OK, Seriously

I’m dyin’ here.

Baby on the brain.

I know Alison is much worse off than I am… she was nervous about the pain last night, which is completely understandable. I don’t even want to think about it. As much as I’d like to be there right now (I’m not invited and that’s completely understandable and there are no hard feelings there whatsoever), I’m pretty sure that if I had to witness the birthing process in person there would be no chance of me ever intentionally getting knocked up. Watching “The Miracle of Life” (or whatever it was called) is the best contraceptive I know of. That and when my Human Sexuality professor graphically gestured exactly how the baby turns into position and the pelvic bones tilt and so forth in order to make it physically possible for the baby to come out. Yeesh.

Clearly, I’m not one of those people who has an overly-romanticized view of the process. I mean, the getting pregnant part is, I’m sure, fun (or so I’ve heard, and people seem to keep getting pregnant, so I’m guessing that it’s quite enjoyable). But then there’s 9 months (7 1/2 if you’re lucky like Mom and have your kids born 6 weeks early) of… well, a whole lot of uncomfortableness. Alison’s bellybutton disappeared – didn’t pop out, just… went smooth. And then there’s her comment from last week – I’d be nice to be able to roll over in the middle of the night without help. I can see where that might be annoying.

I. want. news.

It’s so not coming for hours. I am having a hard time being patient today. So, as a distraction, I’ll post some Christmas tree pictures….

Little Bundles of Joy

Alison is going in to the hospital tomorrow morning at 6:30 and they will break her water, and if that doesn’t induce labor, they’ll give her drugs, and the end result will be that by tomorrow night, my nephew/niece will have taken his/her first breath, have a name, and all will celebrate. It’s so exciting! I promise to post pictures.

But, obviously, this means that I have lots to do in little time, so I must get back to studying and laundry. Someone please come babysit Matea so she doesn’t interrupt my productivity.

Domestic Diva here

Last night, I was such a domestic diva that I think I frightened my roommate. I stayed late at work, and then on my way to the bus, called Alison. I’d had this weird feeling since I woke up that at any point I was going to get a phone call telling me I had a new nephew or niece, and I thought I’d check in with her on that. No such luck – apparently, my radar was focused on someone else (because I’m sure that someone, somewhere yesterday had a baby). I stopped at Cub and finally got home after 7:30. Made myself some dinner, ignoring the whiny cat, and set out to clean the kitchen.

Cleaning the kitchen involved no small amount of SOS pads. But, did you know that our stove top is white? It is, and now if you were to look at it and I told you that, you’d believe me. That was the major effort. I also made lasagna, and peppermint bark. Yum! The kitchen sink area is still dirty, because I have a rule about not loading my roommates’ dishes into the dishwasher. But now when it comes time to clean the kitchen for the cookie bake-off, much less work will need to be done. The table is clear too.

I discovered last night that craisins are yummy. I thought they might be, since I’m on a cranberry juice kick, and I was right (thankfully, they were on sale at Cub, so if I hated them it wasn’t going to be such a waste). I made steel cut oats overnight in the crockpot, and the recipe called for craisins and dried figs (the latter of which I omitted because I didn’t have, but I’m thinking it would be yummier with them, since they’d provide a little more sweetness to compliment the cranberries’ tartness). Crockpots are wonderful, and I think I should use “mine” much more often. If anyone still needs a gift idea for me for Christmas, a crockpot cookbook would be nice.

Today is flu shot day. Yay! Yes, I’ve never had the flu before, nor am I likely to get it, but it’s free and makes me feel healthy. So there. (It would be hard to know if I had the flu, since I rarely run a fever and haven’t tossed my cookies since I was 7.)

I’m bored at work. I have work to do, I’m just bored with it. So I’m looking for recipes of things to assemble into a mason jar and ship to my grandparents for Christmas gifts. Thoughts?

Thanks for the memories

As of about an hour ago, I have officially lived in Minnesota for 5 years. (I tend to have these grand, life-changing moments happen on memorable dates, but that’s another post.) December 1, 2001 I woke up at Dad’s house in Illinois after having spent the day before loading my UHaul up and driving it from Detroit to his house (with his help, of course), my car in tow. We hopped back on the road and drove to Eden Prairie, arrived at the church-that-remains-nameless, met a youth group full of kids that helped unload stuff into my office, then into my temporary housing, and finally into my storage unit. Then we called Alison, went out to eat at Chevy’s (because, having only lived in Minnesota for 2 hours, the best I could do was find the Eden Prairie mall), and started the slow process of assimilating myself to a new life. The next day was Sunday, whereupon I woke up and went to my new church for the first time, was warmly greeted by all, and ate a lot of Twinkies, among other things. I was also gifted a feather boa (in honor of our then-governor Jesse Ventura), a book “How To Speak Minnesotan” and a Twins baseball cap. The baseball cap is the only thing I have left, since the others were either given back (boa) or away to Goodwill because they reminded me of that church.

