August Blog A Day – Day 12

Favorite trip you’ve ever taken.

Ooh, this is a tough one! London and Vancouver are definitely up there, but I think my favorite might be Puerto Rico. That was such a fun vacation. We stayed in Old San Juan and just walked everywhere for a week, except for the day that we went with a tour guide to the rain forest and bio-luminescent bay. The hotel we stayed at was part of the magic, I’m sure, with their daily siesta with free wine, cheese, fruit, and coffee on a partially covered patio.

Another afternoon in Old San Juan spent on the veranda, reading and drinking free coffee. Also, I didn’t get sunburnt today. And all of our required shopping is done. Yay!

It was just before Christmas, so there were a lot of decorations up, which was beautiful.

The Christmas decorations are so beautiful in Old San Juan!

There were old forts to visit, lots of little shops, slightly weird food, and we were surrounded by water. It was relaxing even though we stayed busy.

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