100 things

  1. I have red curly hair.
  2. My birthday is in . I am [sigh] in my 30s.
  3. This means my sign is . Who thought of that? It’s a disease. Man.
  4. I live in . (Don’t worry, I’ll run out of buttons soon, and then I won’t have any more inspiration for this list.)
  5. Unlike most Minnesotans, I prefer over Caribou. It’s the mochas. They win me ever time. However, this preference has weakened since I gave up caffeine.
  6. I gave up caffeine in September 2008. Life without it isn’t all that bad.
  7. I am at least . Probably more. If you know me, you vote.
  8. I currently work for the government doing website stuff and administrative support.
  9. When I first started working here, they sent me to a class to learn , because I only knew FrontPage. Now I’m a pro (relatively speaking). My newest skills involve CSS. PHP confuses me (yes, that is what WordPress is written in).
  10. I worked in youth ministry in several churches for 10 years, and left my last job at the church in May 2005, after almost three years. I’m waiting a while to get back into the church thing, and even longer to get back to volunteering with a youth group. It’ll just suck me in otherwise. I love it so much, but can’t do it as a job anymore.
  11. My new career goal is to be a junior high social studies teacher. This will involve more schooling, but will something I find fulfilling. Yes, I love junior high students. They don’t scare me.
  12. I have lived in Illinois, California, Michigan, Arizona, and now Minnesota.
  13. I lived in 6 different apartments in Minnesota in my first 6 years.
  14. That’s a lot of moving. Hopefully no more moves. We bought our dream house May 1, 2009. We’d like to die there.
  15. I take the bus to work. It takes about 45 minutes.
  16. I own one cat, . I also own some random fish, who live and die at whim. also owns a cat, . They’re both crazy.
  17. I met my husband online.
  18. I have one sister. She’s married (2003) to a youth pastor. They live here, which is the reason I live here.
  19. My first nephew was born December 2007, and he is just adorable! My second nephew was born March 2009. I adore both of them.
  20. My dad lives in the Chicago area. My mom recently moved up here to the Twin Cities. Grandchildren, you know.
  21. I have worked for 5 churches and 2 missions organizations.
  22. I speak halfway decent French and very bad Spanish.
  23. I “own” a borrowed car from some friends who moved to Korea for a few years.
  24. I’m tall compared to most of my friends.
  25. I have been in love before. And I am in love right now. To an amazing, wonderful man.
  26. I own a lot of CDs. Some movies, too.
  27. I like pink.
  28. I have my BA from Judson College (now “University”) in Youth Ministry and Adolescent Studies.
  29. I have a 3.96 GPA (and I’m really upset about that missing .04) at Metro State.
  30. I get sunburnt easily.
  31. I have 11 piercings in my ears, but no other piercings or tattoos. (I only wear one earring in each ear – kinda grew out of that rebellious stage.)
  32. I think that bellybutton piercings are gross. My sister had one and I could hardly look at it, but thankfully she took it out when she got pregnant.
  33. I think I would like a tattoo, but I can never figure out what I want.
  34. I have played the piano since I was 7.
  35. My piano now lives at our house, which makes me very happy. I haven’t looked for the serial number for an exact date, but it was manufactured between 1865 and 1885. Whoa.
  36. I am very particular about what pens I use. I do not like pencils, except in my planner, where it’s a necessity.
  37. I have big hands and feet.
  38. I have PCOS.
  39. I like things in alphabetical or chronological order, or both.
  40. People at work think I’m a computer genius.
  41. Maybe I am. No, not really.
  42. According to my IQ, I’m an underachiever.
  43. I try not to have heroes.
  44. I really enjoyed my four years as a vegetarian, but am no longer. It got too hard. Or I got bored. Or I just kept cheating so that I thought I’d be honest and drop the title.
  45. I played church softball for a summer, and only hit the ball once in the whole season. They didn’t ask me again (it was, however, a game-winning hit).
  46. My current passion is crafting. Quilting, embroidery, sewing clothing, and occasionally knitting (though it aggravates my tendinitis, so I only do it rarely).
  47. I hope to spend lots of time each summer laying in a hammock.
  48. My out-of-state friends are all married with lots of babies. My in-state friends are all single. Is that weird?
  49. I have been fired from a church before, and almost from a missions organization.
  50. I didn’t do anything wrong. Just didn’t live up to people’s expectations.
  51. I try to be honest and represent myself “as is,” but sometimes others just don’t get it.
  52. I was once asked out while waiting at the bus stop. I gave him a wrong number.Does that make me a bad person?
