Easy to Please

Last night I got home from work and had four things on my to-do list. I had the first three done within half an hour (take down wine rack, pack up kitchen linens, pack up any remaining camping items), and was feeling pretty good about that. I walked through the kitchen and said to myself, “If the washing machine is fixed, my life will be perfect.” I went downstairs to check, and lo and behold, my life was perfect! So I got 2 loads of laundry done (including every single pair of khakis I own except one, and that’s a lot of khakis). I also attempted number four on my list, phone calls, but no one was home. I did leave a detailed message with Dad, but not for the MIL. I wasn’t prepared for the latter.

Must remember to call Mom tomorrow, since it is her birthday. She’s 55!

Work is super boring today. But, thankfully, on Monday Boss will be back, and I think my sick co-worker will be in part day.

Apologies to my loyal fans

I didn’t post yesterday because I was rockin’ it out on the computer. I know, not really a new thing lately – I haven’t been posting much and, whether or not you know it, I’ve been doing cool things at work. Wednesday I finished the site design for Pastor S’s website, and then I finished tweaking it yesterday. I also drew a map of Africa, which is pretty sweet. You have no idea how awesome it is. Well, maybe you won’t think it’s that cool, but it’s on the “Education” page on the mock-up site [link removed] (you’ll notice the site is missing one very important thing – bonus points to whoever gets the right answer into the comments first, except for Amanda, who is exempt because we talked about it last night, or at least I think we did). Soon, it’s going to be interactive. I’ve got a plan. And there will be a quiz, if I can ever figure out that part of Flash. I had a “tutorial” I was using, but it sucked and only confused me. I’ll have to try again.

Last night, I worked really hard and finished all my homework for the whole weekend. Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to relax and have fun this weekend, perhaps I’ll reward myself with a bottle of that Late Harvest Riesling I had two weeks ago. It was yum-my! Maybe not. We’ll see.

I think I finally figured Prince Charming’s birthday gift out. Whew! I don’t care what anyone says, boys are definitely harder to shop for than girls. All girls need is something pretty or shiny, but that doesn’t exactly work with boys. No worries, though, because I figured it out and it’s all purchased and everything. Now I just need to figure out Mother’s Day. Any ideas? I think I did flowers last year, or at least I’ve done those before. I need to know what Alison is doing, if anything. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.

I’m going to go back to being awesome over here. Feel free to leave praise for my work and to marvel at my amazingness in the comments.

Five on Friday

  1. How do you celebrate the arrival of Spring? I don’t do a pagan ritualistic dance, if that’s what you’re wondering. My grandma’s birthday happens to be the first day of Spring, so that’s nice, but I don’t really do anything for that other than send her a card if I remember. I don’t particularly celebrate in any specific way, but I just enjoy knowing that it’s coming, that the winter is finally over. There have been birds chirping in my neighborhood all week, clearly indicating that Spring is just around the corner.
  2. What other holidays and events do you celebrate or mark in the spring? I don’t celebrate St Pattie’s, and dread Daylight Saving (just because I lose an hour of sleep). But Easter is a big holiday. And then May comes complete with Prince Charming’s birthday (his dad’s as well), Mother’s Day, and then Memorial Day. Those first two will be delayed in celebrating, since Mother’s Day and Prince Charming’s birthday both happen to fall on the same date this year, and it happens to be the Sunday right before finals (I have one Monday, one Tuesday, and one Wednesday). And then after Memorial Day, it’s just a short trip to Father’s Day and then Liz’s birthday and then my birthday and then Dad’s birthday. July is chock-a-block full of family birthdays/celebrations also. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
  3. Do you have an interesting traditions that take place during this time of year? Nope.
  4. What colors and imagery do you associate with spring? Pink. And flowers. And t-shirts without jackets. Green everywhere.
  5. What are you most looking forward to about spring? The fact that it’s not winter anymore. Seriously. I get tired of being cooped up inside, being cold all the time. I look forward to being able to air out the house, walk around without a coat on, go for walks for fun. I wore a tank top yesterday while at home just because I could, and forgot how much I love wearing them. Sandals too. Spring, to me, is really a precursor to summer. Not that it’s not enjoyed in it’s own right, because it is, but I think part of the power and excitement of Spring is the promise of Summer.

