Have you ever written a test before?

It’s not fun. It might be less fun than taking a test, especially if you’re writing a test for a grade.

For my assessment class, one of our last assignments is to create a final exam for our class. On the last day, we will each get one of our classmates’ exams to take. Our grade will be based mostly on the exam we create, and partly on our answers on the one we take (our teacher suggested 60-40, though it seems to be a bit fluid). The worst part? We have to include an answer key for our own exam, which means basically we have to take that test too. That’s the part I’m on right now, and it is no fun.

My assessment plan is due tomorrow, and it’s… 80% completed. Maybe 85%. I just have some descriptions of formative assessments to write, a 1-2 paragraph overview of the unit, and some polishing. Maybe 75%. I still need to acquire an assessment sample to analyze. I think that’s it for that class.

For my exceptional learners class, I have a research paper (that I’ve done the research for, technically, in that I’ve found the articles I needed and printed them off, and some of them have been read) and a portfolio. And some volunteer hours.

I am getting anxious for the end of the semester. As much as I have enjoyed my classes this fall (and I have, for a change), I want my life back. I keep reading blogs and seeing all the cool things people do with their spare time, pretty quilts and clothing and knitting and embroidery … I would like to do some of that too, please. I’d be happy with just a little bit. Sadly, I think my course load is heavier next semester (including a methods course that involves lots of classroom hours). (Silver lining: I get the summer off! Yay!)

So, this weekend was spent doing homework, obviously. Our power did go out briefly on Saturday afternoon. I was afraid I was going to have to leave the house and go to a coffee shop just so I could get my homework done (my laptop will only live for so long without power). Thankfully, it was only out for 20 minutes. We lost a major branch on on our locust tree and will have to call the neighbor to fix it. (He does tree maintenance for a job, and just put a sign out in front of their house with a phone number to call. That should be a fun call. “Hi, we need a branch removed from a tree, can you do that? Excellent. Just look out of your house towards the grey house next door – see that big branch? Yeah, that’s the one.” OK, that was a lot funnier in my head.)

There was bowling on Sunday night, which was fun. It was the first time I’d gone bowling when it wasn’t part of a youth group (or college) event. It wasn’t all that different, truth be told. I did score 396 over 4 games, so I feel really good about that. (96, 99, 96, 105). , , and the latter’s boy all had fun. , by the way, was looking hot! Running dozens of miles a week will do that for you, I suppose.

I took a break from doing homework (there’s only so long you can stare at the same assignments, not having any breakthroughs, before you need a change of scenery) to help clean out the walk-in closet in his office. It wasn’t his stuff – it was our stuff, and it all needed to go into the filing cabinets that we got for free. Well, a lot of it needed to get thrown away, too. Only one box left!

My grandpa starts dialysis this week, and is still in the same nursing home. There’s a meeting this week to discuss long-term care, which sounds promising to me.

I hope to have a new Facebook picture soon – I finally got new glasses and they should come in by Wednesday. That’s worthy of an updated photo, right? I’m still using one from our wedding, because it’s one of the more recent good photos of myself that I have. Blah. Did I always have an aversion to getting my photo taken? These days I usually feel like a big dork when a camera is pointed in my direction.

It is a billion degrees in my office, and on a day where I dressed for it to be cold (like it usually is). I’m not feeling well as a result. Maybe lunch will help.

I’ll post pictures from the big snow storm tomorrow (or tonight, if I need to procrastinate and avoid doing homework). I think I got some good shots.

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