Because I know you’re curious

Last night, I didn’t do any homework (surprised?). I also didn’t get any sewing done, though I did try. We made a Hancock Fabrics / JoAnn / Target run ( needed to find fabric to recover a chair in his office), and while at JoAnn, I bought some new sewing machine needles for lightweight fabric, so that I could work on my lingerie project. Alas, I bought the wrong kind (reg, not ball point), but I did have the right kind on hand anyway. Then I ran into the problem of not having the right kind of lace to embellish the pattern with, which wouldn’t have been a problem except that it was the first two steps. Oh, I tried to use what I had, but it wasn’t right.

And then I worked on my puzzle some more. While drinking wine and trying to convince my cat that I have a personal bubble and she doesn’t need to be inside of it constantly. Man, has she been clingy lately! It’s like that stage of parenthood (or so I’ve heard) where your small child can’t stand to be away from mom, or sometimes even needs to be touching mom at all times. In a child, you’d think it would be easier to deal with because you know that they’ll eventually grow out of it. I have no such guarantee with my cat. (This does not mean, however, that I would like to trade my cat in for some children.)

The lesson plan that I struggled with has been graded and returned to me. I really did worry about this grade, as I had no way of knowing what the standard was, and we didn’t have any other graded work so far, and I really, truly thought I did a terrible job. I mean, compared to the sample that he gave us (which, we were told, was not a fabulous example but merely an OK one), I thought I’d done B- work. Now, I know you’re probably not surprised with my grade, but I was: 98/100. Oh my. Even more interesting, however, was the email we got last night from the professor. All the lesson plans had been graded and returned to students, and the mean grade was 89. That’s not the interesting part. The range of grades? 48-100. Who in my class got 48/100 points? I’m trying really hard to figure it out, and I can’t pinpoint one person who would have done work so subpar. I have some suspicions, but they’re based on my like/dislike of the person, not so much his/her academic performance. I’d bet all the money in my wallet that it was an undergrad student and not a graduate one (does that sound elitist? snobbish?), but mostly because I am familiar with the grad students and have been in several other classes with most of them, and I know they do quality work (also, you generally don’t get to grad school by half-a**ing assignments).

And how does one even get 48/100 on an assignment like that? There was an example. There was a template we were to use. Do you just not do 1/2 of the assignment at all? I understand when it’s an essay assignment and someone fails to answer the question because they’re not organized and haven’t been taught how to write a good essay. (Maybe I should write out my strategy for this, because it seems to be very successful. I always get As, and often have had professors request copies for their files. Anyway.) But when the assignment seems so clear? I don’t get it.

I’m sure that, when I become a teacher and have my own classes, I’ll understand how it is that poor grades are earned. For now, it’s a puzzlement. A wondering. 🙂

When I got home last night, was working out on the deck, securing the boards again. It’s about 2/3rds done now, which is awesome. No more falling through the deck, for me or our guests.