Random Stuff

Today is Amanda’s birthday. Happy Birthday! She is now… in her late 20’s. Gasp. Or maybe she has one year left? Math is not my thing today.

This morning, I took the last test for my history class. Not technically a final, since it only covered the last 3rd of the class and was worth the same as the other two, but the end of the class regardless. I think I did alright, roughly the same as the other two tests. Assuming I scored in that general range, my grade is about 100%. Hopefully I’ll know by the end of the week. But for now, no more homework, and some weeks of catching up on other projects and stuff.

Tonight is cookie-dough-making. Yum! I will try to not eat all the dough. I will also try to clean the kitchen and the fridge (a daunting task).

All of my gifts are wrapped, except for the one for Prince Charming that is still in the mail, the one for Josh that I haven’t bought yet (because I have no idea what to get him – probably a gift card somewhere), and the other half of Mom’s present that I haven’t bought yet (and will probably purchase with her next week when we’re shopping with my aunt who’s coming into town from Michigan). So basically, I’m done. Dad’s present is wrapped and mailed. I would still like to find a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament for Grant that isn’t hideous or ridiculously expensive. And I need to buy the candle thing for Prince Charming’s mom that goes with the donation card. But really, that’s practically “done.” I feel done, if that counts for anything.

This morning, I needed a hairstyle that kept my hair out of my face, since I was going to spend the first bit bent over a test writing. I ended up with this braid-bun thing that was really cute, and now all the middle-aged women at work (who have long since converted to short hairstyles) are complimenting me on it. I also am amused at men who comment on it and think that it’s really hard to do hairstyles behind your head when you can’t see them. It’s really not. Besides, I’ve been braiding my own hair for 20 years… I think I’ve got it down. The only thing I can’t really do is a reverse French braid (where its raised a bit), but those aren’t that pretty anyways, so it’s all good. Oh, and “fishtails” (or whatever they’re called) never worked well in my hair because you can’t pull them tight enough, and it all just falls out.

I know, nobody really cared about that last paragraph.

Home I go, home I go, jiggity jig. Well, stopping at the co-op first, for dinner and ingredients to make gifts for my grandparents (soup in a jar). Anyone have a mason jar or two they want to give me?

Five on Friday

Shipping & Handling

  1. What method of shipping do you prefer when receiving a package? I don’t care as long as it’s not signature upon delivery.
  2. Do you know your local delivery person? Not at all.
  3. If you receive a tracking number for a package, how do you use it? I obsessively check the website until it arrives. They made those things up for people like me, you know.
  4. What service do you use to send packages? The US Postal Service. Because they’re right here.
  5. Do you ever send mail-order or Internet purchases back? Almost never. We had to return Prince Charming’s Panini Press and that wasn’t much fun (though it had to be done, so it was worth it). It’s slightly annoying to have to carry the package all the way on the bus to downtown to mail it back.

Mom’s Birthday Present

Well, I completely forgot to post pictures of the end result of the purse I made for Mom. All in all, it turned out OK. The picture quality is horrible – my camera does not take very good indoor shots, but you get the idea. For reference, the main part of the purse is cream, with turquoise on the outside, brown inside, and the striped strap is turquoise and brown. And the background should be white.

