August Blog A Day – Day 26

Describe your typical Sunday in a gif or emojis.

I chose to use Bitmoji.

Start with coffee.
Check at least a few things off the list. This weekend it was moving the dirt pile in the driveway so I can power wash the patio furniture later.

This weekend was far from typical, as we have house guests with children staying with us.

Stamps is not coping well, but there’s not much to be done about that. Brunch in a little while, then probably power washing after they leave, and some gardening too.

No idea what to meal prep, but probably something to use up some beans and cucumbers, as the fridge is starting to fill up. I’ve got off-site training this week and was encouraged to bring a lunch, as the cafeteria lines can be long at peak times. Should be… interesting, if nothing else. Gotta find some time to do the last of the homework for that too, as there was no time at work Friday.

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