Four For Friday

  1. Birthdays: How many different birthdays do you have committed to memory, and aside from using your own noggin, how do you keep track of all the others? Let’s see… Mom, Dad, Alison, Amanda, Liz, Prince Charming, Betsy, my old youth pastor (April Fool’s Day is a hard one to forget), and a couple of people from high school even though I don’t keep in touch it just sticks in my head anyways. I’ve got most of them in Outlook, which I never check, so that’s not terribly helpful. Basically, if I don’t know it by heart, you’re probably not going to get any notice from me, unless it’s a super-belated “I’m sorry” email.
  2. Seaport Security: A government-owned company in the United Arab Emirates volunteered late yesterday afternoon to delay its $6.8 Billion takeover of most operations at six U.S. seaports. The delay allows President George W. Bush time to convince skeptical members of the U.S. Congress that the deal poses no security risks. What’s your feeling on this… should the United States government allow a company based in Dubai to manage seaports in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, New York, and Newark? I have no opinions on this whatsoever.
  3. Telephones: Regardless of whether you use just a cell phone or a cell phone and a land line at home, does ‘Voice over IP’ (VoIP) technology have you thinking about switching or adding a land line at home? (In case you’ve never heard of VoIP, it allows for the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or any other IP-based network, and it’s supposed to be a lot cheaper than paying the old-school phone companies for telephone service.) Not at all. Of course, I don’t have the internet at home, so it would make that quite difficult. But I still don’t care. I so rarely use the phone.
  4. 2006 Winter Olympics: Have you been watching the 2006 Winter Olympics on television? If so, which events have you enjoyed the most? If not, why? Eh, not really. All of the Olympics I’ve seen this year has been because Prince Charming wanted to, not that I mind. I’m just kinda… ambivalent about the whole thing.

Once More With Feeling!

Your Birth date: June 24

Born on the 24th, you have a greater capacity for responsibility and helping others than your may have realized. You may also become the mediator and peacemaker in inharmonious situations. Devoted to family, you tend to manage and protect.This birth date adds to the emotional nature and perhaps to the sensitivities. Affections are important to you; both the giving and the receiving.

What Does Your Birth Date Mean? [link removed]

To end the day…

(and clear the photos off my desktop)

It’s an excellent place for a nap…

Here are some cute photos of Matea. (She really likes the guitar case Amanda and Liz got me for my birthday.)

…or full-on sleeping.
Camera straps are a great toy
She will kill them all!
That lamb is a great toy too

Random Bits

I’m not sure how much longer I can stay at work. I don’t think I have the willpower to stop myself from scratching anymore, and if I go home I can put on some Caladryl. Did I mention I have a terrible rash? On the backs of both of my legs. Plus, the skin on the fronts is peeling from the sunburn of 2 weeks ago. Yeah, I’m a mess. I woke up at least twice in the middle of the night to scratch. Benadryl stopped working yesterday, so I haven’t taken any. I did buy some Caladryl and some strong lotion, so the weekend shouldn’t be entirely torturous. Allergic reaction. Don’t worry, I threw the stuff out, so this won’t happen again. But how long until it goes away?

Haven’t seen the parrot man wandering the skyway in quite some time, but today I did see:

  • a purple clown (lavendar, really, and she was quite nice to the older woman she passed, commenting on her sequined baseball cap)
  • a man applying for a job in Marshall Fields’ who was significantly “prettier” than me. That’s right, pretty. Definitely a metrosexual. He spent more on hair care than I do, and that’s saying something.

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Happy Birthday!

It’s Liz’s birthday today! Happy 24!

The closing on her condo has been delayed twice already (once on Friday and once yesterday), and is rescheduled again for today. That would be a nice birthday present, don’t you think?

In other news… nothing. I did actually get some writing done yesterday afternoon. Two pieces that are pretty good, I think. I haven’t decided if I want to post links to them or not – I might just mull them over for a while. I have mixed emotions about critique – on one hand, I’d like the feedback so I could get better, but on the other hand, I don’t always deal well with negative comments.

Blah Blah Blah

Seriously, is anyone really interested in what I have to say, other than me? But, to quote Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail,

“I don’t really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So goodnight, dear void.”