Ooh, aren’t I hot stuff, taking my picture in the mirror wearing the purse… You know you want me.
Outside view
From the top
Inside (the pocket I was so proud of for not having to actually sew it – quite clever)

My birthday

I had a wonderful birthday weekend, even if I was a bit annoyed upon leaving work on Friday. Prince Charming and I ran around doing errands and buying groceries, which means I finally went to Target and got conditioner and light bulbs and a billion other silly little things. And we got wine. Which we then drank. And fell asleep at 10 pm, like an old married couple. Saturday morning I opened my gifts, which included a book on knitting that Mom got me (the one I thought she did), and the DVD I asked for from Alison and a bonus pair of earrings and necklace that are really pretty. Prince Charming got me, strangely enough, exactly what I thought (reference posts from last week). A wonderful Mayan hammock (that has to be exchanged because they sent the wrong color), and a pair of sandals that I’d completely forgotten I wanted (but still really did). We ended up going to the Birk store and getting them in a different size and color (because apparently my feet are even odder-sized than I thought; I had to get narrows). Here they are in all their cuteness:

New Birkenstocks

Then everyone came over for brunch and we had waffles (with a truckload of strawberries and whipped cream, no complaints) and watched Narnia. Prince Charming and I went to Stillwater for the afternoon, browsing all the little shops (which was only slightly disappointing because I usually love to go into the antique stores, but they were all set up with such a vast quantity of stuff everywhere that it was too overwhelming to think about shopping or even walking into them). We watched the lift bridge go up and down for the boats, found some cracked black pepper (that I’d been looking for), tried to buy more wine but were uninspired, and then walked up this huge flight of steps that still have me hurting. (But there was a pretty view overlooking the river at the top, and a house for sale that was surprisingly cheaper than we thought.) We left Stillwater just in time, because it started raining right as we drove out of town. It took a billion years to get to dinner – we were thwarted at every turn, trying to avoid construction and accidents. It was a good thing I wasn’t driving – there would have been some serious road rage. Mom called, and then while we were waiting for our food to arrive Dad called. Note to self: I was born at 5:56 pm. I always forget that Mom tries to call me around that time, so I had been feeling a bit neglected by my family until that point. The good news is that Dad has a new job. Since the beginning of June he’s been working for a landscaping company as management (which explains the larger-than-expected birthday check), and he only has to work M-F 7-4, which is so much better than when he worked at Menards (and now I don’t have to feel so bad about hating their commercials or occasionally shopping at Ace because they have better service). And Candy’s latest test results came back “stable,” which is all that can be hoped for. Back at Prince Charming’s, after going for a walk to shake off some of dinner (steak and potatoes sit a bit heavy and make me want to just veg on the couch) and playing some air hockey, we had my birthday favorite, angel food cake, with strawberries and chocolate syrup (Kahlua chocolate syrup, to be specific). Yum! Sunday afternoon, after a bunch more running around to exchange the DVD for widescreen (silly Alison), get a wireless card for my computer, and swim trunks and sandals for Prince Charming, we met up with Amanda at Liz’s for another birthday celebration. We exchanged gifts (camping stuff and a gift certificate to the yarn store for me, home improvement stuff for Liz), changed into our swimsuits, and hung out by the pool eating ice cream. I’m happy to say that I didn’t get sunburnt at all. After all that fun, we went out to eat in uptown, where we had some wonderful tasting food that gave me horrible heartburn for hours afterwards. Maybe 28 is the magic age where you can no longer truly enjoy food that you like.

Me, Amanda, and Liz

And then Prince Charming was nice enough to install the wireless card in my computer. I repaid him with recorded Star Trek episodes (because he wasn’t accepting “kisses” as a form of payment). Super-tired this morning because of the sun yesterday (not because of the margarita), but it’s getting better. And I’ve found some work to keep me busy for at least another half hour. This afternoon might be rough.

Currently listening to: “Thank GOD we broke up” playlist, because I wanted to hear Kelly Clarkson

Peeve of the moment: co-workers, what else?

What I’m wondering: if I freeze one ice cube at 0* F and another at -100* F, will I have one ice cube that’s warmer than the other, or will they both be the same temperature?

