No News is Good News

At least that’s the premise we’re operating under.

This weekend, I did homework (and am honestly not sure if I completed the assignment properly, though you’re all tired of hearing that), hung out with (we conclusively proved that shopping at Marshalls is infinitely better with a friend and without a goal), finished my puzzle, got a lot of sleep (but not enough – I’m still tired), didn’t do yard work as scheduled (it rained – soggy leaves does not make for good raking), and made 2 coffee cakes. On Sunday, and I finally installed a lightswitch/timer in the basement hallway where the litter box is – this involved running new wires (because the switch required a neutral wire, which it didn’t have) and fumbling around a bit in the dark, but it went relatively smoothly (says the girl who only had to watch as struggled to get 6 wires twisted together in the cap). The light will now only be on from 7 pm to 7 am, instead of 24 hours a day, so we should see some savings on our electric bill. During this project we were again made aware of some of the strange wiring that is going on in our house. Wires that went into one of the ceiling lights were connected to two different circuits, so someone got a nasty shock since only one of those circuits was turned off. At least this time we were dealing with normal-colored wires (unlike the three-way switch in the hallway that has purple, yellow and pink wires). Ah, the joys of a 55-year-old house.

is taking the week off because he has too much time off saved up. I don’t know what that’s like, but it must be nice. I have some coworkers with that problem, but they’ve been here 30 years. At just about 8 years (my anniversary is Halloween), I am only earning 5 hours of vacation every two weeks, and 4 hours of sick leave. Of course, I almost never use my sick leave, so I’ve got about 3 months of that saved up. However, I have only a little over a week of vacation available. Bummer. But, to look at the silver lining, according to my countdown on the right, there are 18 months until I graduate, and then I will hopefully get a new job, and my vacation and sick leave balances won’t carry over, so I might as well use those when I can, right?

Tonight we’re going out to PF Chang’s for dinner. Yum! Better eat my light yogurt and apple now (you know, in case it gets too late and then I’m not hungry for dinner – just kidding).

Has anyone else felt like October has been … unsatisfying? Sure, the weather was nice, but the daylight hours are steadily shrinking. We have not made progress on yardwork like we should have. I have barely even turned on my sewing machine, let alone create anything. Blah. Maybe November will be better. If it’s not, well, December will definitely be productive (since we’ll be gutting the family room, it will be hard to not be).

I’m getting weird PHP errors today – sorry if the blog is acting weird for you.