I’m trying to figure out what we’re going to “purchase” with the donations collected at last night’s youth group Christmas party. We collected $102, which is more than last year’s $78. There are so many options, though. Last year we bought a goat, but this year, with more money, and so many choices, I’m just not sure. So far, I’ve narrowed it down to:

  • 10 fruit trees for $45
  • Clothe 5 homeless US children – $25
  • 2 Rabbits – $15
  • 10 Ducks – $20
  • Feed a village for a week – $80
  • Bed for a child – $75, and
  • Immunize a child – $25.

I want us to give gifts that are long-lasting, not just one-time shots. Even the choices like “send a kid to school for a year” just somehow fell short, because what about next year? The goat was great last year because it provides milk for the family, can have babies that can be sold, and so forth. I also wanted to do a whole gift, not just a “share” of something, even though those things are big and are important. I wanted to pick things that the kids could relate to, could understand the importance of and feel good about. I’m just torn now. I wish I had money for all of it.

Tomorrow night is the Church Staff Christmas Party. This is the third one since I’ve been there, and I’ve managed to not go to the other two. This one, however, I feel I must go to, even though I hate parties like this and going places alone, etc. I “most likely” won’t be working there next Christmas, so I should probably do this. The first year, I thought I wouldn’t be there that long and so I didn’t want to go. Last year, I copped out, crying “sick” and generally just feeling antisocial. Grunt.

However, to make up for it, Saturday is Amanda’s birthday celebration. Quarter of a century, folks. Not sure yet what we’re doing, and I have to bail early to get enough sleep for Church on Sunday, but still should be a good time.

Rockin’ out to: James Taylor, A Christmas Album (available only at Hallmark)

Wisdom Source: I’m not reading these days. My brain is on strike.

Today’s Wisdom: Don’t eat yellow snow.

Long time…

I’m finally catching up on sleep from my trip to Savannah! I haven’t felt like blogging since I’ve been back (relax, it’s only been since Saturday night, and I only have a computer at work), but thought I owed my non-existent public an excuse and at least one post before I leave again.

That’s right, I’m leaving again. Tomorrow I head down to Peotone, Illinois, for Betsy’s wedding. I’ll be back next Wednesday though. The last trip was good. Unfortunately, all the pictures I’d uploaded in the week before I left… mysteriously left my server. I’ve had time to fix some of them, but not all of them, so you’ll just have to suffer. Sorry.

Maybe Amanda will guest blog while I’m gone, maybe not. We’ve both been pretty busy. She’s got some family stuff going on too, and a lot of trips away on weekends for the rest of the summer.

It’s Dad’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Dad (even though he doesn’t read this, primarily because I haven’t told him about it and don’t think I want to….)!!! Love you! See you soon!

Rockin’ out to: Silence
Wisdom Source: Return of the King, of Lord of the Rings (I finally finished Pride and Prejudice! You MUST read it! It is WONDERFUL!!!!!)
Today’s Wisdom: Wisdom? What’s that? I’m lucky I can walk and talk at the same time.


Stealing this from someone else’s blog, who stole it from a friend…

A – Act your age? I prefer to think not. As I turn [gasp!] 26 next week (thank goodness I’ll be gone and no one will know), I like to think that age means nothing (but if it didn’t, why would I care if anyone knew my age?). I also like to think that sometimes I act like a goofy teenager (or younger), and sometimes I act wise beyond my years. That’s probably just wishful thinking. No one’s ever said to me, you have an old soul.

B – Born on what day of the week? Saturday

C – Chore you hate? Cleaning the toilet (ewwwww!)

D – Dad’s name? Wesley

E- Essential makeup item? Mascara. I almost never leave the house without it.

F – Favorite actor? I currently have “crushes” on Vincent D’Onofrio and Ivan Sergei.

G – Gold or silver? Silver. Gold disappears on me, since my coloring is so pale and I have red hair. Trust me.

H – Hometown? St Charles, Illinois, a far suburb of Chicago.

