August Blog A Day – Day 11

Where did you grow up? How often have you moved? Where do you live now?

Finally a question that will take me longer than 2 minutes to answer!

I grew up in St Charles, Illinois, a far west suburb of Chicago. I lived there my entire childhood (two different houses – we moved the summer before… 2nd grade?). Then I went to college in Elgin, a slightly closer suburb of Chicago. I did a stint the summer before senior year in San Francisco with a mission organization.

After college, I moved to a very small town in Michigan outside of Detroit to work at a church in an even smaller village. I was only there for a year and a half before moving to the Twin Cities, and I’ve been here ever since.

I moved around quite a bit my first few years here. I lived with a church family for 4 months in the outer southern suburbs, then moved closer to Minneapolis, then got fired and did a 3 month stint in Arizona with a different mission organization, then came home and had to move again because of roommate …things. So I moved to St Paul and lived there for 5 years in 3 different apartments. When I got married, I moved in with Prince Charming in a St Paul suburb just south of the river. After a year and a half, we sold the townhouse and moved to the Minneapolis suburb we currently live in. We’ve been here a little over 9 years and plan on staying in this house forever. It’s a great location, so close to the airport, Mall of America, and both downtowns. And we love our house and have improvement plans that will keep us busy for at least a few decades.

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