I have just been in a fantastic day today. I finally got my computer at work. It is very spiffy. I even got a new keyboard and mouse, which is nice. I’ve got Office 2003, and the newest Dreamweaver, some other stuff that would bore you. I spent most of the morning getting it set up correctly (you know, settings in Word, shortcuts in the right places, correct screen resolution, blah blah blah). And then I’ve just been a busy little bee, working away (happily) this afternoon.

Unfortunately, now I have to go home and work my tail off to try to get my homework done, and there’s a lot of it. Boo. Oh well. Dad is in town this weekend, so Prince Charming and I will be going up to Alison’s house on Saturday to play with Grant (oh yeah, and see Dad) for a while.

In case anyone was interested… I wore a dress to work today. I know! Shocking. It’s red and sleeveless and OK, not short, but above the knee. It’s cute. And, here’s the kicker, my stockings have a seam up the back. It elicited an immediate comment from my co-worker. But, you see, they’ve been filming a commercial in my building for the last three days and they’ve had to turn off the fans, so our office has been unbelievably hot. I figured I’d wear the sleeveless dress while I could, since in the middle of summer our office temperature warrants wool sweaters.

Oh, and now I understand exactly how overjoyed Amanda was when she got her flash drive. Mine arrived yesterday and I’m very happy about that.

Had a nice dinner out with Liz last night – Tanpopo, which is always good, even if I get the exact same thing every time. Then she picked up her dress at my house and we went our separate ways, both having schoolwork to complete.

Hope everyone has an awesome night!


I’m moving. Now, before you get too excited, you already knew that. You know, some time in the next six months. In the last 24 hours, however, Prince Charming and I looked at a map and picked out where to start looking for an apartment, and our service worker brought me up six empty boxes from shipping (the ones that hold reams of paper), and promised that there were “tons down there.” I’m afraid that he’s going to bring me 6 every day until it’s empty. But that’s OK. Boxes are good. I’ll bring some home on Monday night and see what I can box up. Now I just need to decide if it’s worth it to pack them and put them in the basement, or if I just want to start a nice stack in the front room. Perhaps this is worth of discussing with my roommates, ya think?

Still no computer yet. Not even an email asking me what software I need installed. So, it looks like I’ll be taking the early bus home. Prince Charming is going out to a movie with his dad and brother, so I might spend some time tonight playing the piano, checking out my as-of-yet-unused Pride and Prejudice soundtrack book. Or I might read a book for fun (I brought Mr Darcy Takes A Wife… hmm, notice a pattern?). I don’t have any homework this weekend, and I couldn’t find a knitting project to bring. Clearly, this is a problem. I suppose I could just… sit on the couch and watch TV without multi-tasking. To repeat what Prince Charming said last night, “how in the world did I spend my time before I went back to college?” He’s right – what did I do? I watched more TV and paid more attention to it, that’s for sure. And I read books and knit. And… hmm. Well, before I met him, there were those three years that I worked 12-20 hours a week at the church. That took up some of my time too.

I get to see Grant again on Sunday! This makes three times in 8 days! Amazing. And Alison emailed me more pictures – very cute. Have a great Easter!

Once more, with feeling

I passionate, passionately, hate Microsoft Update. There was an automatic update for my work computer, and now it’s asking me every 20 minutes if I want to restart my computer. No, I do not. I want to continue working on my computer, which is hard to do if it’s rebooting. Plus, it takes my computer an insane amount of time to boot, and I really don’t have the patience for that. OK, not to boot, but Google IM and our network email don’t get along, which means that my computer kinda just hangs there for awhile as they sort it out.

Last night was quite enjoyable. Prince Charming came over and we did… absolutely nothing. He was having a whole week of doing nothing, whereas I was celebrating having no homework for one evening. It was nice. We made Cheesy Crockpot Chicken (with fake chicken and without the crockpot) and watched some Star Trek Voyager. And he fell asleep. That was it. But so nice to do nothing for a change, or at least to be able to do nothing and not feel guilty that I should be doing homework.

I get to see baby Grant tomorrow!!!!!

I should be more tired than this

Last night, I got two loads of laundry done (my underwear drawer is restocked! TMI?), straightened up the kitchen, took out the recycling, studied for my exam (that was this morning – I think I did alright), and straightened my hair. All this, after 3 hours of sitting in class. I felt pretty good about that. Oh, and I did several “Super Difficult” Sudoku puzzles. My brain needed to work on something that wasn’t related to history.

My apologies to those of you I sent Valentine’s Day cards to – they will be late. I didn’t get them in the mail until yesterday afternoon.

I’m going out with Amanda and Liz tonight to the Thai place on Grand for “Singles Awareness Day.” I’ve never been there before. Prince Charming and I are celebrating by going out to dinner this weekend, and no gifts. Really. We’re in the process of planning a wedding and spending thousands of dollars on it – Valentine’s Day gifts just seem unnecessary.

