… for the physical stamina to get myself to work this morning. I’m hoping it will hold out long enough to get me back home – I am not fit for work.

… for co-workers telling me to go home, easing my feelings of guilt (two other key support staff are out).

… for this sexy, deep, raspy voice thing I’ve got going on. It’s so much better than the sinuses thing.

… for OTC cold medications. I heart all of you.

… for the bay window in our living room that looks out onto the high school athletic field. Also, for the gorgeous weather this week, which I was able to enjoy… from the couch in the living room (through aforementioned bay window.

… for e-books. I am loving reading books on my iPhone!

… naps. ‘Nuff said.

… the happiness of friends (you know who you are).

… bone density. When I fell through the deck on Monday, it’s not hard to imagine breaking my leg from that (if you saw the bruises, that is). Thanks to my love of milk, as well as my former love of espresso drinks (made of primarily milk), and my current (last two years) breakfast routine of Carnatian Instant Breakfast (also milk), no bones were injured. Just two really, really horrible (large and colorful too) bruises. I might just take pictures to share.

… feeling better. (OK, this one is actually a “thankful” for the future. I really need to be better by Saturday, or Sunday at the very latest. I have an important homework assignment project thingy to do and it needs to be emailed by 8 am Monday morning. I hate waiting until the last minute, but fuzzy-headed lesson plans probably wouldn’t be my best work.)

If y’all could just send all the good vibes my way, especially the healthy ones, I’d appreciate it. I’m kind of amazed that I formed complete sentences and typed them all out. It took all of my concentration to do so, but I did it! See how much I love you?

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  1. And we love you, too, Kelly. Thanks to God for healing that you are back among us, even if only at half mast. Heed your co-workers: go home and rest up. The world will go on without you and you can turn in less than stellar lesson plans. Your teachers did it to you so you are entitled for one that is okay, not great. Rest. Sleep. Enjoy the sun like a cat.

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