August Blog A Day – Day 23

Throwback Thursday. Tell us about the year this photo was taken.

Dad, Alison, and me, 1980.

Ah, 1980, a year I don’t remember, except that it’s the year my beautiful sister, Alison, was born. This picture would be from probably late August, as she was born mid-August and stayed in the preemie unit for a while (don’t know how long, but there’s a picture of me visiting her there, so at least a few days I’d guess). I also know that when my parents brought her home, Dad walked into the house carrying her, and I took one look at the two of them and burst into tears, or so the story goes. I don’t remember that, obviously, I was only 2.

Did any else remarkable happen in 1980? A quick check of Wikipedia says that yes, lots of important things happened, like boycotting the Olympics, the first use of the word “yuppie” in print, Reagan getting elected, and the murder of John Lennon.

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