Coming up with titles all the time is really hard

Let’s get caught up, shall we? Tuesday night we went to a parade in Northeast. It was actually pretty cool for a local/neighborhood parade, and really long. I mean… unbelievably long. That would be my only complaint (other than kids running amok in the street and people crossing the street between floats). It may have been longer than the the Thanksgiving Parade I saw in Detroit with floats and Santa and the Rockettes and Frankie Muniz and… some teeny-bopper singer. Then we got some food… Liz and I got gyros (mine was from this sweet old man in a questionable trailer but he was so sweet I could totally get over that), and Amanda had cheese curds (“best ever,” according to her). Went back to Amanda’s and discovered her apartment in a state of disarray I didn’t know she was capable of. But that’s what happens when you’re packing to move, right?

What else have I been doing? Um, work has been incredibly boring. I’ve been wavering between suffering over nothing to do, and suffering through Access projects. Both have been boring. I’m almost done spray-painting for a while… the next project will involve actually taking the drawers out of my dresser, and that’s a big commitment (though hopefully good motivation to get it done quickly). Nikki came over and gave me her deposit and application, and was nearly bouncing with joy as she left. She’s excited to move in, which is good, good, good.

That was Tuesday, and the same night Bryan came home (for the first time since early Friday, but it will become apparent why shortly) and told me that Monday at work he got notice of being laid off. (So he went “home” to his fiancee, which is probably what I’d do, or want to do, be comforted by someone I loved…. Unfortunately, last time I was nearly laid off it wasn’t nearly that traumatic to me, and when I was fired I was pretty much alone in the world and had to get by on phone consolation, by Dad nonetheless, since he was the only one who answered his phone, until I could drive back to Illinois for the much-needed love. Anyways….) Apparently it’s politically-based, or so he thinks, and basically his department was told to cut $XX from their budget, and since he’s only been working there two months, it’s him. He has four more months before he’s without a job though, so…. I feel bad, because he’s gone through so much change recently. From what I can gather, he moved in May only to have that situation fall through, so he moved into our place in June, and he started this job in… April or May, only to have that not go so well either. Makes ya long for steady ground, something unchanging.

Also makes me glad that, relatively speaking, my life has been on steady ground for quite some time. I’ve almost reached the two-year marker at my current house. I’ve been at my job for… three and a half years, in Minnesota for four and a half. I’ve been friends with Amanda and Liz for going on four years (come September-ish). Prince Charming and I have made it to 10 months. I know I had a post just recently about all the changes in my life, and so maybe this just seems contradictory to that. But looking over that list, I just want to say, “melodramatic, much?” Really, while some of those things were… emotionally harrowing at the time, it was only because… they were all that was going on. Kind of how much a papercut hurts, unless you have a broken bone, in which case you can barely feel the papercut (or I’m guessing, having never broken a bone, but I’ve complained a lot about papercuts).

Prince Charming is bringing over a picnic dinner and we’re going to go for a nice walk in the woods down by the river in Mendota. Some nice peace and quiet, some calm. I was really feeling the need for that earlier this week, and while I’m not feeling nearly so… frazzled as I was then, it’ll still be good and refreshing, and the closest thing to a vacation I might get until we go camping.

Prince Charming’s hosting brunch on Saturday, and Amanda and Liz are coming, and potentially some other friends. I’ll officially get older that day (though, really, we’re all older every moment that we’re alive). That afternoon our plans are to go to Stillwater – nothing concrete, other than I remember when Amanda and I drove through it looked like a fun place to window-shop for an afternoon. Antiques and… stuff you can use to clutter-up your living space (I think those are called knick-knacks). Dinner out, with the possibility of White Wine Kelly visiting…. Sunday, Liz and I are celebrating our birthdays together, as usual. There will be pool-sitting (I’ve heard rumors that the pool is heated, so there might even be swimming) and ice cream-eating and dinner (margaritas?) and gifts exchanged. Amanda and Prince Charming are celebrating with us, so it should be a fun time for all.

Speaking of, just two more days until my much-anticipated gift from Prince Charming. While I’d love anything he gave me (it’s the thought that counts, ya know), there has been much mystery surrounding this one, and hints, and friends questioned, and… you get the idea. I haven’t gotten today’s hint, but yesterday’s hint was:

It’s something that you and I talked about on our first date.

