I seem to have lost any and all motivation to do schoolwork, which must mean it’s the middle of the semester. Oh, yes, it is. Conveniently, my teachers have arranged to give me very little homework this week, perhaps because they’re teachers (public school) for their day jobs and it’s MEA week. If you’re not from Minnesota, you don’t know what MEA week is (and I don’t exactly, either), but basically the kids get a few days off school, and I think the teachers are supposed to be improving themselves or something. At any rate, this week holds one class (Thursday night was canceled, or rather re-purposed to a “work session” in which we are instructed to not attend class), and no reading homework. Some projects to catch up on or get ahead, but really, pretty light.

So you understand why yesterday, when I had the house all to myself for a whole afternoon, I did absolutely nothing. I didn’t do homework (even though the house was quiet and there weren’t any distractions). I didn’t sew (I did a tiny bit more cleaning up in my office, but my sewing machine hasn’t been used in weeks). I didn’t even read (well, not much). What did I do? I basically wandered around the house aimlessly, played the piano a bit, watched some TV, and worked on a puzzle (a new one – it’s terrible).

The weekend wasn’t entirely slothful, though. Saturday morning we cleaned the garage – lots of work, and we’re quite proud of our progress (though I didn’t take pictures to bore you with), and then came over in the afternoon and we dug up some daylilies (so she now understands fully the h*ll that is the garden/landscaping at our house). I also made a roast for Sunday dinner, along with baked squash and stuffing. My massage Friday night was so good that I immediately scheduled another appointment with the same therapist for two weeks out, though now I’m thinking that I could go in this Friday too and my shoulder would probably like that. She reminded me to use my heating pad on my shoulder – every day – so that’s been helping.

The big question is – will I do homework tonight? I’m leading towards no, unless I find the motivation and focus to work on my “formative assessment” for tomorrow night’s class (it’s not due or anything). That thought fascinates you, doesn’t it. Now that my office is clean, I’m hesitant to use it, lest it get messy again. That was not the intention. I have several in-progress projects in little piles on my cutting table, and I should really finish up at least one of them.

No pictures to share, but I can tell you that we now have a Blue Jay who frequents our bird feeder, and the chickadees have come back (the little brown birds seem to have disappeared). So, pictures a Blue Jay in your head, and now isn’t this post more aesthetically pleasing? I thought so.