August Blog A Day – Day 13

What gives you confidence?

When I’m good at something, I usually know it. Like, I’m good at my job. Really good. People tell me this all the time, but also know it to be true. There are other things that I am skilled at, and I have a lot of confidence about them. Knowledge helps too – I have acquired a lot of knowledge (information, history, how to, etc) about things at my job, and people come to be with questions a lot, and that gives me confidence. That doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes have performance anxiety or other nervousness associated with these things, but at my core, I have a lot of confidence about these things.

I’ve been at my job for nearly 16 years, and in the same physical location for nearly all of those years. I feel very comfortable in the downtown Skyway, in navigating my building as well as the downtown streets. So familiarity also breeds confidence for me.

I could probably make a long list of things I don’t have confidence about, but that’s not what this question is, and I’d rather leave this on a more positive note.