August Blog A Day – Day 22

Write a letter to the person who has hurt you the most.

At this moment, it would be really cathartic to do this for someone who has left us in the lurch at work. But, I don’t blog about work (mostly), because I’m not stupid.

I would like to talk to the squirrels who have been digging around the seeds I just planted for the fall crops. I am NOT happy about that. Peas, arugula, radishes, and spinach – hopefully these varieties of spinach and radish will turn out better than the last ones, which 1) got some wilt/mildew disease, along with both attempts at chard this spring, or 2) produced very few actual radishes, just a bunch of red roots that looked nothing like radishes and were too skinny to do much, but there sure were a lot of leaves….

We are drowning under zucchini, beans, cucumbers, and jalapenos right now. And I harvested a bunch of cilantro and parsley, and made up chimichurri sauce, so I’m having a delicious spinach, steak, farro, and cucumber salad for my lunch this week.

The basil and dill have died, though, perhaps succumbed to the heat? They were looking sickly, so I pulled them, and planted peas for Prince Charming in that space.

In related news, we converted a cabinet in our furnace room from storage to a drying space for herbs. Drilled a giant hole in the side and installed a fan (that makes more noise than we think it should), which runs at a pretty low speed and is drying the 5 large bunches of sage that I hung in there at an alarming rate. (That was only about 1/3rd of the sage plant – the rest is still in the garden!) I’m hoping the removal of some of the herbs and cutting back of others will allow the remaining ones to thrive, particularly the lavender and rosemary, which have stayed rather small but would dry very well if they got big enough. I wonder if either of those will be a perennial here in Minnesota.

And then since we were working in the furnace room, we decided to improve the lighting situation in there, so we spent an evening pulling out a bunch of telephone wires in the ceiling to make space for more electrical cables, and have been slowly working on installing new lights. I’ll have pictures when it’s all done. There’s also some empty conduit to remove…. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the ceiling in a less-than-effective way (or at least not as simple as it could be). Yes, we’ve lived there nine years with the telephone cords just chillin’ in the ceiling, despite having never had a land line. Our house is a work in progress, and that has not been a priority. I mean, I still haven’t painted the living-dining room, and I don’t like the color it was painted when we moved in. And the kitchen…. One cannot do all the projects at once.

Now I need to go see if I can make sense of an old database that I redesigned about 8 years ago and is still a hot mess… cleaning up one’s old messes is a special kind of fun.

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