Friday Fill-Ins

  1. Do they have ice cream in heaven? They must. Seems wrong if they didn’t.
  2. The mosquitoes were quite happy we were working outside last night; it was as if we hadn’t put any bug spray on at all (though we had). Perhaps 7 pm is not the best time to do yard work, but it’s the only time we’ve got.
  3. That was a an unpleasant task – it seems that much of our yard is composed of heavily compacted clay.
  4. Later that evening, our couch seemed so comfortable.
  5. As I said, it was rough going, and I didn’t even do that much work. My body isn’t so much built for digging, or connecting hose, both of which require lots of upper body strength. I did great with removing the rocks (stupid rocks) above the black plastic (stupid black plastic) so that it would be easier to dig with the trenching shovel later. That was a 5 minute task. I’m also good with remembering what goes where and little details that are important, but not very labor intensive. This project is not exactly playing to my strengths.
  6. I’m always looking for a book that has some new twist. But most of them are the same-old, same old, especially since I’ve been reading the same genre for months on end. I think it’s time to switch it up.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to pizza (this will get me through the pain of having to go to class in the middle-of-nowhere-St-Paul from 7:30-9 tonight, which is truly a crime against humanity), tomorrow my plans include homework (welcome to the new semester… here’s 500 pages of reading) and Sunday, I want to be able to state with some amount of finality that the irrigation project is completed for the year!

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On a side note, I found this cute “updo” the other day through Pinterest and it is with mixed emotions that I report my hair is too long to do this hairstyle. Bummer, because it’s cute, but also awesome, because my hair is long. (And to think a “short 10 years ago” it was barely 1″ long….)

As another side note (, this is for you), I found a new variation to browned butter sauce that was delicious! The internet led me to a white wine variation. Fabulous. Make it like regular browned butter sauce, but add in the wine after the butter is all browned. It even works if the wine you have at your disposal isn’t worth drinking (I found a bottle in our fridge left over from the weekend, and it was a Chardonnay, which I don’t care for, and hadn’t been sealed well – totally not drinkable, but excellent over pasta).