August Blog A Day – Day 20

An interesting dating story

Hmmm…. Having not gone on that many dates in my life until I met Prince Charming, it’s a fairly small pool of events to pull from, and most of them are not very interesting.

There was one the summer of my junior year of college, when I was living on campus and there was a weird love rectangle (there were four of us, paired up wrongly, in short, but the long version is way weirder, anyway…) and the first date I went on with my soon-to-be-boyfriend (and soon-to-be-ex) was to see Saving Private Ryan, which was a terrible first date. After exiting the theater, we decided to postpone the second half of our date until another time (which we did – that’s not what did our relationship in, that was him hooking up with his best friend, who was not part of our love rectangle, so was it a love pentagram? that sounds ominous for sure).

Once in high school I went on one single date with a guy I’d been crushing on, only to find out several hours into the date that he was quite boring and we didn’t really click, so much so that I don’t actually remember what we did on said date, I only remember him dropping me off at my house and trying to politely tell him there would never be a second date. Later that year he asked me to prom; that was a “no” from me.

Prince Charming and I had lots and lots of dates, but they’re all already chronicled here, or at least the fun/interesting ones. We occasionally still drive by the spot of our first date, which was the Caribou Coffee on Grand Avenue in St Paul (because I could walk there, car-less as I was at the time). After coffee, we walked up and down Grand for a while, eventually ending up at Cosetta’s for pizza. He dropped me off at home, and the rest is history. Who knew a cup of coffee could be so life changing? (He doesn’t even drink coffee!)