I – Instruments you play? Piano since 2nd grade (that’s 18 years) and guitar (self-taught, self-professed to be not very good)

J – Job title? Administrative Support Staff / Interim Youth Ministry Director (depending on employer)

K – Kids? Nope. 2 cats, Romeo and Matea, who are featured often here. Also, I have PCOS, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to have kids. I’d love to adopt instead of giving birth, especially if I can’t, or if I’m not married in a “few” years.

L – Living arrangements? Cute, cozy “2”-bedroom apartment with Amanda and our 2 cats and 2 fish. Wonderful balcony that’s huge, with Amanda’s hammock on it and some plants. Great view of downtown from our kitchen table.

M – Mom’s name? Karen

N – Need… $$$. Blinds in my bedroom (it’s only been 9 months that I’ve been changing in front of an open window…). More time to sleep. A new job.

O – Overnight hospital stays? Not really. One nighttime trip to the ER for… digestive tract stuff, but I didn’t really stay overnight, just until like 4 am.

P – Phobia? Any place or event where I have to enter alone or potentially be alone in a crowd. Strangers. Talking on the phone. Can we say, Social Anxiety Disorder?

Q – Quote you like? “wisdom begins in wonder” is my current (Socrates).

R – Religious affiliation? Christian, evangelical, Calvinist, probably Baptist, Evangelical Covenant.

S – Siblings? One sister who’s 24 this year in August and is married.

T – Time you wake up? Between 6 and 8:30. Yeah, I know. My alarm goes off at 7. Sometimes I wake up before then, but don’t make myself get out of bed like I should. Nobody cares when I get in to work and I take the bus, so… I’m pretty lazy in the morning.

U – Unique talent? I do pretty good dressing others (as in, “What Not To Wear” and the like) but amazingly enough can’t really dress myself that well. I always end up… missing it somehow.

V – Vegetable you refuse to eat? Eggplant, parsnips, zucchini, tomatoes, cooked onions

W – Worst habit? Talking while others are talking, spending money I don’t have, I have a lot of bad habits.

X – X-rays you’ve had? My intestines. See O.

Y – Yummy food you make? Apple pie with a caramel/pecan topping.

Z – Zodiac Sign? Cancer.

It’s a Venti kind of a day

That’s right. Starbucks Vanilla Mocha VENTI.

I haven’t slept well the last couple of days, which accounts for most of that. While I love that my bed is directly under a window, when there are storms, this interferes with sleep. It was too hot Monday night for decent sleep. I woke up several times, once to go to the bathroom (which I never do), and when I got back in bed I had major stomach muscle issues. Last night there was lightning, and then Romeo, who had escaped earlier, meowed mournfully through most of the night, which kept me awake. I did pet him for about half an hour around 4:30 in the morning, just to make him be quiet. And I’ve had a headache on and off today since 4 am. I’m a joy to be around today, let me tell you.

This sleep thing is one of the reasons why I’m switching medications. On [generic] Prozac, if I take it in the morning I don’t eat lunch, and if I take it at night my sleep is very light, and if I take it a couple of hours before dinner I can’t fall asleep at all. Hopefully, Wellbutrin will alleviate some of this. It’s especially annoying since I used to sleep like a dead rock. Yeah.

We’re in the final stages of our mission trip now. We leave a week from Saturday for Georgia. I’m also in the process of answering a bunch of questions for a church that might want to hire me. And right after we get back from Georgia, Betsy’s getting married. June is busy. Unfortunately, I’ll be gone for my birthday. That’s OK, though. It’s a big scary number, as far as I’m concerned, and I’d rather just ignore it. It’s not that I’m vain (although most would say I am), but more that I don’t feel OLD. Some would argue 26 is not old, but it sure seems it to me. I’m sure I’m supposed to be married and pregnant by now. Or own a home. Or at least be debt-free. None of this is true. I don’t even have a full-time job in the career of my choosing.

Undeveloped as of yet, that’s what I am. No jokes, Amanda, about my chest.

I leave you with fun pictures of Matea.

Amanda and Matea playing with the feather toy
Matea trying to get at the fish
Matea standing on the fish tank

Rockin’ out to: sounds of the copier

Wisdom Source: Mansfield Park (only one or two more days left!)

Today’s Wisdom: Psalm 4:8, ” will lie down in peace and sleep, for you alone, O LORD, will keep me safe.”