  53. Target is my favorite.
  54. I’m really glad Ikea is at to the Mall of America. I now live 7 minutes away from both. Guess how often we go to Ikea.
  55. My spine is curved 7%. This caused a really bad limp in 8th grade that took two months of chiropractic work to get over.
  56. I have blue eyes and freckles, which is because I’m Swedish, not Irish (that would be green eyes).
  57. And dimples.
  58. But to see them, you’d have to make me smile.
  59. I waited for my wedding night.
  60. I’ve never done drugs, or been truly drunk (although I have been a little tipsy before). (Of course, this depends on your definition of “drunk.” I think mine is different than other peoples’.)
  61. I almost never leave the house without waterproof mascara (black) on.
  62. I recently discovered a brand of bottled water that I enjoy drinking cold or room temperature. “Ice Mountain.” And then I decided that bottled water was bad, and switched to carrying my own water bottle around.
  63. I love camping.
  64. I like playing Scrabble.
  65. People annoy me. A lot (see 100 Pet Peeves).
  66. I am still trying to learn how to bake [yeast] bread.
  67. I really like stripes, especially on clothing. Don’t know why.
  68. Finally found a video game I enjoy – Lego Star Wars. Who knew?
  69. I deleted a few too many things from this list and now I can’t think of anything else to say about myself.
  70. In my old age, my eyesight is getting poorer (had to get glasses January 2007). But, my feet are also shrinking, so it all evens out.
  71. The house we bought has tons of garden space, but it’s all covered in about 5 inches of decorative rock, and underneath that is that awful black plastic. It all has to go. I think I need to beef up my arm muscles in order to [help] shovel them out.
  72. The house we bought also has a basement full of wood paneling. Four different kinds! Sometimes even multiple layers! Guess we’re gonna learn how to hang drywall.
  73. OK, so it’s not exactly a “thing” about me, but… here’s my Flickr account.
  74. I think you’re wonderful, just the way you are. Oh, also, I adore comments on my blog, and will love you forever if you make one.
  75. Here’s that 25 Things meme that made its way around Facebook.
  76. Now that I’ve deleted 25 things that were no longer relevant, I have no idea what to say about myself.
  77. I’m a big fan of keyboard shortcuts. Want to learn some? I also know some pretty cool tricks in Microsoft Word.
  78. I’m kind of addicted to Facebook.
  79. Google Reader has made staying caught up on blogs so much easier. It’s also easier to add a new blog to my reading list. I currently have 207 subscriptions.
  80. I lived in Arizona for a summer, but have never seen the Grand Canyon.
  81. I cannot draw. When I say, “I’m not an artist,” this is what I mean. I realize that the creative arts extend far beyond drawing, but I tend to be fixated on what I cannot do.
  82. I don’t like scary movies.
  83. Also, I’m afraid of the dark.
  84. I’m actually quite OK admitting that.
  85. I love sci-fi television. I might watch too much of it.
  86. My grandparents are 96, 90, and 82. Every day I’m thankful for the time I have with them still in my life.
  87. I am not a morning person. Not at all. Not even close.
  88. I really hate being cold in the morning.
  89. I don’t own an iPhone. Not yet, at least. I’m holding out. (For what? I don’t know.)
  90. I was barefoot at my wedding. My mom made my dress, based on a picture I drew for her.
  91. In this job, I have learned a lot about accessibility, especially in relation to websites (though I must confess that I doubt this blog is very accessible).
  92. There are three stalks of bamboo growing on my desk at work. I like that they’re living.
  93. Everyone who visits my cubicle compliments me on 1) my chair, and 2) my photo collage.
  94. I am not concerned in the slightest about H1N1.
  95. I would really love it if transporter technology (like on Star Trek) were invented, so that I could spend time with my friends who live far away.
  96. I like to keep work separate from the rest of my life. Other than talking about my day, I don’t think about work (or do any work) when I’m not at work.
  97. People would be surprised to learn how often I snack during the workday.
  98. I strongly dislike my red glasses.
  99. I am allergic to the color blue (cobalt dye in eye makeup, specifically), and about a zillion other things that might possibly touch my skin, like sunscreen. Boo on that. I also have undiagnosed seasonal allergies and regular sinus allergies (haven’t been able to figure those out on my own, and they’re not bad enough to warrant getting tested just yet).
  100. I’m really trying to get better at taking pictures. If you go back through my Flickr account (which has way too many photos in it), you’ll see that I am making some progress.

Updated October 2009

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