OK, that’s totally not helpful. Our first date was nearly 5 hours long, and we talked about any number of things. The only one I can remember is shoes, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t get me shoes (though, technically, I suppose that would fit most, if not all, of the clues). Also, he corrected Amanda’s earlier correction and now I’m just confused (he said, “[they] don’t know everything about what you’re getting.” So, that could eliminate my idea of what I thought it was from the pool, but I’m not sure. We’ll just have to wait until Saturday to find out, won’t we.

And with that, maybe I’ll get back to work. Or I’ll try…. there’s not much to do (that I want to do, that is).

Miles walked since 6/1: 18.2
Currently listening to: Phones (everyone else is at lunch)
Peeve of the moment: … currently not annoyed… never mind… co-workers singing Christmas songs in June.
What I’m wondering: why the St Paul Farmer’s Market can’t be as cool as the one in Minneapolis (totally jealous)

Just for Liz

Happy Birthday, Liz!!! She’s officially in her mid-20’s (though, I hate to break it to ya, girl, but you’ve been there for the last year, but as someone who’s going to be in her late 20’s in three days, my perspective is different than my compatriots). I heard she doesn’t have to work – hope you enjoy your day off!


(said in the same tone of voice as Ben Affleck in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” when he says, “a-ha, I wasn’t with a hooker today!”)

I have an idea of what my birthday gift from Prince Charming might be. He’s been giving me hints since Friday, and I really hope that tomorrow’s hint will totally invalidate my idea, since I don’t want to know beforehand. Why was I thinking about it, then? Well, I was riding the bus home and hadn’t planned appropriately, so I was without iPod and book. Tonight, Amanda and Liz had my hint, and when put with the others, and an important clarification of one of the hints I was remembering incorrectly, and an incident that happened a week ago that, if I’m right, was a totally sneaky thing that someone did (and something I totally would have done, and in fact, is similar to things I’ve done to get the information I wanted from the receiver without them knowing)… my mind kinda put some things together. I hope tomorrow’s clue shows I’m totally off, because now that I’ve got an idea, I can’t think of any other possibilities.

And if I’m right, it’ll go to show why I don’t like surprises (primarily that I figure out what’s going on before it happens, and then I have to just play along anyways, and that’s no fun), and why, when planning a surprise for me, one must be very sneaky and actually keep it a secret. Because I’ve been known to figure these things out. I may not be observant all the time, but when someone’s keeping something hidden, I tend to sense it. Maybe it’s because I spent so many years trying to hide things from my parents. Who knows.

And no, I won’t tell you what I think it is. If I’m right, then I might just gloat about it later. And if I’m wrong, I won’t tell anyone what I thought it might be, because that just seems like a bad idea.

My life in pictures

I’m too… bored of words to blog, so I’m posting pictures… from this weekend, from a few weeks back, and even one from our trip to Chicago that got lost in the shuffle has just been found.

A couple of weeks back, we went for a walk at the pond near Prince Charming’s house, in an attempt to feed the ducks. No luck there, but there was a crane, or whatever bird this is. It wouldn’t let me get too close, but that’s what the 4 megapixels are for, right? Check out the zoom.
On the way back from Chicago, we drove by this oddity outside the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells. Turns out it’s a water ride. Scary.
We arrived at the MOA on Saturday and the rotunda was packed (as usual). Upon checking it out, we found it was a Nathan’s Hot Dogs eating competition… a regional one, winner going to Coney Island on July 4 for the official one. So we stayed.
Getting ready…
More getting ready… (we waited a loooong time for them to get it all straight)
Start eating!
Prince Charming’s cat, Snowy, asleep on the stairs. Looking cute. Because she doesn’t let you take pictures of you when she’s filled with hatred.
Darkness sleeps
A few weeks back, Prince Charming spent a great deal of time making this flashlight out of 3 AAA batteries and a Tic Tac container (he found the directions online, and I bet you could Google them too). It was pretty cool. This picture is crap, but…
…the action shot is pretty nice.
See how good I’ve been? Mom gave this to me when she was in town… two weeks ago. And it’s just sitting in my bedroom, waiting for Saturday. Patience is a virtue, and while I may not have mastered it, I am pretty good at it.

