I am back in the land of the living. I’m not well, but I’m certainly much better than I was. Most of last week was spent laying on the couch or in bed, reading or watching a movie or sleeping. Seriously, that’s about all I did. I managed to get one homework assignment finished by Saturday dinner, and only because it was due this morning. I didn’t let myself take any cold meds until I finished it, for fear of any fuzziness. But, it seems that the fuzzy head I had Thursday and Friday was just from the cold, not the medications.

It really wasn’t all that bad – no headache and no nausea, and those are the things I really don’t like. But the runny nose and hacking cough are getting annoying. I’m sure my co-workers and people on the bus love that. However, I don’t think I’m contagious anymore. A little extra sleep, more Vitamin C, and hopefully I can be caught up by the end of the week (with life, that is – I’m already caught up at work).

I attempted to clean the house yesterday, in celebration of feeling better, but only got the vacuuming done (and some clutter in the kitchen picked up) before I was exhausted. helped out so we could move furniture and vacuum behind it, and it was amazing what we found back there. Nearly a whole cat. It’s not like I’ve never vacuumed back there, either, so … amazing. Soon I’ll get my bathroom clean, and my office is again a wreck. It was getting better (I ironed a whole pile of fabric that I didn’t even know was on the table!), but then with cleaning up the house, a bunch of stuff just got thrown in there “to deal with later.”

Aside from books and movies, I enjoyed the beautiful weather. I think it really did help my spirits, it being so sunny. I didn’t go out and enjoy it, but I looked at it, and it made me happy. Also, we started a puzzle on Saturday night (or was it Friday? they all start to blend together after a while), mostly to distract me from the coughing (I find I cough more if I have nothing to do). It’s been quite a long time since I’ve put together a puzzle. The cats were very interested.

So there’s nothing else to talk about, really. I’m hoping to get caught up homework-wise tonight or Wednesday so that I can devote more of the weekend to working on the house. We’re going to have to rake soon, and that is a big project. But, as of yet, there are still leaves on the trees, so we’re holding out. Unfortunately, it’s dark well before 7 now, so there’s not much time during the week to get outside work done.

I’m glad to be back and doing my normal thing, even if that is pretty boring.