August Blog A Day – Day 6

Note: My blog was down for most of Monday, and I was trying to not be distracted at work… so I’m a bit behind, but I’m getting caught up.

What’s your heritage? Where are your ancestors from? How far back to do know your family’s history?

My ancestry, to my knowledge, is all western European. Swedish, Norwegian, French, English, maybe some German…. The only one I have any cultural attachment is the Swedish part, as the area I grew up in had strong Scandinavian ties (every year there’s a big festival in the next town with sidewalk sales and who knows what else now, it’s been close to two decades since I’ve been, and it’s called Swedish Days). I have some dala horses, and some Berggren kitchen stuff.

I have a binder of family history from my paternal grandfather’s side of the tree that goes back really far. The rest, not so much. I’d love to do one of those mail-in swab kits where you learn your genetic history, but with a maiden name like Johnson (on two of my four grandparents), researching family history isn’t easy or fun, so I’m not likely to get too into or whatever the current site for doing that is.

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