyways… now I feel like I’ve done my bloggerly duty and caught y’all up. Sorry for the blog silence. My camera seems to be working fine now, so hopefully when I get back from Chicago on Monday I’ll have pictures to post.

Tuesday Twosome: Describe…

[Editor’s Note: Really, I’ll get around to a real post soon. I actually have things to say. But I have work to do too, and am only in until 12:30 today. So… blog gets neglected. Sorry!]

  1. The perfect autumn day and what activities you enjoy: Clear blue sky, cool enough to wear long sleeves and a sweater, and maybe gloves or a hat, but a jacket is not needed. Leaves all over the sidewalk that crunch when I step on them. I perfectly free afternoon with nothing to do but enjoy the weather. The sun is shining (it’s been awfully dark and dreary lately – I miss the sun!). I like to… go for walks in the fall, breathe the crisp air, drink something toasty warm, look at the changing colors, and enjoy all the colors of clothing and everything else commercial that’s in stores this time of year.
  2. Two things about yourself that make you different from everybody else: My hair makes me pretty different – it’s rare that there’s someone with hair exactly like mine. Also, I have a very rare personality type, if you’re into Myers-Briggs.
  3. The last time you laughed really hard and why: I get the giggles when I get tired, and this past weekend when watching football, repeated references to “tight end” did me in. Also, Prince Charming likes to tickle me, which leads to lots of laughing.
  4. Two items of clothing that best represents who you are: My cream Old Navy zip-front hooded sweater, and my grey sweatpants. Both are comfy and cuddly and beautifully neutral. They go with everything.
  5. Yourself as others see you and how you see yourself: Um… yeah, I don’t really think this can be described in a sentence or two. So… I’m not answering it.