Alison recently sent some really cute pictures of Grant to me – I have them in my purse if anyone wants to see them.

Picture Post

I’m saving the best for last…

Engagement ring
This one’s my favorite of the ring pictures.
Judge for yourself: how are my new glasses?
Alison titled this one… “Feeling OK.” Isn’t he just adorable?

Baby Pictures!

Getting his hair washed – look at all that hair!
Grant does not like baths.
But he really likes sleeping.
After his bath… doesn’t he look like a pea pod? I mean that in a good way.
He has yet to hold my hand, but that’s OK. At least he gets to hold hands with someone.

It didn’t start with a bang, but with an awful lot of sugary goodness

Not a terribly eventful weekend, all things considered. Prince Charming and I went to the MOA on Saturday and managed to spend my entire gift card. Correction – there is $2.93 remaining. I came home with quite a haul – thankfully, the mall wasn’t as crowded as I’d feared. New York & Co was the worst, and where I spent the least amount of money. Just one sweater from them. But then between H&M, Express and Gap, I came away with three pairs of jeans, two pairs of dress pants, a sweater, a long-sleeved shirt, two dress shirts, and a short-sleeved shirt. Oh, and a chain from the silver store to hang my pendant on. I’m debating the Express jeans – I’ll have to try them on (yet again) before making a final decision. Everything else has tags cut off and is in waiting for me to do laundry (I got quarters while out on break, so guess what I’ll be doing tonight).

But other than that… a lot of movie-watching, nothing much remarkable. We made beef stew for Prince Charming’s last meal as a meat-eater. Now he’s got 3 months of being a fairly-strict vegetarian, and I have 3 months of drinking clear sodas only (or water or tea or anything else I like, just no colored sodas). And no complaining about it. I have yet to be tempted, but it’s only the 2nd.

Monday morning we got up and drove to Amanda’s, switched cars, and drove up to Mom’s. Her house was full of new neighbors and the smell of freshly made donuts. Yum! She made both cake and yeast, and the only bummer was that she ran out of powdered sugar, so the second half of the yeast ones were sugar-coated instead of glazed. Alison was there with Grant. After the neighbors left, we played Chickenfoot dominoes and continued eating donuts. We finally left so Amanda could get to her part-time job and Prince Charming could drop his car off at the dealership for repairs. Meanwhile, I finished taking down the Christmas tree, lamented over not being able to do laundry (no quarters), and allowed Matea to whore all over me.

Hopefully, the lack of work for me to do today while here will not hinder my desire to be productive outside of work. I have just two weeks in this post-Christmas pre-Spring semester time to work on the projects that I either let slide or attempted to finish but didn’t have the time. It’s a pretty big list, but even if I can make a dent in it I’ll be happy. I did start and finish a scarf I had been trying and retrying to design, and continued working on the bolero jacket. Found out that, after multiple attempts, I now know the secret to “reverse all shaping” directions. That was a pain, but I’ve got it now. Wanna know the key: do the exact same thing as you did for the first time, except that you need to knit all your purls and purl all your knits. I’ve got some pretty fabric and patterns for new clothing that I’m not letting myself cut out until I finish the bazillion sewing projects I’m partway through. They’re sitting right there on my bedroom floor tempting me, though.

Fashion question – do you think ballet flats are going out of style any time soon? I need a new pair of black semi-dress shoes (to go with skirts and pants) that are actually comfortable to wear, and I’m quite drawn to the ballet-flat style. But I don’t want to spend $$ on shoes that will be “so last year” soon. Thoughts?

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about

Mom was actually thrilled that I was canceling our plans for tonight. She thanked me repeatedly. [Insert grossly inappropriate “your mom” joke here.] Seems she has a lot to do as well. And the more I thought about it, going to the movies with my current eyesight issues didn’t really seem like a good idea. Frankly, watching TV could cease being fun, except that I don’t watch TV so much as have it on in the room while I’m doing things.

For entertainment this afternoon at work, I’m running virus scans on my computer. Yeah, it’s about as exciting as it sounds. But at least I only have to be here for another 90 minutes.

Two co-workers asked me about Grant today, including the specifics (which I was pleased to realize I remembered… more about that in a sec). I’ve been told to spoil him rotten, not like there was ever any doubt about that.

Today, I forgot my iPod at home. Yesterday it was my cell phone. I’ve repeatedly lost things in my house, gone into rooms and completely forgotten why I was there, and so forth. Maybe it’s the tumor. You know, the one that’s making me blind too. Prince Charming says that as long as I’m not walking into walls or having seizures more than usual, I should be fine. Previous seizures: 0. Recent seizures: 0. Check. Walking into walls: happens all the time, but not with greater frequency of recent. So maybe I’m not dying. But I sure have felt like a scatterbrain lately.

