Yes, I’m still on a puzzle kick

Wednesday night we discovered the awesomeness that is the Hennepin County Hazardous Waste Recycling Facility (whew!). For $19, we were able to get rid of a load of construction waste that had been laying on the garage floor for quite some time. By load, I mean that we filled the back of the Rav4 (the garage mid-purge, the Rav mid-loading, and on the road). Last night we spent more time cleaning the garage, which included several bags of trash, lots of sweeping up sawdust, setting the old paint aside, and moving some stuff around. Major improvement! We’re not done yet – we can’t take the paint over to the recycling facility until Saturday – but it’s looking really good. Spacious, too.

OK, enough boring garage talk and onto boring homework talk. Just kidding. But, so you know, that’s all I did last night – homework (for two hours, instead of spending it in class for 3 hours – nice trade-off). That and the puzzle (and the aforementioned garage cleaning).

Wednesday night called to let me know that Grandpa is in the hospital with pneumonia. It’s never good to get pneumonia, but when you’re 97 it’s especially not good. The last I heard he was doing well, would be in the hospital for a few more days, and then will be going to a rehab facility because Grandma can’t take care of him (she’s 91 herself, and Grandpa’s a big guy and not very mobile anymore). We are hoping for the best (but well aware that he’s 97, and at some point God’s going to want him to hang out with him permanently).

If you don’t know anyone who’s 97, let me help you out putting it into context.

This picture was taken before I was born, sometime in the 1970s. Looking very Grandpa-like already. (Here with his first wife who passed away in 1978.)

Fast forward … 30-ish years….

Here's Grandpa at our wedding 3 years ago.

Needless to say, 97 is pretty old. It’s amazing to think about how different the world is today than when he was a boy.

If you have any spare warm and fuzzy thoughts to put out there, kindly direct them towards Illinois.

There should be a Friday Fill-Ins coming soon, so I’ll save my weekend plans to share then.