Old Jeans

I’ve made it to the stage of my craft room cleaning where i have to deal with the “bag of jeans.” Here is the accumulation of jeans from my adult life. 15 pairs in varying colors and a wide range of sizes, plus some that are already cut up. Breaking them down for use should be interesting.

3 Hours of cutting later, I’m done! So many regrettable fashion decisions represented there, from acid washed jeans and high waists to sunflower patches and ultra low rise. 33 pockets salvaged, 10 leather tags, and a lot of denim. Sizes ranged from 4 to 10, showing my weight has really been all over the place for the last 20 years. Now the big question: what do I make out of it all?

A little holiday baking

That moment when you realize you do, in fact, have everything to make whatever kinds of cookies your friends want to make. Not pictured: 3 pounds of butter in fridge, stack of cookie sheets, 2 tubs of cookie cutters, and more decorations than I care to admit. Let the baking begin!

Minnehaha Falls

Saw Minnehaha Falls on Sunday! Boy, it was cold, but a pretty cool sight so close to home, and no competition for the view. Neither of us had been before, so it was nice to have Dad in town for the excuse to be tourists. 🙂

Right now (via Instagram)

First harvest of 2017! Saved some of the chard from the bunnies, picked the first cucumber, and found enough beans to realize that I should have picked about a week ago. Not too bad for the limited garden space available due to the whole fence moving situation.

The fence is moved!

The fence is finally moved! 
Before: outside the fence.
Before: Inside the fence.
After: inside the fence. Look at all the extra garden space! 
After: inside the fence. Next year’s harvest is going to be amazing!

Rocket to the Moon

I cannot believe this playground equipment is still in use! My sister and I played here a lot as kids. The rocket was cool, though as an adult it’s slightly terrifying to think about.