Friday Fill-Ins

  1. Beware of Halloween pranksters.
  2. I am not ready for it to snow. Neither is our house. I mean, there are leaves to be raked, another house painting quote to get, some insect prevention we need to do… but we got the windows weatherproofed, so that’s something. No, , they’re still not clean. Does that make you twitchy? 🙂
  3. And since we ‘re on the subject, there are plenty of other parts of my house that are not really clean. Just being honest.
  4.  [I’ve got nothing for this one] spirits?
  5. Where ~the deer and the antelope roam…~. That’s going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.
  6. Soup – thick, hearty, totally unhealthy soup – is one of my favorite meals when it’s cold out.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward going to class (boo!), tomorrow my plans include writing a paper (there’s lots of this in the next 2 weeks – just assume I’m busy doing homework unless you hear differently) and Sunday, I want to accept that winter is coming and switch out my summer wardrobe for all those wool sweaters!

Oh, and as a quick update to yesterday’s post, I made a decision… not to make a decision (I suppose that was Option D). It’s totally valid.

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