Friday Fill-Ins

  1. I remember when I first heard that and I would be completing our programs at the same time, and it seemed so far away. And now it seems like it’s just around the corner (even if it is 11 months away, that’s, like nothing in “school” time).
  2. Rain showering down on Minnesota.
  3. Most humans don’t like black licorice. Why is that? It’s delicious!
  4. Working in Access today…sound familiar?
  5. I was inspired by the internet, Flickr, blogs, real life…. It doesn’t take much sometimes.
  6. I’ve had one grey dress sock sitting atop my dresser for several months now, its partner is who knows where! It’s very sad. It’s a cute sock. Alas, I have two feet, and dress socks can’t exactly be mismatched, even under the guise of being kooky or weird or funky.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to uh… I have no weekend plans… none at all, tomorrow my plans include and Sunday, I want to ! Not to be too boring, but really, no plans. Possibilities, sure, many depending on the weather and how much physical energy we’re willing to expend, and right now I’m feeling too lazy to write any of them down, for fear that then I will have to do them. 🙂

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