It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve seen anyone from that church – during the bus strike of 2004, I saw the church secretary at a concert, and I have actually healed from what they put me through (it helped that both pastors moved out of state). I don’t regret the decision to move here or to take the job, because that’s the way life goes. It got me to Minnesota, including paying my moving expenses, and, despite the cold weather that presently looms, I like living here. My life is here now. It has long since felt like home, and Michigan only felt that way for the brief time after I acclimated myself but before the sh*t hit the fan.

Life Update

I feel as though perhaps I’ve neglected my blog a bit this week. Wednesday was awash, since Blogger was down in the afternoon and I was at a meeting all morning. And… I’ve had work to do, or at least things to entertain myself with. Sorry.

So…. I had a nice long talk with Mom on Tuesday night, even though I did stand outside for 2 hours freezing my butt off (because Cingular chooses to drop all my calls after 15-30 minutes, and it just gets annoying). And Wednesday I talked to Alison, who had a doctor’s appointment and learned that the baby is head-down, meaning it’s “in position.” She’s not allowed to travel anymore (not on bed rest, and she can go to work and stuff, but longer trips are out, anything that would mean her giving birth anywhere other than Coon Rapids). My little counter on Firefox says 52 days. I wish we knew if it was a boy or a girl – I certainly would want to know if it was me. But it’s not. And that’s a good thing too.

It’s a good thing I have rollover minutes, because I’ve already gone over this month’s minutes and there’s still two weeks left! How did I do that? Last month I rolled over almost the entire balance! I mean, I spent like 10 minutes on the phone tops. Crazy, I tell ya. You know, part of it is that I can call Alison on the walk to church on Wednesday nights, and I know I can’t call her after 9 (when it would be free) because she’s asleep. It’s very tiring being pregnant, or so I hear.

We have hopefully convinced Dad to come up here this year for Christmas (or, a belated Christmas in January), since Alison will not be traveling at all and it seems like an awful lot of work for me to go down there for not much. Plus, with Mom here, and all of Prince Charming’s family, and Alison and her husband and the baby… why leave? Plus, then I might not even have to take any days off for the holiday, and that would be nice. My vacation balance has been low for awhile. Or maybe I’ll feel moved to call in sick. Or take just one day off. Who knows. It’s a long ways away, and we still have to figure out Thanksgiving.

Tonight is the Boo Ball, which is not my kind of party at all, but it’s for a good cause (that is, helping out a friend, since it’s a charity event that benefits Amanda’s work). My costume is all set – I’m sure there will be pictures to post, if not this week then the week after, since we’re going to a costume party next weekend too. It was mad crazy last year, so I will be hot and sweaty and hopefully un-licked (unlike last year) when Prince Charming comes to pick me up. I can only hope I remain unmolested – perhaps the plastic crossbow will help ward off unwanted tongues? (I can only imagine what kind of Google searches will now bring people to my blog because of this last paragraph.)

I am finally not tired today. Yesterday was the worst. Wednesday night after Prince Charming was done working on his project and I was done with church, he called me, and we were on the phone until at least one of us should have been in bed. And then I didn’t go to bed right away, and before I knew it, it was 2 am. No good. So yesterday was a real drag. But he made me promise last night before leaving that I would put myself to bed right away, and I tried very hard to not dally on insignificant things and do just that. And when the alarm went off this morning, it was a much brighter day out (not literally).

Can’t wait for Daylight Savings this weekend. I yearn for morning sunlight. I yen, I pine, I lust. Didn’t know I could get so poetic, did you?