The Internet has run out of ways to entertain me. Boo.

Random Stuff

Today is Amanda’s birthday. Happy Birthday! She is now… in her late 20’s. Gasp. Or maybe she has one year left? Math is not my thing today.

This morning, I took the last test for my history class. Not technically a final, since it only covered the last 3rd of the class and was worth the same as the other two, but the end of the class regardless. I think I did alright, roughly the same as the other two tests. Assuming I scored in that general range, my grade is about 100%. Hopefully I’ll know by the end of the week. But for now, no more homework, and some weeks of catching up on other projects and stuff.

Tonight is cookie-dough-making. Yum! I will try to not eat all the dough. I will also try to clean the kitchen and the fridge (a daunting task).

All of my gifts are wrapped, except for the one for Prince Charming that is still in the mail, the one for Josh that I haven’t bought yet (because I have no idea what to get him – probably a gift card somewhere), and the other half of Mom’s present that I haven’t bought yet (and will probably purchase with her next week when we’re shopping with my aunt who’s coming into town from Michigan). So basically, I’m done. Dad’s present is wrapped and mailed. I would still like to find a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament for Grant that isn’t hideous or ridiculously expensive. And I need to buy the candle thing for Prince Charming’s mom that goes with the donation card. But really, that’s practically “done.” I feel done, if that counts for anything.

This morning, I needed a hairstyle that kept my hair out of my face, since I was going to spend the first bit bent over a test writing. I ended up with this braid-bun thing that was really cute, and now all the middle-aged women at work (who have long since converted to short hairstyles) are complimenting me on it. I also am amused at men who comment on it and think that it’s really hard to do hairstyles behind your head when you can’t see them. It’s really not. Besides, I’ve been braiding my own hair for 20 years… I think I’ve got it down. The only thing I can’t really do is a reverse French braid (where its raised a bit), but those aren’t that pretty anyways, so it’s all good. Oh, and “fishtails” (or whatever they’re called) never worked well in my hair because you can’t pull them tight enough, and it all just falls out.

I know, nobody really cared about that last paragraph.

Home I go, home I go, jiggity jig. Well, stopping at the co-op first, for dinner and ingredients to make gifts for my grandparents (soup in a jar). Anyone have a mason jar or two they want to give me?

Are you on baby overload yet?

I hope not, because Christmas is still yet to come, and you know that’s a prime photo op.

But, to tide you over, in case you were going through Grant withdrawal, here’s some pics from the weekend.

Proud new parents
Me and Prince Charming holding Grant
Pretending to pose for our Christmas card photo
So much love

Tee hee

First of all, yes, I have pics of baby Grant. But I don’t have my home computer set up to ftp to my server, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

But in other exciting news… virtually all of my Christmas shopping is done! I have some stocking-stuffer type stuff to do, and I still need to find Mom’s present (she requested a white cardigan, and I’m pretty sure I can get one at JC Penny, but even if I can’t, I can always find something for her) and Josh’s, and actually make the donation to the Heifer Project, but that’s it! Yay! It was a struggle this year, I tell ya. So, if you had wanted any of the things from that post earlier today, well, too bad so sad, I’m all done. Unless you found something under $10, because all my big spending is done.

Studying is not going so well, though. Obviously, since I’m blogging at home. I’m having a hard time focusing, and am tired, so I’m just going to bed, which is slightly early for me. Oh well. Hopefully I can be focused tomorrow night, enough to write up sample sentences and essays, or at least throw some things onto a note card. I mean, I have time this weekend too, but I’d like the basics to be done before then. I’d really like to not have to bring my homework-bag to Prince Charming’s house, just a few sheets of paper. That’d be nice. And then it’s a whole month of no homework! And in the meantime, hopefully I’ll figure out what classes I need to take next semester. I’ve got my eye on a few, but there’s no point shelling out the money if they don’t meet the requirements. Well, not no point, since obviously all learning opportunities have value. But let’s be real: it’s going to take me long enough to get through my Master’s, and I don’t need to make ill-informed decisions that will only slow me down further.

Pictures soon, I promise! And maybe I’ll gush poetically about Grant, including details of his tiny fingers and toes and his hair and facial expressions and everything else that no one will really care about. What good is a blog if you can’t get all gooey about babies, especially first nephews?

It’s a Boy!!!

7 pounds, 2 ounces of healthy baby boy! Mom called tonight around 10:30 to let me know the news. She didn’t have much information. We think his name is Grant Phillip. I’ll find out for sure tomorrow. I’m meeting Momafter work and instead of going to the movies, we’re going to the hospital to visit my new nephew!


Now I can stop thinking babies and study for at least a little bit.