The orchard looks different somehow…

A few weeks ago, , and I went on our annual trip to the apple orchard. Only, well, you see, we didn’t exactly go to an orchard. If you know the whole long history of our orchard trips (check out the “orchard” tag if you want the details), you’ll remember that we went to Sponsel’s for ten years, until it closed. Last year we tried a new orchard, which was nice, but wasn’t enough to get us to come back this year. Add in this year’s weather patterns that meant the apple crop was early, and some crazy September schedules, and, well, things changed. It was mid-October before we all had a free weekend at the same time. took on the task of planning things, and came up with several options. I wanted to do a corn maze, because I’d never done one before.

Well, we ended up at Sever’s Corn Maze just south of the cities. Barely any apples in sight (though they did have apple cider, and I had an apple with hot caramel as my lunch), but lots of other fun things.


Honest to goodness, there was a camel. That wasn’t even the most exotic of animals.

That’s right, there was an exotic animal petting zoo. This resulted in sticking her hands into most of the cages while got upset about the map of the maze being eaten. It was all in good fun.


I don’t remember what these are called, but they were cute. In an Australia sort of way.

Thankfully, not all the animals were exotic.


You know I needed a picture of a rooster.



We did complete the maze and found all of the clues to spell the secret word. It was more fun than we thought it would be. Maybe next year there will be more apples on our orchard trip, but for this year, we had a good time.

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