Friday Fill-Ins

  1. It’s easy to understand why I’m cold. It’s 69* in here today, with a good breeze. Seriously. For the record, I’m on the 5th floor, and we don’t have any windows that open (even if we did, they’re a good 50 feet away from my cube). One of the ceiling vents, however, is quite close to my cube, and it’s pumping out cold air like it’s the middle of August. I had to throw a long-sleeved fleece on today, instead of my usual fleece vest. My space heater is broken, and I get teased for being too Grandma-y when I pull out my giant purple lap quilt. You could probably cool water with my fingers, they’re so cold.
  2. ~Clementine~ my darling. That’s now stuck in my head. Sorry if it’s in yours too now.
  3. Once upon a time, I posted regularly on my blog. Don’t know where the week went. Nothing significant going on. Not super busy. Just… nothing interesting enough to talk about. Unless you wanted to hear about incidents that caused road rage, or I wanted to complain about work things, which I won’t do because that kind of thing could get a girl fired.
  4. What part of a sewing project do I have the hardest time with? … the end. I seriously have two pair of pants hanging up, completely finished except for hemming. I’ve even done the pinning for the hemming. I just can’t bring myself to take them over to the sewing machine and finish them. Why? I’m not sure. They both look awesome and I could really use the extra pants in my work wardrobe. Maybe I’ll get on that this weekend. (The nearly finished projects in my closet is also getting out of hand. And I won’t even mention the ever-growing pile of prepped patterns and cut out fabric. It’s a sickness.)
  5. What is, is. What will be, will be.
  6. I like to do my homework sooner than later. Unfortunately, that means that sometimes in class it’s hard to remember what we’re supposed to be talking about, because I did the reading 5 or 6 days ago, instead of earlier that day like many of my classmates (slackers).
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to pizza! sewing! shopping! (well, maybe I’ll save the shopping for Saturday), tomorrow my plans include getting an estimate on having our trees trimmed (at a time when I would normally be asleep, because it’s Saturday, but whatever) and Sunday, I want to not have to spend the whole day raking (alas, I fear this will not come true)!

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  1. I was looking forward to hearing about the apple picking. You could probably get your mom to help with the sewing. Just ask her.

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