photo montage

There’s this huge box that came into existence in 2003, I believe. I know that it lived in the hall closet when Amanda and I lived over by the fairgrounds. It has since moved with me to two other apartments and two houses, and has never been opened. It is labeled simply “Scrapbooking Stuff.” I haven’t touched it because I know what’s inside. A huge mess of unorganized photos, cards, ticket stubs, etc. The idea of actually getting it in some sort of order is… horrifying.

However, the idea of moving it to yet another home in the same state it’s in now was also horrible. So… while I had the packing bug, I decided to tackle it. Three hours later (and a grocery bag full of recyclables, plus whatever had to be tossed), I was done. Exhausted, but done.

And now, you get to reap the benefits. You see, while I was opening every card (and tossing the ones that simply said “Love, YOUR NAME HERE” inside) and filtering out what pictures really needed to be kept (most of them, though some people actually got erased from my life last night) and so forth, I made a little pile of pictures of myself that made me smile for some reason or another.

I told Prince Charming that if he still wanted to marry me after he saw these pics, we were good to go (insert Taco Bell commercial hand gesture here). They’re in a rough sort of chronological order….

Look at that cute jumper, made by Mom, I’m sure. Pulling Jimmy, the neighbor’s grandson, up and down the driveway in our wheelbarrow.
Christmas card circa 1983, I think. Look at how cute we were! OK, look beyond the clothing to our cute faces. Really, Alison was adorable.
Every time we went to the dentist and didn’t have cavities, they took a Polaroid and put us on the “No Cavity Club” wall. Here’s a lovely pic from 1989.
Ooh, the infamous side ponytail!
In junior high, Mom brought the Mary Kay lady over to give me a makeover. This is, frighteningly, the “after.” Braces… big poofy bangs… annoying head tilt (that I had in almost every picture until college)… it’s a wonder I didn’t date more. Don’t get me started about that shirt….
Prom, 1996. There was a rather horrifying hair styling experience that involved a woman brushing out my hair, putting it in hot rollers, and then teasing it to oblivion before getting it into this updo. I’m not sure why. I do know there was a lot of hairspray and bobby pins involved. Yes, Mom made that dress. Don’t worry, it shows up later. It’s also still hanging in my closet, and I can still wear it.
This is me in my freshman dorm room. Michael W Smith poster on the wall, pictures plastered everywhere, hideous-print shirt tucked into belted jeans. Man, how great do I look! That’s not a shadow behind my head, that’s my hairstyle. What was I thinking?
Judson Homecoming, sophomore year, with Mike. There were some other photos from this night that show the reason I didn’t speak to him for several months, but we had a good time nonetheless. This is also the set of photos that I threw several away to effectively erase someone from my life.
More sophomore year shots. This is me and Amy. I’d like to point out that my shirt is not only plaid and flannel, but has a denim collar. Dead sexy, I tell ya.
I’m not even sure where this was taken, but apparently someone was packing to go home or on a trip and I tried to go with.
In San Francisco, with co-worker Lisa. If you look at the larger version, you can see the mega bags under my eyes. And this wasn’t even at the end of the summer (because in those pictures, you can tell I’d gained weight). Ah, to be young again and capable of working yourself that hard for $75/week.
Ah, here’s one of those infamous pics from the fall after I returned from San Francisco. The scan isn’t as good, but if you look closely, I’ve got extra cheek. And those pants I had to buy in SF because mine didn’t fit anymore.
The back of this one is labeled “Fall 1999,” which would place it at about the same time as the previous one. It’s a side shot, so I’m not sure. Nor do I have any idea where I was or what I was doing. Perhaps some youth group kids had done my hair? I really can’t tell. I just thought the look on my face was funny.
This is me with some of the girls in my youth group in Michigan. Good times.
Me in the sanctuary of my church in Michigan. Mom took this when she visited me a few short weeks after I’d moved there. On the left is the grand piano I played, and on the right there’s a door that went directly to my office.
Me driving the church van in Michigan. I actually drove this as my personal vehicle for about six months while my car was broken. I thought I had some pretty good hair here – wonder what products I was using….
With my staff from Arizona, holding the bumper to the van that I was personally responsible for injuring. The plastic bumper was fine, per se, but wouldn’t go back onto the van because the metal part underneath was bent beyond repair. I backed into a tree. In the middle of a parking lot. Of the church that we worked at every day. It was halfway through the summer, so there was really no excuse. Oh, except that that was the day from h*ll (one of the worst of the summer, and there were some doozies) and I was a bit shook up already.

Well, there ya have it. Pics from the early 1980s to 2002. Most of the good stuff since then is already posted on this site, somewhere. Try the “pics” tag.

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  1. Hello. I loved your pics and one stuck out because i am a HUGE MWS fan. And was wondering if you still have that poster. And if so would you be willing to sell it or take a closer photo so i can see it clearer. I appreciate your time.

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