Setting Realistic Expectations

There’s another blog-a-day for September, and I’m just going to be honest… that’s not going to happen. I could set it up and try, but given what I already know my schedule holds for the rest of this month, I think I’d be setting myself up for failure.

Next week I have two more days of leadership training, and then we have a new staff person starting at work, and I will be her primary trainer. This is good; the previous person who held this position ever so briefly had two of us, and I think it got confusing really fast as to who had taught her what and there were probably gaps in her training. And the person before her, I trained. So I can train the new person, absolutely, since it used to be my job to do this work. But, that means a lot of time is accounted for already. Conveniently, I don’t have a ton of projects right now, and since we were unexpectedly short staffed, I have been able to delay some projects too. So I’m not stressed about the quantity of work or anything. But I also recognize that I probably won’t have time to sit here and blog. And as much as I try, I never remember to do it at home. So that’s that.

We have been spending the last week renovating the overhead storage in our garage. It’s one of those super weird projects that makes me question our sanity a bit, like when we spent a few weekends remodeling the stairwell. Don’t get me wrong – great projects, super functional, and aesthetic as well. But who does that? In the comments, I want to hear about the weirdest thing you’ve remodeled or renovated in your abode. (We spent the weekend before that redoing the lighting in our furnace room. Another weird project.)

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