Question Of The Day

Well, I couldn’t resist this one….

Today is my birthday, would you like to come to my party? There’ll be pony rides and lots and lots of birthday cake! As a party favor I’m handing out iPods. Please choose what color iPod you’d like, and then do tell me when is your birthday?

I’d like a pink iPod, please. Though it would seem quite extravagant to own two (and my computer couldn’t handle the memory required for that). And I probably wouldn’t come to your party unless I know you really well, because I’m not a big fan. And, because you asked, my birthday is Saturday. I will be turning 28, for the first time (because I decided that I get to stay 28 until I look 28 years old, so I’ve got a good 5-10 years to stay this age, and 29 is so cliche).


Today is one of those days that I just want to chop off all my hair. Or wish I was wearing a turtleneck. One of the two, because my braids are rubbing against the back of my neck and it’s really annoying.

Also, it’s freeeeeeezing in the office today. Good thing I wore my convertible capris – they’re pants now.

Last night… I spray painted the table that lives on my deck. It’s now a lovely shade of green, instead of the stained/permanently-dirtied white that it was. The chair is next. I also hung up wall decorations and watched way too many episodes of Star Trek that I’d recorded. I wasn’t in the mood for the other stuff. I hung up the new mail sorter I got for the apartment – a lot more work than I thought it was going to be. Stupid walls – I don’t know what they’re made of, but it’s crap. It’s either impossible to drill into, or it all flakes off and is worthless to hold stuff up. There’s no middle ground. Don’tcha just love old houses?

And I gave Matea a lot of love. She seems fine, though confused and unsure when food time comes around – it’s too bad she’s got such a small brain, because explaining the situation to her really won’t help. Oh well. I haven’t had any breakdowns on the matter since Sunday afternoon. I just keep reminding myself that Romeo is much happier now, that the nagging sense of needing to go home and clean pee off of my roommates’ things wasn’t fun, and that Amanda and I can go visit him in a few weeks. It’s not like he’s dead.

Tonight Amanda and I are meeting at the Jamba Juice for SNB, because she’ll be in the area looking at apartments. I’m excited, because I love Jamba Juice and lately every time Prince Charming and I have passed one we haven’t been hungry. Maybe they’ll have a fun lime drink. I loved it when their fruit of the month was lime. Yum yum!

Prince Charming has decided to torment me about my birthday presents. When Mom was in town last week, she gave me hers, and it’s sitting patiently in my room, wrapped until the day comes. I can totally handle the waiting on that (though it helps that I’m 95% sure what it is, and I haven’t needed to use it yet). But since I gave lots of completely useless hints about his gift last month, it’s now my turn to be tortured. So far, all I know is that he ordered it online, it’ll be delivered via UPS, and Amanda and Liz were consulted.

Currently listening to: someone making photocopies
Peeve of the moment: co-workers in general
What I’m wondering: um… what food to get while I’m out getting coffee – I’m hungry!

Good News!

So, the good news is that the new roommate doesn’t have a problem with the potential roommate I interviewed last night having a dog. So, I’ve got to talk to the landlords, but it looks like I’ve got the new new roommate figured out. That was way too easy. I’m a bit skeptical. We’ll see. She was really cool though. She came over at six and stayed until seven, just talking. She liked the place, was good with the cats, and the interaction wasn’t just “OK” (like “no warning bells went off, it’d be alright if she lived here”) but fantastic (like “I want to be her friend even if she doesn’t live here”). Amazing. My cats are just going to have to be OK living with a dog and another cat. Plus, after talking with Karla, we decided to get DSL and do a wireless network that will cover the house and then she’ll split the costs with us as well, so four people buying into it makes it really affordable. And I set up a cable install for next Tuesday. Lots going on. Plus, I finally brought Prince Charming’s grill to be returned to Amazon to the post office today. They’re paying for return postage, but it was more the hassle of bringing the really big box all the way downtown on the bus, because the box Amazon shipped it in was huge – didn’t fit in a 13-gallon kitchen garbage bag. Conveniently, I caught the 65 this morning, which is usually not very crowded (instead of the 21, which often is), so the box could have a seat all to itself. And tomorrow, I promise to mail off the baby blanket to Sarah and baby Charlie.