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. True love :: “Wuv, twue wuv…” (from The Princess Bride)
  2. Age :: is a state of mind
  3. Stern :: Howard (ew!)
  4. Elastic :: Waistband (for my pregnant sister)
  5. Rustic :: camping
  6. Enhance :: -d experience
  7. Jackson :: Janet (is it Superbowl time again?)
  8. Inherit :: the earth, the meek shall
  9. Devious :: plan
  10. Scapegoat :: Charlie

Not an Update

No, this is not the long-awaited update about my weekend. Thanks to my new memory card, we took an extravagant 250+ photos. So an update will be awhile in the making. Especially since I broke my home computer and can only do this at work.

But, Alison sent me photos of her pregnant belly! I don’t get to see her until the end of September, so she’ll be even huger by then. So exciting! It was a mass email, so I’m sure she won’t mind my sharing with this small world.

Getting so big! (That’s the baby’s room she’s in. They’re not finding out if it’s a boy or girl till it shows itself to the world, so everything is green.)
She loves to take funny pictures like this. Here it’s… “four months left? How big will I get?”
Taking a breather, in the rocking chair that she got for her birthday from Mom and my brother-in-law.

Frustration Overload

(OK, not really… just a slight annoyance)

So yesterday I hopped online to register for the class I’d decided to take this fall. As you may remember, there’s already been frustration about this, since my first choice graduate school would only accept two of the courses being offered at my local community college, and out of the three different sections of each, only one was a night class and there was a section of each online. And I’d prefer to not take my history classes online. Econ, fine. But since I’d like to teach history, it’d be nice if I could be in the classroom to experience the other side, you know? Plus, I think history is a subject that lends itself much more to the classroom than online learning.

So, student ID in hand, I log on, find the course section, hit register, and… get an error message. An unclear error message. I check through all the information available to me – no holds on my account, nothing that looks strange…. So finally, after trying multiple times and getting the same error (yes, there’s a bit of insanity there, I realize), I finally email their registration office. Several emails later, the girl tells me that the class I’m trying to register for is reserved for high school students, and I should try the online one. (Which, I discovered this morning, is full. Insert b*tch session here.)

I attempted to, this morning, calmly write her back and explain how the misunderstanding might have come about, since what the course description says is that it’s only reserved to high school students through August 1, and since 23 of the 24 spots in the class are open, I assumed they’d take my money. And I tried to explain that I’d prefer a classroom class, not one online.

She hasn’t written back, and I don’t really expect her to.

In the meantime, I have contacted my second choice* graduate school to get information on what coursework would be required of me and what classes would transfer to them.

You know, if I had a car, or didn’t mind taking the bus home through downtown St Paul at 10pm, I might consider a class at Metro State. I don’t even remember if they have any that would work with my schedule, though, since I remember checking the bus schedule and learning it would take me an hour to get home. And, as we discussed Thursday night, most of the other options aren’t really convenient to me either – both U campuses are awkwardly located (bus-wise from my house).

If the unfortunate conclusion I have to draw ends up being taking yet another semester off… it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I could actually have my act together much sooner for Spring semester classes. Maybe there would be more options then – who knows, St Paul College’s spring course schedule isn’t available yet. I won’t die, and it won’t even really set me back that far, all things considered. It’s just frustrating because I was getting soooooo close to starting.

Correction, I am so close to starting. Let’s remain positive for the time being, shall we?


Had a nice conversation with Alison last night. The baby kicks her constantly. She had a good birthday. The usual sister stuff.

Also, we have an all-staff meeting this afternoon. But, I will remember to go to the Farmer’s Market beforehand, which is something I’ve barely gotten to do this summer. So that’s exciting.

Finally, I did eventually write that woman back about the website design, and they still need someone. She’s going to call me to talk about details. We’ll see how that goes.


In the weirdness that was yesterday, I completely forgot to finish my thoughts on the perfect city to live in. So, here it is:

I would love to live between the oceans and the mountains. And by “between” I mean “within a few hours drive at most, preferably within visible range.” I would like 4 seasons, but not extremely so. If anyone can find a city like that, located in the Midwest (because that’s where my family is, and as much as I may not have chosen the Midwest to live in given the choice, I don’t really want to move that far away from them. Living in San Francisco was hard because I never could find the right time to call home, being in a different time zone and all. Plus, with a nephew/niece on the way, I’m going to want to be close by enough to spoil him/her rotten and give lots of hugs and be the cool aunt Kelly (because there’s another aunt Kelly, and I’m so much cooler than she is, plus she lives in Iowa).

So, given all of the above, the Twin Cities, since it’s on my list and all, seem to be a good choice. Which is good, since I live here already, and am established (December will be 5 years!), and my friends and boy live here. And Mom and Alison. And it’s not like I was thinking about moving anyways. More I just thought it was an interesting quiz.


