Binding Done

Last stitches on the binding done! I can’t believe I finished early!!! So excited to see Emma this weekend to give this to her for her third birthday. #emmasquilt

Binding already?

I might be spending this gorgeous day inside quilting, but that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying the weather. Open windows for the win! Also, can you believe I’m sewing the binding on #emmasquilt? I can’t. Quilting only took a few hours. This is going so fast!

Cats are always helpful

Korben decided to help out with the layout of #emmasquilt. He was too late, however, as I’d already assembled the rows. Matea watched from on top of the piano, perhaps to give her opinion, or maybe just to show she wasn’t involved in the mayhem.


Blocks for Emma’s quilt, step 3 of 7 completed (for all 46 blocks). Next step: trimming and squaring up before adding another border. #emmasquilt