Well, I received a phone call last night because I hadn’t blogged in a few days, and there was fear I was still sick.

Not to worry – all is well. Yesterday I didn’t take any cough medication, and today I didn’t take any cold medication at all! I’m feeling about 90%, which is really good (aside from being really tired, but that’s kind of status quo around here).

I haven’t written because… life has been boring. No sewing (though I have spent lots of time cleaning my office). No yard/housework (unless you want to hear all about vacuuming). No get-togethers with friends or family (unless text messages count). And nothing from class to babble on about (though I try not to bore you with that).

Boring is not a complaint. Boring is… wonderful. I was pretty sure that October was going to kill me, with all that was on the calendar. Turns out, plans change, people get sick, and things calmed down a bit. It’s all good.

Today, I’m thankful for…

… the ability to breathe freely through my nose, and to go 15 minutes without coughing. Yay!

… my toothbrush. Lots of days of drinking Tang and eating cough drops made my teeth fuzzy by mid-afternoon. So glad we don’t do that whole “chewing on a stick” thing anymore.

… my Rav4. It has been so… utilitarian! It’s the only vehicle we’ll take to go to Home Depot anymore (even if you’re only planning on buying a few nuts and bolts, it’s possible you’ll come home with supplies to [insert house project here]). It’s been great for Craigslist purchases too (I no longer have to try to find someone with a big vehicle to pick something up for me, which almost never worked) – has a new desk in his office that he’s in love with, and it’s 78″ long – it definitely wasn’t coming home in the BMW or the Focus.

… the awesome Special Ed teacher I’ve been making plans with at Richfield HS. She’s really quick to return emails, very accommodating, and it has been so much easier than most observations I’ve tried to set up. (The MS person, not so much. Bummer, because I’d prefer MS, but it is what it is. At least I don’t have to drive to the HS, it being a block away.)

… making friends in class. It has been unexpected and pleasant (especially so early in the semester). Also, both of my professors are excellent (or, at the very least, actually teach us stuff and keep us engaged).

… a great hair day yesterday. I didn’t have to wash it this morning – just fluff and go! That almost never happens.

‘s plans to come over this weekend and take away some daylilies (that are taking over the garden). It’s been a while since I’ve seen her, and there are so many things in the house to show off! 🙂

… my friends. I know you’re out there, even if I haven’t talked to you in quite some time. (Well, last week I didn’t talk to anyone outside of class and .) I know you’re there, and I know the next time we see each other we’ll have lots to catch up on, and I am so very happy for your present happiness (you know who you are and what I’m talking about).

… the cornucopia that is Etsy. Sure, it’s a bit overwhelming to have over 8,000 items to look at in my quest for a new wallet, but it’s great to have so many choices! I’m sure I’ll find the right one eventually (though last time I had to have someone custom make me one, but that is always an option on Etsy, and the one I had has held up excellently these past few years).

… time to slow down and relax. Being sick last week forced me to take it easy – I was super unproductive and I wouldn’t have handled it well if it hadn’t been for the fuzzy head and all that time I spent sleeping. That time reminded me of some of the fun things I like to do that I don’t get to indulge in as much – reading (outside of class and a few pages before bed), doing a puzzle, watching endless hours of TV. I’ve intentionally not done homework a few times this week in order to just have fun. Amazing.

So, that’s it for me. What about you?

Note to – something to think about for Saturday: we need to decorate our front/side door somehow so that the neighborhood kids know they can come trick-or-treat, but I don’t want to carve pumpkins. I don’t think turning the light on and having a festive wreath outside is enough. Any ideas?