Humor Me

My mood is a bit black at the moment, and I just need to get this off my chest. If you would rather not hear me whine and complain, feel free to come back next week….

I finally heard back from a volunteer coordinator at the district next to mine, after not getting a response for a week and having to email a second time. Apparently, social studies teachers don’t really like having field experience students in their classrooms. Huh. I was unaware of that. Apparently they don’t like to share, or forgot what it’s like to be a pre-service teacher, or… are just jerks. I don’t know. This, of course, was after being ignored by my own district for over a week. No response from the head of the social studies department at all. Lovely. (That’s the second time I’ve been completely ignored by someone in that school – methinks maybe I should reconsider my desire to teach there.)

Why does this have to be so difficult? A willing pair of hands… no requirements on what I have to do in the room (I don’t have to teach, for instance), I just need to be there, and can do whatever is needed. I’ll friggin’ make photocopies if that’s what you want. For goodness sake. This is beyond frustrating. I’ve already checked and there aren’t any charter schools or alternative schools or private schools in my district that serve middle school students.

Were I not two classes away from student teaching, I would be tempted to look at a different career. However, I’m much too committed to this one (and, really, really want to do this) to change now. I’m thinking that elementary school librarian could have been fun (suggested by years ago), or maybe school counselor (couldn’t have taken more schooling than I’ve already put in). Too late for that. And really, were I of a different mindset, I’d just say forget the whole thing and let’s have lots of babies. After all, I am 32, and as people keep reminding me, it’s about time I get on that. Sorry, but I’d rather actually want to have children before popping one out. I think that would make me a better mother, quite frankly (wanting one’s children, that is). So since changing careers would be foolish, staying in my current job will eventually kill my soul, it seems as though I’ve run out of alternatives.

And so I am left, on a Friday afternoon, with several emails out there in ether, still looking for somewhere I can spend 40 hours, that fits the program requirements. And to think, I get to do this all again in the fall, only for high school. At least people responded to my emails at the high school (the one next to my house).

Oh, and now I’m the only person here to answer phones until the end of the day. Joy. I don’t think there’s a chocolate pastry large enough to fix this (though I’ll certainly give it a shot).