Sawdust everywhere

About a month ago, we started to make forward progress on that other built-in for the family room. The pieces had been sitting in our bedroom since last October or November, just waiting on one last coat of poly. We finally got that taken care of, and then spent some time drilling the holes for the shelves. This was not very complicated for the smaller bottom units that will have doors, but for the top units that are bookshelves, it was a little more complicated. It was more complicated because I didn’t want adjustable shelves; my symmetry-loving mind wanted all of the shelves to be the same all the way across. This took some finagling (and math!) but we got it taken care of.

After that, we assembled each individual unit (3 upper, 6 lower). That took us a day or two.

Last Sunday, we assembled the larger units (2 lower with 1 upper), and then installed them all. Getting everything level and even and so forth took a lot of time, but it was definitely worth it. Now, these pictures might not look like much, but we really are very excited about them.

View as you enter the family room. The unit is flush with the wall that the door closes onto, so while it seems a bit claustrophobic right now because we’re used to the empty space, we didn’t actually lose any space overall compared to the original layout (link below).

History: when we first moved in, how it looked for a long time, and what it looked like for the last year. Also, the first unit as it was when we moved in, assembly, installation, framing, and in use. Can you tell I’m proud of the work we’ve done?

The bookshelf tops have a beadboard backing, which we will also use for the center panel of the doors on the bottom (and the whole other built-in will have doors that will match).
Doesn’t that just look like a ton of space for books? The top shelf is just 8″ tall, which should fit all of our serial paperbacks. The next one is 10″, and the bottom two are 12″. There are enough holes in the bottom units for one or two shelves at avariety of vertical locations, to fit all of our stuff.

Next up? The face frame. Then we can install the trim in the whole room! I’ve been waiting for that for quite some time (more than a year, actually, since I painted all of the trim last July while the state was closed down). Then we might switch our focus to the basement bathroom for a while, which really is a great indoor/winter project.

Looking at these pictures reminds me that I need to keep looking for replacement side tables on Craigslist – the ones we originally got match, but are a little too big and not terribly practical (I’d really prefer ones with a lower shelf or a door, more nightstand-like). While I wait for other people to respond to my emails, I might just do that.