As I was talking to Boss and telling her that Mom decided to take the job and is moving up here, I started to think about all the changes that have happened in my life in the last two months. And once I looked at the list, I was a little amazed that I didn’t totally break down at some point. Sure, there were some rough moments, a few relatively-minor freak-outs, but in general, I did OK.

To recap:

  • Too a trip to Chicago with Prince Charming for sightseeing and meeting (or re-meeting in the case of Mom) my parents.
  • Alison and Josh are pregnant and will be giving my first nephew/niece in December.
  • Melissa moved out.
  • Lots of trouble finding a replacement for Melissa, but we eventually settled on Bryan.
  • I moved into Melissa’s old room, after a lot of cleaning and painting.
  • Karla found out she’s allergic to cats and decided to move out.
  • I looked for a replacement roommate and found Nikki.
  • Hit my tolerance level with Romeo and decided he needed to be adopted-out. Also, my fish Sir Poops-A-Lot died in a horrible bus-related incident. Check the archives.
  • Learned how to take the bus to Prince Charming’s house. For a while he worked 3 days a week out in BFE, and is now finally not doing that anymore.
  • We lost cable, did without it for a month or so, and then got it back.
  • Mom decided to move here, applied for a job, came up and interviewed, looked at houses, was offered the job, and accepted it. Whew! That should count for more than one bullet point.
  • Lastly, at some point in the last 2 months, I totally became OK with turning 28, which will happen in 2 weeks. Guess it just seemed minor in comparison to everything else. I did, however, decided that I get to stay 28 until I look like I’m 28 years old. So… it could be years.

And that’s just the big stuff. Not to mention the usual everyday stresses, goings-on, parties, work stuff, holidays, birthdays, etc.

Whew! I should be tired.

Sometimes I have no self-control

So when I got home last night, I couldn’t help myself. I started knitting the baby hat. It’s so cute! OK, so really I only have five rows done in a straight line – not even a circle yet, because I have to go get double-pointed needles tonight in size 4. But it’s purple! Nice yarn to work with, too.

I’m giving blood in 20 minutes, so, amazingly enough, I’ve already eaten lunch today. I know! And I scheduled my doctor’s appointment. 24-hour scheduling my a**. Originally I thought that phrase meant that I could call 24 hours a day to schedule an appointment. I was corrected and told that it means I can get in to see a doctor within 24 hours. Of course, not my doctor. My doctor’s next available appointment is the 31st. So, I’ll be waiting till then. Which means I still have to call them back and find out what to do about my back-ordered prescription, since the guy on the phone said he’d transfer me and then… didn’t. I’ll get it figured out. I just don’t want it to cost a zillion dollars to get that filled here in the USA, since it’s not generic.

I walked home from work yesterday. Plan on doing it again today, only instead of walking up Cathedral Hill, I’m going to attempt Grand, since I need to go to the Yarnery which is located on Grand. I know, way too logical. I could have a decent-looking butt by… the end of the summer. Maybe not. Then again, Amanda is moving in August, potentially close to me again, and wants to go walking on a regular basis if we live close enough. There’s hope for my posterior.

And, if anyone wants to know, my co-op is selling some CoJack cheese that is to die for. Really. And I know my cheeses.

Alison sent me ultrasound pictures yesterday of my nephew/niece. December 19th. We’ll see about that. My bet is pre-Thanksgiving. Prince Charming and I have a bet over the gender of the kid (me: female, him: male, winner buys dinner). They’re not going to find out until the kid pops out though, so there’s some waiting.

Alright, I’m off to give blood. My civic responsibility. Or something like that.

Life’s A Picnic

I’m going to be an aunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m very excited, can you tell? Alison and her husband are mostly in shock, and it’s not exactly the timing they were going for, but they’re still happy. Only immediate family knows, so… if you happen to know any of my extended family, you’re not allowed to tell them. They each got to tell 2 friends, and called their parents. But that’s it until June, when they’re out of the first trimester. They’re not planning on finding out if it’s a boy or a girl, so it looks like I’ll be knitting some baby stuff in yellow and green. December 5 was yesterday’s tentative due date, but there’s some blood work being done today to firm that up. It’s probably more mid-December.

So exciting!!!!!!!

I’d use more exclamation points if I could figure out how!!!!!!!!!