August Blog A Day – Day 7

Truthful Tuesday

Finally caught up! I have no idea what I’m supposed to write about for this one, so here are some random truths:

  • I meal prepped last night, making a kale-bacon salad with kale and radishes from the garden, and some leftover carrots, almonds, and pecorino. It’s good, but I overcompensated from last week’s broccoli salad (that was bland) and my salad is… salty and a bit too flavorful. I’m going to need to add some more kale, I think, to balance it out a bit.
  • It’s acorn season at our house, and our yard waste bin is half full of acorns, no exaggeration. I’m also working on a project involving acorns that I’m not ready to reveal yet.
  • I have no idea why I stopped blogging, or why just now I’ve decided to start again.
  • But I have decided that since a large part of my job (well, a medium-sized part) is accessibility, that I should walk the talk and make my blog template and posts accessible, even though there’s probably not a single reader anymore and no real need. I think it’s going to take me 3-6 months to go through all the posts and make sure all the images are captioned properly and all the name graphics I used to use are replaced with text.
  • I’ve felt a lot lately like I’m failing at everything. Failing to get to work on time (or even slightly improve), failing to get better at taking the stairs in the parking ramp, failing to get better at yoga (or even go to yoga), failing to lose weight, failing, failing, failing. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m not depressed, my medication is working just as well as always. It’s been a weird few months.
  • I turned 40. This is completely unrelated to the bullet above. It didn’t seem like a big deal, in the end. There was a wonderful party and it was everything I wanted it to be. I got some lovely gifts.
  • I could swear that the day after I turned 40 more white hairs started showing up. Redheads don’t go grey… we skip that and go straight to white. I need to do highlights and lowlights again, because my hair has been growing in more brown (well, less red) and more white, and I’m not in love with that. I’m trying to not hide the white (that is, accept it), but I might not be fully on board with that.
  • June and July were quite hot, so hot that I threatened to shave my head not once but twice. So I got the back cut even shorter when I got my most recent haircut, and it’s been fairly cool ever since. Like, what is going on with this weather?

I’m sure I could come up with more truthful things, but do we really need that? No. Enjoy.

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