Pictures to help with that “Monday feeling”

When I left work on Friday I wasn’t feeling so hot. My symptoms were similar to what had been sick with for the past week, despite my having declared that I wasn’t sick and wouldn’t get sick (note to self: have discussion with immune system about disobedience). It was a weird kind of sick, though, because my only symptoms were needing to clear my throat frequently (annoyingly so) and having “sick mouth.” What was strange, on top of that, was that I was starving. Like, eat a large pizza all by myself starving. It’s really odd to have sick mouth and be hungry. At any rate, life did go on. It seemed as though a sore throat would come on at any point, but it never did show up.

Saturday I felt OK, assisted by a change in plans that meant I didn’t have to clean my house ( decided not to put herself in the land of contagious diseases). I was pretty tired all day, and quite lazy, but it was a halfway decent day. I did take myself to Rainbow to get some Tang (my drink of choice when sick) and then, since I was feeling good and the weather was so gorgeous, I walked myself over to Michaels (about 100 feet from where I’d parked my car at Rainbow – not exactly a trek) and got some lovely fall decorations. Oh, and we reassembled our deck before lunch. We were about six pounds of screws short (having only bought one pound, which got us through 6 boards), so though the deck looks mostly done, it’s in need of some fastening down to actually be done.

and I went over to ‘s house for dinner, a pre-race pastafest. (That should really be a word.) Everything was lovely and we were stuffed. My ability to be entertaining (or civil, or fit for company – however you want to say it) started to wane, so back home we went.

Sunday morning, woke up very, very early (well, just half an hour before a weekday wake-up, but it was Sunday) and went to run the Twin Cities 10 mile. He did excellently, coming so close to his target time that it’s not even worth mentioning the discrepancy. Then he drove around the cities with ‘s dad, cheering her on as she did the marathon.

For my part, I slept in very late (10 o’clock) and didn’t do much of significance. I was feeling really good, though, and think the extra sleep helped a lot (so did the Nyquil that I took before going to bed). I did take a bit of Dayquil, but really had nothing to complain about.

I don’t know about you, but getting rid of that sick feeling makes me want to clean my house, or at least pick things up and get back on track. So there was some cleaning, and then I got to work on some kitchen tasks I’d been meaning to get to. I had already separated out the possibly damaged apples from the good ones, so I cut those up to make strudel and froze them (because I did not have the wherewithal to embark on that project).

I also cut up the pumpkin from our garden (above) and one of the pumpkins we bought from a farm stand in Illinois, and roasted them. Skins removed, I used my immersion blender to make them all creamy, drained out some excess water, and froze them up for later pumpkin-pie-making (I got 3 cups per pumpkin, FYI). Two more pumpkins to treat this way, but it was super easy (1 hour at 350*).

I did work on homework, as well as cleaning up my office, lest you think I was totally lazy and irresponsible. Unfortunately, this morning one of my professors emailed out an article that we have to read for class tomorrow night. I find this unacceptable (yes, the syllabus did say we would have an article as reading, but less than 48 hours to get it done in? come on now). I still have a bunch of work on some projects I need to make headway on, but they required creative thought (lesson plan, assessment plan, research paper), and that was not in the cards for the weekend.

After dinner, took a nap* while watching a really boring football game (Chicago v New York) and I let myself start a new project. I shouldn’t have, but I did.

new sewing project
This could go really well, or really poorly. All I know is that I probably need to get some new needles to sew through this charmeuse satin.

* would probably like me to clarify that he doesn’t take naps (despite having taken two yesterday), but may have been “resting his eyes” for a bit. Uh-huh. (Not that I find fault in his napping – had I gotten up at 5 am to run 10 miles, you can be sure I would be sleeping away the whole afternoon.)

Instead of leaving you with lingerie pictures, I’ll leave you with this strip instead. The birdfeeder we purchased is supposedly squirrel-proof, though lots of people complain that the squirrels outsmart the system. Not so at our house. This guy tried and tried and tried, but could not get any birdseed (it’s weighted and closes off access for animals larger than little birds).

squirrel-proof bird feeder
Guess he'll have to stick to scavenging on the ground underneath. There's plenty there to go around.

Today, I’m feeling almost back to normal. I go through periods where my inner ears itch (usually a sign that a sore throat is imminent), but then the itching goes away. Otherwise, I feel fine. I wasn’t even overtired when I woke up this morning. I must be better. (But I’m gonna drink some more Tang just to be sure.)

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