How much money would you give a salon? I mean, if money was no object, what would you pay for a service beyond wash-and-cut? Think highlights, two color processing, perming, etc. Even if your wallet is full of cash, there’s still a limit on what you’d be willing to spend, right? (I don’t know anyone who has a wallet full of cash, but I think we can all pretend what that might feel like.)

See, there’s this… treatment, for lack of a better word, that I’ve been interested in getting. My salon happens to be certified in it, which is awfully convenient. But they don’t even list prices on their website, it’s that expensive – “call for details.” Average price (from internet sources) is $250-500. I know! Crazy money!

I plan on asking my stylist about it when I get my hair cut/colored next, even if I think spending that much money could be classified as frivolous, luxurious, needless, and possibly stupid. [Note to self: schedule a haircut!] She has hair vaguely similar to mine (the way that lemons and limes are similar – both citrus, but different in their own right), and I’m hoping she’ll have some insight.

I mentioned this idea to and he looked at me like I was crazy. Yes, women will pay a lot of money to have nice hair. We will pay a lot of money for all sorts of crazy things, like having someone rip out your hairs for you, ridiculously painful yet stylish shoes, or tiny pieces of fabric that can barely be called underwear. The American economy would be a wholly different landscape if women did not have the level of discretionary spending that they do.

We need more ideas for basement wall colors. is not yet “sold” on the idea of yellow. Help! I’ve found some fabric samples online to show him, hoping that maybe we’ll strike inspiration there. Or we might have to go to Crate & Barrel and look at their pillows (or placemats or whatever) – I checked Pottery Barn’s and Pier One’s websites and am pretty sure he wouldn’t like anything available. We have some time still, but will need to be decided mid-December, which seems to be coming up soon. So, what colors would you consider for a dark basement? The only colors I’m leaving off the table right now are white and orange.

What else…?

What’s your most hated cleaning chore? Just curious.

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  1. Better explanation of this “treatment” for your hair please. I just got my hair cut today and it was lovely. I was relaxed the rest of the day, which is saying something given my work situation.

    I’m going to be no help on the basement colors, when I thought of your husband the first color that came to mind was gray. You could do a sage-ish color like my old bedroom on 16th Ave maybe.

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