100 pet peeves

The ever-shrinking list (fingers crossed):

  1. People who don’t understand body language.
  2. People who stand too close (and I have a fairly large personal bubble).
  3. People talking on cell phones in my presence.
  4. People sitting next to me on the bus and talking loudly on their cell phone.
  5. Basically anything involving noise that I don’t have control over.
  6. Other people’s dirty dishes.
  7. People who do annoying things, repeatedly.
  8. Drivers who ride up on my bumper, as if that’s going to make me drive faster.
  9. People not listening to the words I am speaking, but instead forming their own response without knowing what I’m even saying.
  10. Anyone who tries to micro-manage me.
  11. When people who have really thick skins and can handle tons of criticism don’t realize not everyone is like them and they just dump on you.
  12. Lots of things that are trendy, especially clothing items that will definitely go out of style in 6 months.
  13. People who think their time is more valuable than mine.
  14. The media blowing things out of proportion.
  15. How narcissistic American culture has become (yes, I realize that I am narcissistic as well. I am a good example of American culture).
  16. That cable costs so much.
  17. People who walk really slowly in public places and don’t leave you room to walk around them.
  18. People who walk up escalators behind me and then stand right behind me, like, this close.
  19. When people criticize me for things they do. Hypocrites! (Yes, I do this too.)
  20. Sleeves that get shorter in the wash.
  21. Girls walking around dressed like hookers (though they’re clearly white, suburban, middle-class).
  22. People who don’t change, ever.
  23. People who continue to say, I’m stupid, I’ll never learn this, as they are learning how to do it. Of course you won’t remember how to do it later if you cut yourself down now!
  24. People who don’t learn how to do something because they assume you’ll be around next time to do it for them again.
  25. Body odor, in most situations.
  26. Restaurant meals that are easily 2 or 3 meals-worth of food, and that I have to pay that much for a meal, and then forget the doggy bag at the restaurant.
  27. That up until Christmas 2005 when Mom gave me a digital camera, at least 50% of the pictures I’ve taken have a finger in them.
  28. That I’m really not that observant. Nor can I do literary analysis. These things make me feel stupid sometimes.
  29. That until I got married, while I’m not the oldest virgin I knew, I was probably the oldest virgin a lot of other people knew. Clarification: I’m wasn’t annoyed that I was a virgin, just that… more people aren’t. Purity and patience are virtues.
  30. Minnesota drivers, in general.
  31. Minnesota winters, in general.
  32. Winter sports, all of them.
  33. That hacking phlegm throat thing that guys do, even when in public. Ew. No one will ever want to kiss you now. Ever.
  34. When I am doing work for someone, and they repeatedly change their minds after I’ve “completed” the project, so it has to be done again. And again. And again.
  35. When liberals generalize conservatives into being… well, extremists (and vice versa). Not all people who are pro-life want to gun-down abortion doctors or bomb clinics.
  36. When the smallest minority overrules the majority simply because they complain the loudest.
  37. When people ask me to do tasks at work that are so… beneath me, and they could easily do themselves.
  38. Discussing vegetarianism with people who are very much pro-meat. They just don’t listen.
  39. How much profanity is in mainstream music.
  40. That Christian radio is geared towards soccer moms and not 20-somethings (or teenagers, for that matter).
  41. When people say something mean or I do something stupid, and I replay it in my mind for months (or years) after the fact.
  42. The divorce rate in our country and how its affecting our children.
  43. Any event that requires me to sit still and listen for hours on end in the wee hours of the morning. At 8 am, I need to be active, not listening to a lecture.
  44. Chronic shoulder/back pain.
  45. That people die of starvation every day when I have food left over at nearly every meal.
  46. When things aren’t done right the first time, and I have to fix it all.
  47. That I don’t get Good Friday off work, nor Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.
  48. When I can’t clearly articulate my otherwise brilliant thoughts and those around me who are listening just think I sound stupid.
  49. Nail polish that chips off on the second day.
  50. The tendency for EVERYWHERE to be air-conditioned in the summer. I like real air.
  51. How important Christianity is to me and yet I’m unable to find a way to fit that into a job I’d enjoy and be good at.
  52. Multiple cloudy, grey-skied days in a row.
  53. When people draw attention to me and I don’t want it.
  54. That for so many years I thought I wasn’t good enough to do anything “real” with my piano, and that the teachers I had (some of them) didn’t believe in me either.
  55. When there is no chocolate for me to eat in my house.
  56. Pantyhose. Whoever invented those had a sick sense of humor.
  57. Common grammatical and spelling errors.

Updated October 2009

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