August Blog A Day – Day 3

What makes you feel like an adult?

On Wednesday night, we loaded up some stuff in the back of my car and took it to the county Hazardous Waste Drop-Off site (motor oil, fluorescent light bulbs, that sort of thing)… we felt pretty good about ourselves and our “adulting” after that.

Sometimes it’s things like making big purchases, like a new car, or deciding to re-side the house; lots of things to do with the house really. Training other people how to do my job. Realizing that I am the one at my job with seniority and “institutional knowledge” (because I’ve been here almost 16 years).

But mostly, it’s the really ordinary boring stuff, like checking to make sure all the doors are locked before going to bed, loading the dishwasher even though I don’t want to, that sort of thing. It’s funny, as kids we see adults and assume they all feel like adults, because they act like adults. But as adults, we realize that most people still feel like they’re faking being adults and wonder when everyone else is going to catch on. 🙂

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