Oh, and then I went all crazy in the kitchen and did some major cleaning/rearranging. Pulled everything out of about half of the cupboards (can’t do it all at once – that’d be crazy) and put it where it made sense, wiped down things, left out everything that I didn’t know who it belonged to…. Karla came home and we put away what she owned, and then everything else went into bags for Goodwill. Four large grocery bags, to be exact. And that wasn’t even all the cupboards. Big trip to Goodwill. Their donation center is open next Monday, so hopefully Prince Charming will be willing to take a trip over there to dump off stuff (I haven’t asked him yet though… whatdya think, sweetie?). Cleaning out the house….. Such fun. Oh, I needed to bathe afterwards, though. Some of the stuff was soooooo gross. Most everything is down from above the cupboards and fridge – kitchens are generally just too gross to leave stuff out of the cupboards. Grease and dust and cat hair make for a pretty potent combination. Tonight I’m tackling under the sink, and maybe the rest of the cupboards. We even found space for cookbooks! It’s revolutionary, I tell ya. Now if I can only find a spot for my bread machine… (it’s about an inch too tall for every single cupboard in the kitchen). And move some books from the hallway to the front room. You know, generally continue to make the house… not a craphole. Really, I live in a very nice place. It’s just that sometimes, if you look really closely, it would be easy to believe the opposite.

Alright, one more day at work this week (where I just got a new huge computer inventory database project) and then I’m off until Wednesday afternoon. Should be fun, or at least relaxing. Plus, Prince Charming is coming back from Kentucky tomorrow. Not like I would have seen him normally anyways, but it’ll still be nice to have him back.

Oh, Amanda, some sad news – Cali guy never called or emailed. So unless he shows up tonight (which I said he could just drop in), looks like I won’t be setting you up on any blind dates. 🙁

So Exciting!

Guess what happened Saturday night! I finished the baby blanket for little Charlie!!!!!

What, you were expecting something of… greater global significance or something? Come on, I’ve been working on this for… four months now. I’m so glad it’s done! I’ve got to take a picture tonight, after I iron-on the label (“Handmade With Love” to avoid the confusion experienced at Christmas). Then I’m bringing it to SNB on Tuesday night to show Amanda and Liz, and then off it goes to Boston!

So I started to re-learn how to crochet on Sunday then. I think I did OK, except for the fact that the rectangle I was trying to make somehow ended up a triangle. I’m sure Amanda will be able to tell me what I’m doing wrong. And I got back to work on the stole/shawl I’ve been working since Christmas, for me.

Oh, were the cats dying for love when I came home. Both slept with me all through the night, and the moment I stirred this morning, Romeo crawled up onto my chest and licked my nose until I got out of bed. That was pleasant.

The birthday party for Prince Charming went well. Everyone was well-fed, had a good time, and only a tiny bit of crying from the short ones when threatened by the cat or the nearness of bedtime. The only bummer was that Prince Charming’s gift arrived partially broken, so I have to return/exchange it, which is sad. Otherwise we could have used it, or at least… looked at it. It’s pretty. I was all excited about it.

And then I called Mom Sunday night and used almost 200 of my night & weekend minutes. Yep. I got filled in on all sorts of things, only some of which I wanted to know, though there was a hilarious story about my grandma, since Mom and her sisters got her a DVD player for Mother’s Day and she has no idea how to hook it up.

There’s nothing going on at work. I should pull open Access and see if I can get my database to do what I want it to with the VB Prince Charming showed me. But that’s really all I have for the whole day, so… I’m going to hold out on that for a bit. You know, save something for this afternoon.