What 33 looks like

Hello, 33!


I resisted the temptation to edit out those lines under my eyes. I also did not whiten my teeth, or use the blemish remover tool. Less flattering, more honest. (Seriously, though, once you use that blemish remover tool under your eyes, you never want to go back. Sigh.) This is as good as it gets at 7 am.

I was going to give you all a present on my birthday, but I didn’t have time to finish it. So you just get my smile. It could be worse.

33 looks like it will be an eventful year for me, with finishing up classes, student teaching, and then graduating. Ideally that would also include getting a new job, but given the economic climate, we’ll just have to wait and see on that. I will be happy to be finished with the program before I’m 35.

Birthday plans tonight are quite small – juicy lucys at a local restaurant (haven’t picked which one yet), opening presents. Though I received some quality liquor last night (the theme of my gift from was margaritas), I will not be testing any of it out, as I will be waking up very early in the morning for an airport run. We will be spending the weekend cleaning the house and getting it ready for guests, including a wee baby. and are coming over on Sunday, and is planning on picking up some more furniture for the family room that day too. I should be able to have some decent pics of the “furnished” family room by Wednesday after the carpets are cleaned and dried.

Everything else seems to be up in the air until our elected officials figure out the budget. Will I have a 4 day week next week or a 5 day week? Who knows. I’m not worried… just tired of getting emails regarding and making preparations for the possible shutdown. My boss is on vacation next week, which means added responsibilities, especially with the shutdown (there’s a lot to do if that happens…). Let’s just say that if we end up shutting down, I’ll be very happy to sleep in on the 1st of July, because I’ll be tired.

And… I think that’s all I have to say today. I’m trying to welcome 33, emphasis on the trying. Maybe I’ll pick up some stronger under-eye concealer this weekend. 🙂